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Gas Turbine Engineering Handbook

by Meherwan P. Boyce

Written by one of the field's most well known experts, the Gas Turbine Engineering Handbook has long been the standard for engineers involved in the design, selection, maintenance and operation of gas turbines....

Encyclopedia of Caves

by William B. White & David C. Culver

Encyclopedia of Caves is a self-contained, beautifully illustrated work dedicated to caves and their unique environments. It includes more than 100 comprehensive articles from leading scholars and explorers...

Moon Lander: How We Developed the Apollo Lunar Module

by Thomas J. Kelly

Chief engineer Thomas J. Kelly gives a firsthand account of designing, building, testing, and flying the Apollo lunar module. It was, he writes, “an aerospace engineer’s dream job of the century.” Kelly’s...

Useful Star Names : With Nebulas and other Celestial Features

by Thomas Wm. Hamilton

Synopsis: Travel the universe when you open the breathtaking new book Useful Star Names: With Nebulas and other Celestial Features. ----- Retired astronomy professor Thomas Wm. Hamilton invites you along as...

The Calculus Lifesaver: All the Tools You Need to Excel at Calculus

by Adrian Banner

For many students, calculus can be the most mystifying and frustrating course they will ever take. The Calculus Lifesaver provides students with the essential tools they need not only to learn calculus, but...

The Life of the Spider

by Jean-Henri Fabre & Alexander Teixeira de Mattos

The Life of the Spider is a volume in Jean-Henri Fabre's "Souvenirs Entomologiques", in which he shares fifty years of careful observation. He re-acquaints us with the most everyday insects, inspiring a new...

Fourier Analysis: An Introduction

by Elias M. Stein & Rami Shakarchi

This first volume, a three-part introduction to the subject, is intended for students with a beginning knowledge of mathematical analysis who are motivated to discover the ideas that shape Fourier analysis....

Managing Performance in Construction

by Leonhard E. Bernold & Simaan M. AbouRizk

Construction is the country's single largest manufacturing industry. However, it is a sector that lacks benchmarks against which to gauge performance. This modern thinking intends to provide insight to construction...

Lost in Wonder

by Colette Brooks

How do we make sense of the modern world? Science is a profoundly affecting aspect of contemporary life, and yet the gulf between experts and everyone else is widening. Colette Brooks bridges the gap by playing...

Visual Basic 2010 Programmer's Reference

by Rod Stephens

Visual Basic expert Rod Stephens shows you how to leverage the latest features of VB 2010

Microsoft Visual Basic (VB) is the most popular programming language in the world, with millions of lines of code used...

Programming the Propeller with Spin : A Beginner's Guide to Parallel Processing: A Beginner's Guide to Parallel Processing

by Harprit Singh Sandhu

Parallel Processing With the Propeller--Made Easy!Programming the Propeller with Spin: A Beginner's Guide to Parallel Processing walks you through the essential skills you need to build and control devices using...

The Box: How the Shipping Container Made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger

by Marc Levinson

In April 1956, a refitted oil tanker carried fifty-eight shipping containers from Newark to Houston. From that modest beginning, container shipping developed into a huge industry that made the boom in global...


by Mohammad Najafi

Design, Install, Inspect, and Manage Trenchless Technology Piping Projects

Trenchless Technology Piping offers comprehensive coverage of pipe installation, renewal, and replacement using trenchless technology...

Managing Research, Development and Innovation: Managing the Unmanageable

by Ravi Jain & Nanette Fondas

Now fully revised and updated—the classic book on effective R&D management

"This thoughtful and detailed work outlines what is required in order to achieve the desired end results in a networked world where...

Statistical and Thermal Physics: With Computer Applications

by Harvey Gould & Jan Tobochnik

This textbook carefully develops the main ideas and techniques of statistical and thermal physics and is intended for upper-level undergraduate courses. The authors each have more than thirty years' experience...

Mind and Nature: Selected Writings on Philosophy, Mathematics, and Physics

by Hermann Weyl & Peter Pesic

Hermann Weyl (1885-1955) was one of the twentieth century's most important mathematicians, as well as a seminal figure in the development of quantum physics and general relativity. He was also an eloquent writer...

Build Your Own Small Wind Power System

by Kevin Shea & Brian Clark Howard


Written by renewable energy experts, this hands-on resource provides the technical information and easy-to-follow instructions you...

Guesstimation: Solving the World's Problems on the Back of a Cocktail Napkin

by Lawrence Weinstein & John A. Adam

Guesstimation is a book that unlocks the power of approximation--it's popular mathematics rounded to the nearest power of ten! The ability to estimate is an important skill in daily life. More and more leading...

Transmission and Distribution Electrical Engineering

by Colin Bayliss & Brian Hardy

This market leading classic is a true comprehensive on-the-job reference, covering all aspects of getting electricity from the source to user via the power grid. Electric power transmission and distribution...

Automotive Buzz, Squeak and Rattle: Mechanisms, Analysis, Evaluation and Prevention

by Martin Trapp & Fang Chen

Buzz, squeak, and rattle (BSR) is the automotive industry term for the audible engineering challenges faced by all vehicle and component engineers. Minimizing BSR is of paramount importance when designing vehicle...