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The Energy Roadmap: A Water and Wastewater Utility Guide to More Sustainable Energy Management

by Water Environment Federation

The Energy Roadmap will serve as a guide for utilities of all sizes on the path to sustainable energy management. In it you will explore innovative approaches to cost-effectively recover and reuse resources...

Fired Clay in Four Porcelain Clusters: A Comparative Study of Energy Use, Production/Environmental Ecology, and Kiln Development in Arita, Hong Kong,

by Tai Wei Lim

This book examines how energy use has evolved with technological advancements and changing social norms and ideas in environmental conservation and productive output in the ceramics-making industry. The four...

New generation photovoltaics

by Fabio Andreolli

This book aims to provide a global overview of the technological, design and financial aspects of solar power systems. All the topics and all the parts that make up a photovoltaic system are dealt with, with...

The Internal Energy Market

by Fabrizio Lala

The energy strategy of European Union is an item of utmost political concern, since it tightly intertwined with controversial commercial relationship with Russia and the US. In spite of the fact that energy...

Introduction to Carbon Capture and Sequestration

by Berend Smit, Jeffrey A Reimer, Curtis M Oldenburg & Ian C Bourg

The aim of the book is to provide an understanding of the current science underpinning Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) and to provide students and interested researchers with sufficient background on...

Energy Studies

by W Shepherd & D W Shepherd

How is the future world energy demand to be met? The rates of use of the fossil fuels — coal, oil and natural gas — are increasing all over the world. The remaining stocks are finite and are not renewable....

Energy in the 21st Century


Many events that affect global energy production and consumption have occurred since the second edition of Energy in the 21st Century appeared in 2011. For example, an earthquake and tsunami in Japan led to...

Climate Change and the Energy Problem: Physical Science and Economics Perspective

by David Goodstein & Michael Intriligator

This important compendium deals with the primary world problems of global warming and the coming energy crisis. In alternating chapters, it lays out the nature of the two interrelated problems, and specifies...

Soap Bubbles: Their Colors and Forces Which Mold Them

by C. V. Boys

Excellent primer and classic treatment employs simple experiments to establish a practical basis for the existence and function of surface tension and energy minimization. 83 illustrations. 1911 edition.

Biomass: To Win the Future

by Shi Yuanchun

Biomass, translated into English for the first time, introduced the world to China’s development of bioenergy in the turn of the 21st century and proposed further development of bioenergy as well. Businessmen,...

Wireless Power Transfer

by Dr. Johnson I Agbinya

This book is written by the leading experts on wireless energy transfer technology and its applications. It introduces and explains the technology in great details and provides the theory and practice of WPT...

Alternative Energy: Political, Economic, and Social Feasibility

by Christopher A. Simon

Alternative Energy systematically approaches various alternative sources of energy, discussing in layperson's terms the current state of public policy, energy technology and the political, economic, and social...

Who Turned Out the Lights?

by Scott Bittle & Jean Johnson

Who Turned Out the Lights? is an entertaining and nonpartisan guide to the current U.S. energy crisis from Scott Bittle and Jean Johnson, coauthors of the breakout bestseller Where Does the Money Go? At once...

Green Energy

by Suman Lata Tripathi & Sanjeevikumar Padmanaban

Like most industries around the world, the energy industry has also made, and continues to make, a long march toward ?green? energy.  The science has come a long way since the 1970s, and renewable energy and...

Deepwater Flexible Risers and Pipelines

by Yong Bai

The technology, processes, materials, and theories surrounding pipeline construction, application, and troubleshooting are constantly changing, and this new series, Advances in Pipes and Pipelines,, has been...

Distributed Energy Management of Electrical Power Systems

by Yinliang Xu, Wei Zhang, Wenxin Liu & Wen Yu

Go in-depth with this comprehensive discussion of distributed energy management

Distributed Energy Management of Electrical Power Systems provides the most complete analysis of fully distributed control approaches...

Maintaining Mission Critical Systems in a 24/7 Environment

by Peter M. Curtis

The new edition of the leading single-volume resource on designing, operating, and managing mission critical infrastructure

Maintaining Mission Critical Systems in a 24/7 Environment provides in-depth coverage...

Overhead Distribution Lines

by Lawrence M. Slavin

This book provides expert knowledge to those in the power and communication utility industry in how to design power and communication distribution lines. Information is presented on the physical characteristics...

Reference Frame Theory

by Paul C. Krause

Discover the history, underpinnings, and applications of one of the most important theories in electrical engineering

In Reference Frame Theory, author Paul Krause delivers a comprehensive and thorough examination...

Advances in Electric Power and Energy

by Mohamed E. El-Hawary

A guide to the role of static state estimation in the mitigation of potential system failures

With contributions from a noted panel of experts on the topic, Advances in Electric Power and Energy: Static State...