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Talking Renewables

by Anirudh Singh

Renewable energy (RE) is a subject of great interest today. It is one of the two main means for implementing climate change mitigation programmes, and presently the only perceived means for replacing the declining...

It Is Quite Another Electricity

by Michael Bank

This book is a description by the author of the proposed single-wire transmission system. The system can operate at any frequency, including DC. It can be applied to a three-phase transmission signal and to...

Stop the “Fuelishness”

by Johnroy Messick Pe

John was inspired to write this about fuels-not fools- because of his suffering as a child without the conveniences of electricity, or fuel for heating,e.g,. also running water or telephones; because all three...

Light Revolutions

by Geoffrey Ernest Stedman

This book outlines the history thus far of a novel scientific project started in 1999, in Christchurch New Zealand and has proceed with help from German scientific agencies and scientists. The project is unique...

Fundamentals of Fault Current and Grounding in Electrical Systems

by Halden Morris

This book seeks to explain in simple terms the behavior of fault current through the general mass of earth, the origin of short circuit current and its value, and how a circuit breaker operates. The drawings...

High Power Microwave Tubes

by Vishal Kesari & B N Basu

Volume 2 of the book begins with chapter 6, in which we have taken up conventional MWTs (such as TWTs, klystrons, including multi-cavity and multi-beam klystrons, klystron variants including reflex klystron,...

High Power Microwave Tubes

by Vishal Kesari & B N Basu

Our aim in this book is to present a bird's-eye view of microwave tubes (MWTs) which continue to be important despite competitive incursions from solid-state devices (SSDs). We have presented a broad and introductory...

Theories of Matter, Space and Time

by Nick Evans & Steve King

This book and its sequel (Theories of Matter Space and Time: Quantum Theories) are taken from third and fourth year undergraduate Physics courses at Southampton University, UK. The aim of both books is to move...

The Electrical Properties of Metals and Alloys

by J.S. Dugdale

Suitable for advanced undergraduate and graduate students of physics, this classic volume by a prominent authority in the field provides an account of some simple properties of metals and alloys associated with...

Tesla For Beginners

by Robert I. Sutherland-Cohen, Owen Brozman & Jane Alcorn

The father of modern-day electricity and considered by some to be the ultimate “mad scientist,” Nikola Tesla filed nearly 300 patents in his lifetime. Many of these patents resulted in functioning inventions;...

Modeling Self-Heating Effects in Nanoscale Devices

by Katerina Raleva, Abdul Rawoof Sheik, Dragica Vasileska & Stephen M. Goodnick

It is generally acknowledged that modeling and simulation are preferred alternatives to trial and error approaches to semiconductor fabrication in the present environment, where the cost of process runs and...

Michael Faraday and the Electrical Century (Icon Science)

by Iwan Rhys Morus

The only scientist to ever appear on the British twenty pound note, Michael Faraday is one of the most recognisable names in the history of science. Faraday's forte was electricity, a revolutionary force in...

25 Uses of Electricity 4th Grade Electricity Kids Book | Electricity & Electronics

by Baby Professor

Have you ever wondered what makes the bulb in your room glow? If you have, the you better arm yourself up with some basic knowledge of electricity. This educational reference will give you a quick run-down of...

Static Electricity (Where does Lightning Come From): 2nd Grade Science Workbook | Children's Electricity Books Edition

by Baby Professor

No, lightning is not caused by Thor. There is a scientific reason for it, and one that will be discussed in this educational resource. This wonderful book utilizes full color and complementing texts to ensure...

Electricity for Kids: Facts, Photos and Fun | Children's Electricity Books Edition

by Baby Professor

Teach your child everything he/she needs to know about electricity in order to develop appreciation for the technology. To explain this concept, pictures are the bomb! They literally tell a thousand words, and...

Conductors and Insulators Electricity Kids Book | Electricity & Electronics

by Baby Professor

What are conductors and insulators? This electricity book for kids will teach the difference and purpose of each of these. Because of the age-appropriate selection and presentation of information, this book...

The End of Pink

by Kathryn Nuernberger

Using fact and folklore, James Laughlin Award-winning poems plumb the marvelous and weird to understand childbirth, parenthood, death, and—of course—joy.

Discharge in Long Air Gaps: Modelling and applications

by Abderrahmane Beroual & Issouf Fofana

Discharge in Long Air Gaps: Modelling and applications presents self-consistent predictive dynamic models of positive and negative discharges in long air gaps. Equivalent models are also derived to predict lightning...