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Fired Clay in Four Porcelain Clusters: A Comparative Study of Energy Use, Production/Environmental Ecology, and Kiln Development in Arita, Hong Kong,

by Tai Wei Lim

This book examines how energy use has evolved with technological advancements and changing social norms and ideas in environmental conservation and productive output in the ceramics-making industry. The four...

New generation photovoltaics

by Fabio Andreolli

This book aims to provide a global overview of the technological, design and financial aspects of solar power systems. All the topics and all the parts that make up a photovoltaic system are dealt with, with...

The Internal Energy Market

by Fabrizio Lala

The energy strategy of European Union is an item of utmost political concern, since it tightly intertwined with controversial commercial relationship with Russia and the US. In spite of the fact that energy...

Soap Bubbles: Their Colors and Forces Which Mold Them

by C. V. Boys

Excellent primer and classic treatment employs simple experiments to establish a practical basis for the existence and function of surface tension and energy minimization. 83 illustrations. 1911 edition.

Biomass: To Win the Future

by Shi Yuanchun

Biomass, translated into English for the first time, introduced the world to China’s development of bioenergy in the turn of the 21st century and proposed further development of bioenergy as well. Businessmen,...

SuNEC 2013 - Book of Abstracts

by Mario Pagliaro & Rosaria Ciriminna

The Book of Abstract of SuNEC 2013: The international Conference on solar energy featuring the lectures of Yuri Baurov, Raymond Wong, Francesco Meneguzzo, Nino Arico' and Ottavio Cappellani. New Nature force...

Alternative Energy: Political, Economic, and Social Feasibility

by Christopher A. Simon

Alternative Energy systematically approaches various alternative sources of energy, discussing in layperson's terms the current state of public policy, energy technology and the political, economic, and social...

Who Turned Out the Lights?

by Scott Bittle & Jean Johnson

Who Turned Out the Lights? is an entertaining and nonpartisan guide to the current U.S. energy crisis from Scott Bittle and Jean Johnson, coauthors of the breakout bestseller Where Does the Money Go? At once...


by Jeremy Gorman

Energy, the stu­ that makes things happen, is everywhere. It comes in many forms. We ignore most of it, and abuse the rest. Two critical types require your attention: your internal energy, the stu­ that gets...

Relativity, Symmetry, and the Structure of Quantum Theory, Volume 2

by William H Klink & Wolfgang Schweiger

The first version of quantum theory, developed in the mid 1920's, is what is called nonrelativistic quantum theory; it is based on a form of relativity which, in a previous volume, was called Newton relativity....

A Guide for Developing Zero Energy Communities

by John Whitcomb

A Planning Guide for Developing Zero Energy Communities (also called The ZEC Guide) helps developers, corporations, institutions, governments, utility companies, and communities create cities, campuses, and...

Executive Summary

by John Whitcomb

Executive Summary: A Guide for Developing Zero Energy Communities (also called the ZEC guide) helps developers, governments, utility companies, and communities create cities, campuses, and neighborhoods that,...

A Rational Energy Policy

by Robert J. Byer

The US has not had a rational energy policy for many years. Instead we created energy legislation focused on conservation and citing energy independence as the principle cause. Some legislation focused on protecting...

Do You Know What Is Energy?

by Koji Goto

Energy is an old and new theme for mankind. If we could get it freely, what would happen? For instance, gravity is a kind of energy which wont dry up forever. Then isnt it possible to utilize it for our life?...

Energetic Processes, Volume 2

by Peter Moscow et al

Science Energetic Processes, Volume II offers amazing articles on vibrational medicine, biophotons, scalars, reversing blindness, effects of intention, ether energy, homeopathy, crystal energy, prayer, and nonlocal...

Refresher 1 Draft 2

by Gordon Ziegler

The most important invention in human history is the Refresher 1. If it works as calculated, it would reverse all aging, disease, and decay processes in humans, animals, vegetation, and minerals to young adulthood,...

Soul Federation

by Toshio Suzuki

The basic topic of this book is to advocate the establishment of a world federation and world government and to consider the philosophy on how we can be happy. As for the establishment of a world federation...

There Is No Energy Problem

by Coleman Raphael

The purpose of this book is to demonstrate how our forward-looking and progressive nation can be free of dependence on limited energy sources, such as foreign oil. This book will define energy and describe its...

Re-Volt!~Our Impending Energy Revolution

by Jeremy Gorman

A book on how to efficiently use two types of energy: one that your body produces and the one that is used to make machines work.

Dictionary of Energy and Fuels

by Clifford Jones & Nigel Russell

This comprehensive new dictionary comprises over 1300 definitions and brief articles to provide an extremely useful ready-reference work on solid, liquid and gaseous fuels, including information on the scenes...