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Physics, Chemistry and Applications of Nanostructures

by V. E. Borisenko, S. V. Gaponenko, V. S. Gurin & C. H. Kam

This book presents invited reviews and original short notes of recent results obtained in studies concerning the fabrication and application of nanostructures, which hold great promise for the next generation...

De Magnete

by William Gilbert

From the first great experimental scientist: the classic text, first published in Latin in 1600. Summarizes then-current knowledge of magnetism and electricity, offering insights into the origins of modern science....

Nonequilibrium Magnons: Theory, Experiment and Applications

by Vladimir L. Safonov

This much-needed book addresses the concepts, models, experiments and applications of magnons and spin wave in magnetic devices. It fills the gap in the current literature by providing the theoretical and technological...

Magnetic Memory Technology

by Denny D. Tang & Chi-Feng Pai


Magnetic Memory Technology: Spin-Transfer-Torque MRAM and Beyond delivers a combination of foundational and...

Infinite-Space Dyadic Green Functions in Electromagnetism

by Muhammad Faryad & Akhlesh Lakhtakia

In any linear system, the input and the output are connected by means of a linear operator. When the input can be notionally represented by a function that is null valued everywhere except at a specific location...

Single-Molecule Magnets

by Malgorzata Holynska

Concise overview of synthesis and characterization of single molecule magnets

Molecular magnetism is explored as an alternative to conventional solid-state magnetism as the basis for ultrahigh-density memory...

Micro and Nano Scale NMR

by Jens Anders, Jan G. Korvink, Gary K. Fedder & Oliver Brand et al.

This must-have book is the first self-contained summary of recent developments in the field of microscale nuclear magnetic resonance hardware, covering the entire technology from miniaturized detectors, the...

Ufos and Water

by Carl W. Feindt

UFOs have approximately 75% of this planet in which to operate undetected. Adding another piece to the puzzle From dissimilar puzzle pieces supplied by ufologists throughout the years of UFO history, a picture...

Organizational Genetics

by Anthony Fedanzo Ph.D

The great insight of biological science in the last half of the 20th century is that life is a special kind of information. It is the information contained in the genetic program of each organism. Evolution...

The Tai Chi in Star Formation

by Hua-bai Li

Tai Chi, a Chinese martial art developed based on the laws of nature, emphasises how 'to conquer the unyielding with the yielding.' The recent observation of star formation shows that stars result from the interaction...

Magnetoelectric Polymer-Based Composites

by Senentxu Lanceros-Méndez & Pedro Martins

The first book on this topic provides a comprehensive and well-structured overview of the fundamentals, synthesis and emerging applications of magnetoelectric polymer materials.

Following an introduction to...


by Claude Fermon & Marcel Van de Voorde

This first book to focus on the applications of nanomagnetism presents those already realized while also suggesting bold ideas for further breakthroughs.

The first part is devoted to the concept of spin electronics...

Molecular Magnetic Materials

by Barbara Sieklucka & Dawid Pinkowicz

A comprehensive overview of this rapidly expanding interdisciplinary field of research.

After a short introduction to the basics of magnetism and molecular magnetism, the text goes on to cover specific properties...

Magnetic Actuators and Sensors

by John R. Brauer

A fully updated, easy-to-read guide on magnetic actuators and sensors

The Second Edition of this must-have book for today's engineers includes the latest updates and advances in the field of magnetic actuators...