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The Energy Roadmap: A Water and Wastewater Utility Guide to More Sustainable Energy Management

by Water Environment Federation

The Energy Roadmap serves as a guide for utilities of all sizes on the path to sustainable energy management. In it, you will explore innovative approaches to cost-effectively recover and reuse resources to...

Fired Clay in Four Porcelain Clusters

by Tai Wei Lim

Fired Clay in Four Porcelain Clusters examines how energy use in the ceramics-making industry has evolved as a result of technological advancements and changing social norms and ideas in environmental conservation....

New generation photovoltaics

by Fabio Andreolli

This book aims to provide a global overview of the technological, design and financial aspects of solar power systems. All the topics and all the parts that make up a photovoltaic system are dealt with, with...

The Internal Energy Market

by Fabrizio Lala

The energy strategy of European Union is an item of utmost political concern, since it tightly intertwined with controversial commercial relationship with Russia and the US.

In spite of the fact that energy had...


by Shi Yuanchun

After addressing the basic knowledge of bioenergy and its development in the United States, the European Union, and Brazil, this book places emphasis on the introduction of China’s bioresources, its development...

Energy Storage for Modern Power System Operations

by Sandeep Dhundhara & Yajvender Pal Verma


Written and edited by a team of well-known and respected experts in the field, this new volume on energy storage presents the state-of-the-art developments and...

Electricity Production from Renewable Energies

by Benoît Robyns, Arnaud Davigny, Bruno François & Antoine Henneton et al.

Since the early 2000s, energy and environmental issues have led to a marked increase in electricity production from renewable energy sources. Sustainable development and concern for future generations constantly...


by Pardeep Singh, Suruchi Singh, Gaurav Kumar & Pooja Baweja


Global energy demand has more than doubled since 1970. The use of energy is strongly related to almost every conceivable aspect of development: wealth, health, nutrition, water, infrastructure, education...

Photovoltaic Manufacturing

by Monika Freunek Müller

This is the first book on photovoltaic wet processing for silicon wafers, both mono- and multi-crystalline. The comprehensive book provides information to process, equipment, and device engineers and researchers...

Integration of Renewable Energy Sources with Smart Grid

by M. Kathiresh, A. Mahaboob Subahani & G. R. Kanagachidambaresan

This book starts with an overview of renewable energy technologies, smart grid technologies, energy storage systems, and covers the details of renewable energy integration with smart grid and the corresponding...

The Energy of Life

by Konstantin Korotkov

This book describes the path of life in the time of the transformation of the world, as well as spiritual adventures with mediums, healers, and ordinary people. It is written by a scientist of world-renown,...

Energy Storage

by Umakanta Sahoo

The world’s energy landscape is very complex.  Fossil fuels, especially because of hydraulic fracturing, are still a mainstay of global energy production, but renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar,...

Biofuel Cells

by Mohd Imran Ahamed, Rajender Boddula & Mashallah Rezakazemi

Rapid industrialization and urbanization associated with the environment changes calls for reduced pollution and thereby least use of fossil fuels. Biofuel cells are bioenergy resources and biocompatible alternatives...

Fundamentals of Solar Cell Design

by Mohd Imran Ahamed, Rajender Boddula & Mashallah Rezakazemi

Solar cells are semiconductor devices that convert light photons into electricity in photovoltaic energy conversion and can help to overcome the global energy crisis. Solar cells have many applications including...

Smart Grid and Enabling Technologies

by Shady S. Refaat, Omar Ellabban, Sertac Bayhan & Haitham Abu-Rub et al.

Discover foundational topics in smart grid technology as well as an exploration of the current and future state of the industry

As the relationship between fossil fuel use and climate change becomes ever clearer,...

Electricity: Humanity's Low-carbon Future - Safeguarding Our Ecological Niche

by Hans B (Teddy) Püttgen & Yves Bamberger

Climate change is no longer deniable. Neither is the fact that greenhouse gas emissions due to human activities need to be mitigated. The question is how to rapidly transit to an increasingly low-carbon world...

Biodiesel Technology and Applications

by Mohd Imran Ahamed, Rajender Boddula & Mashallah Rezakazemi

Energy technologies have attracted great attention due to the fast development of sustainable energy. Biodiesel technologies have been identified as the sustainable route through which overdependence on fossil...

Multiprobe Pressure Analysis and Interpretation

by Tao Lu, Minggao Zhou, Yuqing Yang & Yongren Feng et al.

A popular 1990s formation tester with a single "pumping" probe and one passive "observation port" displaced 180 deg away, designed to measure pressures at two locations for permeability prediction, encounters...

Supercharge, Invasion, and Mudcake Growth in Downhole Applications

by Wilson Chin, Tao Lu, Xiaofei Qin & Yongren Feng et al.

Mysterious "supercharge effects," encountered in formation testing pressure transient analysis, and reservoir invasion, mudcake growth, dynamic filtration, stuck-pipe remediation, and so on, are often discussed...

Liquid Biofuels

by Krushna Prasad Shadangi

Compiled by a well-known expert in the field, Liquid Biofuels provides a profound knowledge to researchers about biofuel technologies, selection of raw materials, conversion of various biomass to biofuel pathways,...