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Flowers, butterflies, insects, caterpillars and serpents...

by Luca Stefano Cristini

In those years, Europe was full of bonfires committed to make a clean sweep of witches. At the same time a young scientist: Sybilla Merian, daughter of the well-known German engraver Matthaeus Merian, was instead...

Oranges, mandarins, cedars, lemons and bergamots...

by Luca Stefano Cristini & L.S.Cristini

Curious and detailed collection of images of botanical subjects belonging to the citrus family, made by artists, scientists, biologists and anthropologists. Artists of the past engaged in the realization of...

Fishes of the Indian Ocean and Red Sea

by Marc Taquet & Alain Diringer

This guide, illustrated by more than 1,500 underwater photographs, presents nearly 1,200 species of fish in the Indian Ocean and Red Sea. The reference work dedicated to enthusiasts of the undersea world, more...

Human Developmental Biology

by Danton O'Day

In this book, early human development is covered from the formation of eggs and sperm through fertilization. It then progresses to the events that lead to the formation of tissues and organs in the embryo and...

The Slim Book of Health Pearls: Hormones, Nerves, and Stress

by Sheldon Cohen M.D.

STRESS: it can save your life or kill you.

Stress is defined as the response of the body to a "demand" placed upon it by any nonspecific stress or stressors. At the beginning of the demand the body prepares itself...

The Eastern San Juan Mountains: Their Ecology, Geology, and Human History

by George Bracksieck & Rob Blair

A companion to The Western San Juan Mountains (originally published in 1996), The Eastern San Juan Mountains details the physical environment, biological communities, human history, and points of interest in...

Illustrated Guide to Home Biology Experiments: All Lab, No Lecture

by Robert Bruce Thompson & Barbara Fritchman Thompson

Experience the magic of biology in your own home lab. This hands-on introduction includes more than 30 educational (and fun) experiments that help you explore this fascinating field on your own. Perfect for...

Illustrated Guide to Home Forensic Science Experiments: All Lab, No Lecture

by Robert Bruce Thompson & Barbara Fritchman Thompson

Have you ever wondered whether the forensic science you’ve seen on TV is anything like the real thing? There’s no better way to find out than to roll up your sleeves and do it yourself. This full-color book...

Theoretical Total Antioxidant Capacity (TTAC) expressed by the food budgets (Food Balances Sheets) of different European populations: a comparison between countries and geographical areas, the contributions of various food groups.

by Gianluca Lo Forte

The epidemiological-descriptive study presented in this paper has placed in evidence a method of assessing the available theoretical assumption of total antioxidant capacity (TTAC) in European populations. People...

Analysis of autochthonous lactic acid bacteria from mozzarella cheese production

by Floriana Ciarrocchi

Mozzarella cheese is one of the most popular members of the Pasta Filata cheeses. Previous investigations on the bacterial community of Mozzarella cheeses made from raw bovine milk showed that lactic acid bacteria...

Rumen microbial metabolism and ruminant digestion

by Jean-Pierre Jouany

This book brings together the data of lastest international research and was conceived as the result of a summer school held at the INRA Centre of Clermont-Ferrand/Theix from 24 September to 4 Octobre 1990....

Biology of Lactation

by Jacques Martinet, Louis-Marie Houdebine & Herbert-H Head

A presentation of the most fundamental features of the biology of the mammary gland, a unique model of an organ capable of an abundant synthesis of proteins: endocrinology of lactation, role of prolactin, genetics...

Quantitative Genetics and Breeding Methods in Autopolyploid Plants

by André Gallais

This book presents basic information about population genetics, quantitative genetics, breeding methods and creation of new varieties taking into account the particular characteristics of autopolyploidy. A number...

Prokaryotology: A Coherent Point of View

by Sonea, Sorin et Léo G. Mathieu

Ce livre en anglais porte sur la génétique des bactéries. Il propose de considérer les procaryotes comme un mégaorganisme à l'échelle planétaire, un système biologique de communication, où les gènes...

Rangelands of the Arid and Semi-arid Zones in Uzbekistan

by Gustave Gintzburger, K.N. Toderich, B.K. Mardonov & M. Mahmudov

This abundantly illustrated book presents a panorama of the biodiversity, climatology and flora of the arid zones of Uzbekistan and describes around 150 dominant range species, with their ecology, utilization...

Stock, Recruitment and Reference Points

by Etienne Prévost & Gérald Chaput

This book collects the available knowledge about the ecology of Atlantic salmon and contemporary stock assessment methods supporting the specific task of establishing reference points. Bayesian approaches for...