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Buying and Selling Laboratory Instruments: A Practical Consulting Guide

by Marvin C. McMaster

A time-tested, systematic approach to the buying and selling of complex research instruments

Searching for the best laboratory instruments and systems can be a daunting and expensive task. A poorly selected...

Regulated Bioanalytical Laboratories: Technical and Regulatory Aspects from Global Perspectives

by Michael Zhou

This book provides useful information for bioanalytical / analytical scientists, analysts, quality assurance managers, and all personnel in bioanalytical laboratories through all aspects of bioanalytical technical...

Materials Under Extreme Conditions: Molecular Crystals at High Pressure

by Roberto Bini & Vincenzo Schettino

High-pressure materials research has been revolutionized in the past few years due to technological breakthroughs in the diamond anvil cell (DAC), shock wave compression and molecular dynamic simulation (MD)...

Cluster Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry: Principles and Applications

by Christine M. Mahoney

Explores the impact of the latest breakthroughs in cluster SIMS technology

Cluster secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) is a high spatial resolution imaging mass spectrometry technique, which can be used to...

In-Situ Characterization of Heterogeneous Catalysts

by José A. Rodríguez, Jonathan C. Hanson & Peter J. Chupas



Reviewing the latest developments in the field, this book explores the in-situ characterization of heterogeneous catalysts,...

Chemical and Biological Microsensors: Applications in Fluid Media

by Pierre Fabry & Jacques Fouletier

This book reviews the state of art in the field of chemical sensors for analyses of ionic or molecular species dissolved in liquid media, mainly in aqueous solutions. The transduction of such devices is based...

High-Throughput Screening Methods in Toxicity Testing

by Pablo Steinberg

Explores the benefits and limitations of the latest high-throughput screening methods

With its expert coverage of high-throughput in vitro screening methods for toxicity testing, this book makes it possible...

Pitfalls and Errors of HPLC in Pictures

by Veronika R. Meyer

The third edition of this popular problem-solving guide for this widely-used method includes eleven completely new examples and

several updated ones, adding up to 100 contributions about pitfalls and errors...

Mass Spectrometry for Drug Discovery and Drug Development

by Walter A. Korfmacher

Facilitates the discovery and development of new, effective therapeutics

With coverage of the latest mass spectrometry technology, this book explains how mass spectrometry can be used to enhance almost all phases...

Practical HPLC Method Development

by Lloyd R. Snyder, Joseph J. Kirkland & Joseph L. Glajch

This revision brings the reader completely up to date on the evolving methods associated with increasingly more complex sample types analyzed using high-performance liquid chromatography, or HPLC. The book also...

Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography: A  Guide for Practitioners

by Bernard A. Olsen, Brian W. Pack & Mark F. Vitha

Discover how to use HILIC to analyze and better understand polar compounds

An increasingly popular analytical method, hydrophilic interaction chromatography (HILIC) has the ability to retain and separate polar...

X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy for Laboratory Applications

by Michael Haschke, Jörg Flock & Michael Haller

Provides comprehensive coverage on using X-ray fluorescence for laboratory applications 

This book focuses on the practical aspects of X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectroscopy and discusses the requirements...

Analysis of Chemical Warfare Degradation Products

by Karolin K. Kroening, Renee N. Easter, Douglas D. Richardson & Stuart A. Willison et al.

This book describes nerve agents and vesicants, their decomposition and their degradation products' chemistry as well as their toxicity including a list of detection techniques of nerve agents and their degradation...

Analytical Techniques in the Oil and Gas Industry for Environmental Monitoring

by Melissa N. Dunkle & William L. Winniford

A thorough introduction to environmental monitoring in the oil and gas industry

Analytical Techniques in the Oil and Gas Industry for Environmental Monitoring examines the analytical side of the oil and gas...

Modeling in Membranes and Membrane-Based Processes

by Anirban Roy, Siddhartha Moulik, Reddi Kamesh & Aditi Mullick

The book Modeling in Membranes and Membrane-Based Processes is based on the idea of developing a reference which will cover most relevant and ?state-of-the-art? approaches in membrane modeling. This book explores...

Practical Instrumental Analysis: Methods, Quality Assurance and Laboratory Management

by Sergio Petrozzi

This practical book in instrumental analytics conveys an overview of important methods of analysis and enables the reader to realistically learn the (principally technology-independent) working techniques the...


by Aiguo Wu & Waheed S. Khan

Containing cutting edge research on the hot topic of nanobiosensor, this book will become highly read

Biosensor research has recently re-emerged as most vibrant area in recent years particularly after the advent...

Open and Toroidal Electrophoresis

by Tarso B. Ledur Kist

Presents the theory and applications of Toroidal Capillary, Microchip, and Slab Electrophoresis to analytical chemists across a range of disciplines

Written by one of the developers of Toroidal Capillary Electrophoresis...

Electroanalytical Chemistry

by Gary A. Mabbott

Provides a strong foundation in electrochemical principles and best practices

Written for undergraduate majors in chemistry and chemical engineering, this book teaches the basic principles of electroanalytical...

Structural Biology in Drug Discovery

by Jean-Paul Renaud

With the most comprehensive and up-to-date overview of structure-based drug discovery covering both experimental and computational approaches, Structural Biology in Drug Discovery: Methods, Techniques, and Practices...