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Computational Methods for Two-Phase Flow and Particle Transport

by Wen Ho Lee

This book describes mathematical formulations and computational methods for solving two-phase flow problems with a computer code that calculates thermal hydraulic problems related to light water and fast breeder...

Basic Physical Chemistry: The Route to Understanding

by E Brian Smith

This elegant book provides a student-friendly introduction to the subject of physical chemistry. It is by the author of the very successful Basic Chemical Thermodynamics and is written in the same well-received...

Lattice Boltzmann Method and Its Applications in Engineering


Lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) is a relatively new simulation technique for the modeling of complex fluid systems and has attracted interest from researchers in computational physics. Unlike the traditional...

Basics of Statistical Physics

by Harald J W Müller-Kirsten

Statistics links microscopic and macroscopic phenomena, and requires for this reason a large number of microscopic elements like atoms. The results are values of maximum probability or of averaging.

This introduction...

The Noisy Oscillator: Random Mass, Frequency, Damping

by Moshe Gitterman

The properties of the harmonic oscillator with random frequency or/and random damping formed the content of the first edition. The second edition includes hundreds of publications on this subject since 2005....

An Introduction to Stochastic Processes and Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics

by Horacio S Wio, Roberto R Deza & Juan M López

This book aims to provide a compact and unified introduction to the most important aspects in the physics of non-equilibrium systems. It first introduces stochastic processes and some modern tools and concepts...

Chemical Thermodynamics: With Examples for Nonequilibrium Processes

by Byung Chan Eu & Mazen Al-Ghoul

Thermodynamics is an ever evolving subject. This book aims to introduce to advanced undergraduate students and graduate students the fundamental ideas and notions of the first and second laws of thermodynamics...


by Patrick Jacobs

This textbook on thermodynamics is intended primarily for honours and B. Sc students majoring in physical chemistry. However, students of physics, engineering and biochemistry will also find the book relevant...

Thermodynamics of Small Systems, Parts I & II

by Terrell L. Hill

Authoritative summary introduces basics, explores environmental variables, examines binding on macromolecules and aggregation, and includes brief summaries of electric and magnetic fields, spherical drops and...

An Introduction to the Theory of the Boltzmann Equation

by Stewart Harris

This introductory graduate-level text emphasizes physical aspects of the theory of Boltzmann's equation in a detailed presentation that doubles as a practical resource for professionals. 1971 edition.

Dynamics of Atmospheric Flight

by Bernard Etkin

This treatment for upper-level undergraduates, graduate students, and professionals makes special reference to stability and control of airplanes, with extensive numerical examples covering a variety of vehicles....

Thermodynamics: Foundations and Applications

by Elias P. Gyftopoulos & Gian Paolo Beretta

Designed by two MIT professors, this authoritative text discusses basic concepts and applications in detail, emphasizing generality, definitions, and logical consistency. More than 300 solved problems cover...

Plasma Formulary for Physics, Astronomy, and Technology

by Declan Diver

This collection of fundamental formulae, up-to-date references and definitions in plasma physics is vital to anyone with an interest in plasmas or ionized gases, whether in physics, astronomy or engineering....

Fluid Mechanics

by Jean-Laurent Puebe

This book examines the phenomena of fluid flow and transfer as governed by mechanics and thermodynamics. Part 1 concentrates on equations coming from balance laws and also discusses transportation phenomena...

Mechanical Engineering in Uncertainties From Classical Approaches to Some Recent Developments

by Christian Gogu

Considering the uncertainties in mechanical engineering in order to improve the performance of future products or systems is becoming a competitive advantage, sometimes even a necessity, when seeking to guarantee...

Transcritical CO2 Heat Pump

by Xin-rong Zhang & Hiroshi Yamaguchi

A timely and comprehensive introduction to CO2 heat pump theory and usage

  • A comprehensive introduction of CO2 application in heat pump, authored by leading scientists in the field
  • CO2 is a hot topic due to...

The Dynamics of Living Systems

by Thomas Lecuit

pHow can we explain the fundamental paradox of living matter, which combines stability and robustness of form with constant internal dynamics? It is not only the genetic information contained in every cell,...

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics 1

by Ibrahima Sakho

The conception of lasers and optoelectronic devices such as solar cells have been made possible, thanks to the modern day mastery of processes that harness the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with matter....

Mass Transfers and Physical Data Estimation

by Abdelhanine Benallou

Many practical operations, such as environment depollution, blood dialysis or product purification, require matter transfer.

With an emphasis on the aforementioned subjects, this book revisits the founding principles...

Energy Transfers by Radiation

by Abdelhanine Benallou

Inside industrial furnaces and combustion chambers, energy is essentially exchanged by radiation. It is through the same mechanism that the energy emitted by the Sun spreads through different media to reach...