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Molecular and Biochemical Toxicology

by Robert C. Smart & Ernest Hodgson

Written as an advanced text for toxicology students, this book is much more than an introduction and provides in-depth information describing the underlying mechanisms through which toxicants produce their adverse...

Engineering Health

by Lara Marks

Biotechnology harnesses cellular and biochemical systems to advance knowledge of the molecular cause of disease and to provide new diagnostic tools and more precisely targeted drugs. Within a decade, global...

Neurogastronomy: How the Brain Creates Flavor and Why It Matters

by Gordon M. Shepherd

Gordon M. Shepherd, a leading neuroscientist at Yale University, embarks on an eye-opening trip through the human brain's "flavor system," establishing the parameters of a new field: neurogastronomy. Challenging...


by Carole Aimé & Thibaud Coradin

Beginning with a general overview of nanocomposites, Bionanocomposites: Integrating Biological Processes for Bio-inspired Nanotechnologies details the systems available in nature (nucleic acids, proteins, carbohydrates,...

Animal Genetics for Chemists

by Ralph G Wilkins

Accounts are appearing on some facet of genetics in nearly every issue of scientific magazines and often in the daily newspapers. This book sets out to cover the fundamentals of the subject without the details...

Natural Product Biosynthesis

by Christopher T Walsh & Yi Tang

Authored by leading experts in the enzymology of natural product biosynthesis, this textbook provides a thorough description of the types of natural products, the biosynthetic pathways that enable the production...

Process Scale Purification of Antibodies

by Uwe Gottschalk

Promoting a continued and much-needed renaissance in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, this book covers the different strategies and assembles top-tier technology experts to address the challenges of antibody...

Molecules and How They Work! Chemistry for Kids Series - Children's Analytic Chemistry Books

by Baby Professor

Is chemistry too difficult to understand? Not if you have this educational book around! Composed of select information on molecules and presented in a child-friendly format, this book will definitely capture...

Humans, Animals and Plant Life! Chemistry for Kids Series - Children's Analytic Chemistry Books

by Baby Professor

Learn about humans, animals and plant life in this carefully created analytic chemistry book for kids! Let your child discover the wonderful of life on his/her own pace. These educational books are highly effective...

Molecules & Elements: Science for Kids | Children's Chemistry Books Edition

by Baby Professor

Science can be tough but that doesn't mean it can't be made fun for kids to understand. It all depends on the presentation of the subject. In this case, it's all about the combination of texts, examples and...

Structural Biomaterials: Third Edition

by Julian Vincent

This is a thoroughly revised, updated, and expanded edition of a classic illustrated introduction to the structural materials in natural organisms and what we can learn from them to improve man-made technology--from...

Arrow-Pushing in Organic Chemistry

by Daniel E. Levy

Organic chemistry is required coursework for degrees in life, food, and medical sciences.  To help the students discouraged by the belief that this topic cannot be mastered without significant memorization,...

Preparative Chromatography for Separation of Proteins

by Arne Staby, Anurag S. Rathore & Satinder Ahuja

Preparative Chromatography for Separation of Proteins addresses a wide range of modeling, techniques, strategies, and case studies of industrial separation of proteins and peptides.

•    Covers broad aspects...

Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease: Scientific Discoveries and New Therapies

by Philip Peplow, James Adams & Tim Young

This book provides a complete picture of drug discovery for these inter-related conditions by bringing together the latest information and highlighting links between them.

Glycopolymer Code: Synthesis of Glycopolymers and their Applications

by C. Remzi Becer & Laura Hartmann

A complete overview of the preparation, characterization and applications of glycopolymers from leading researchers in the field.

Binding, Transport and Storage of Metal Ions in Biological Cells

by Wolfgang Maret & Anthony Wedd

A comprehensive overview of the molecular nature of metal ions in nutrition, toxicology and pharmacology.

Toxic Cocktail

by Barbara Demeneix

In today's world, everyone carries a toxic load of dozens of industrially produced chemicals in their bloodstream. Not only do these adversely affect the health of adults and children, but also, and more worryingly,...

Biosimilars of Monoclonal Antibodies

by Cheng Liu & K. John Morrow, Jr.

Addressing a significant need by describing the science and process involved to develop biosimilars of monoclonal antibody (mAb) drugs, this book covers all aspects of biosimilar development: preclinical, clinical,...

Why Him? Why Her?

by Helen Fisher

A groundbreaking book about how your personality type determines who you love

Why do you fall in love with one person rather than another? In this fascinating and informative book, Helen Fisher, one of the world's...

Bioelectrochemistry of Biomembranes and Biomimetic Membranes

by Rolando Guidelli

Invaluable to biochemists, biophysicists, and pharmacological scientists; this book provides insights into the essential principles required to understand why and how electrochemical and electrophysiological...