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A Scientist at the Seashore

by James S. Trefil

A noted physicist and popular science writer explains why the sea is salty, how bubbles form on the water's surface, where waves come from, and other curiosities. 1987 edition.

Marine Microbiology: Bioactive Compounds and Biotechnological Applications

by Se-Kwon Kim

Deliberately breaking with the classical biology-centered description of marine organisms and their products, this reference emphasizes microbial technology over basic biology, setting it apart from its predecessors....

Ocean Enlightenment

by Howard Burton

This book is based on an in-depth filmed conversation between Howard Burton and Edie Widder, Founder, CEO and Senior Scientist at Ocean Research & Conservation Association (ORCA). After an inspiring story about...

The Malay Archipelago, Volume 1

by Alfred Russel Wallace

The Malay Archipelago is a book by the British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace which chronicles his scientific exploration, during the eight-year period 1854 to 1862, of the southern portion of the Malay Archipelago...

Marine Conservation

by Bob Earll

In the last 50 years marine conservation has grown from almost nothing to become a major topic of global activity involving many people and organisations. Marine conservation activities have been applied to...

Sharks: Discover These Pictures And Facts Of Sharks For Kids

by Bold Kids

Kids can learn a lot about sharks through various means including books. In this book, children can find a lot of different shark pictures and also find facts about sharks. By learning and seeing the different...

Ocean Rimmed World

by R.N. Joe D’Cruz & G Geetha

Redolent of the briny air of the sea and the lore of the seashore, Ocean Rimmed World captures the struggles and changing fortunes of the Parathavars of the Tuticorin coast—a community of seafarers and fisherfolk...

Underwater Photography

by Maria Munn

This is a step-by-step guide to taking professional quality underwater photos with a point-and-shoot camera. _x000D_Modern compact cameras are capable of capturing fantastic underwater images – and this book...


by Jason M. Colby

Since the release of the documentary Blackfish in 2013, millions around the world have focused on the plight of the orca, the most profitable and controversial display animal in history. Yet, until now, no historical...

World Travels with a Peripatetic Marine Scientist

by Carl J. Sindermann

This is the 24th book about science and scientists published by Carl J. Sindermann, Ph.D. It describes in some detail many places in the world that he visited in connection with his roles as government science...

Free Fishes

by Durime P. Zherka

This book tells about the life underwater. One very beautiful sunny day, while the rays were going through the blue clear water one beautiful fish was seeing with wondering one big crew two colors white yellow...

Race to the Sea

by Dr. Dayton Lee Alverson

Dr Alverson's story covers his early life experiences, through high school, World War II, his education and his involvement in State, Federal and International fisheries science and management. His career and...

Have You Ever Seen A Blue Whale? Animal Book Age 4 | Children's Animal Books

by Baby Professor

Have you ever laid eyes on a blue whale? They are the biggest animals on sea! Learn some amazing facts about them and where you can possibly spot them next in this cool animal book for kids. Encouraging your...

Just Keep Swimming! Fish Book for 4 Year Olds | Children's Animal Books

by Baby Professor

Fish - what an amazing, colorful and watery world you're in! This fish book for 4 year old will include interesting facts about the world’s fish population. Your little one will be amazed to learn that fish...

Heartbeats in the Muck

by John Waldman

Heartbeats in the Muck traces the incredible arc of New York Harbor’s environmental history. Once a pristine estuary bristling with oysters and striped bass and visited by sharks, porpoises, and seals, the...


by Richard Peirce

Sharks are among the most persecuted animals on Earth. Nicole's block-buster story lifts the lid on the shocking details of the trade in shark fins, and raises awareness of the plight of sharks in the 21st century....

Walking Sideways

by Judith S. Weis

The world's nearly 7,000 species of crabs are immediately recognizable by their claws, sideways movement, stalked eyes, and thick outer shells. These common crustaceans are found internationally, thriving in...

The Ocean Alphabet of Fish and Marine Mammals | Children's Fish & Marine Life

by Baby Professor

There are way too many marine lives under the ocean that you can imagine. Some you don't even know exists. This book is for your kids’ road to mastering the alphabet while swimming down and down through the...

Wildlife in Lakes & Ponds for Kids (Aquatic & Marine Life) | 2nd Grade Science Edition Vol 5

by Baby Professor

You see frogs, I see toads. You see fish, I see ducks. These are the many wildlife that you can see living together in ponds and lakes. Would you like to take a dive with me and explore further their natural...

How Do Predators Find Their Prey? Biology for Kids | Children's Biology Books

by Baby Professor

The wilderness is a dangerous place for small animals. Predators are always on the lookout for the next meal. But how do predators find their prey and how come they don't eat every animal they see? This book...