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Fundamental Principles of Classical Mechanics: A Geometrical Perspective

by Kai S Lam

This book is written with the belief that classical mechanics, as a theoretical discipline, possesses an inherent beauty, depth, and richness that far transcends its immediate applications in mechanical systems....

Fracture Mechanics of Electromagnetic Materials: Nonlinear Field Theory and Applications

by Xiaohong Chen & Yiu-Wing Mai

Fracture Mechanics of Electromagnetic Materials provides a comprehensive overview of fracture mechanics of conservative and dissipative materials, as well as a general formulation of nonlinear field theory of...

Basic Machines and How They Work

by Naval Education

Only elementary math skills are needed to follow this manual, which covers many machines and their components, including hydrostatics and hydraulics, internal combustion engines, trains, and more. 204 black-and-white...

Mechanical Appliances, Mechanical Movements and Novelties of Construction

by Gardner D. Hiscox

This engrossing visual narrative profiles hundreds of mechanical devices. Nearly 1,000 detailed illustrations — including steam-powered appliances, spring-powered devices, and other machinery — are accompanied...

507 Mechanical Movements: Mechanisms and Devices

by Henry T. Brown

This 1868 collection features simplified illustrations of the mechanisms used in hydraulics, steam engines, pneumatics, presses, horologes, and other machines. Captioned drawings depict the movements of each...

A History of Mechanical Inventions: Revised Edition

by Abbott Payson Usher

Updated classic explores importance of technological innovation in cultural and economic history of the West. Water wheels, clocks, printing, machine tools, more. "Without peer." — American Scientist.

Vibrations and Acoustic Radiation of Thin Structures: Physical Basis, Theoretical Analysis and Numerical Methods

by Paul J. T. Filippi

Sound is produced by vibrations and as such can be dampened or augmented based on materials selection. This title looks at the effects of sound and vibration on thin structures and details how damage may be...

Carbon Based Solids and Materials

by Pierre Delhaes

It is well known that solid carbons can be found in various guises with different forms of bulk phases (graphites, diamonds and carbynes) as well as more molecular forms (fullerenes,nanotubes and graphenes)...

Fluid Mechanics for Chemical Engineering

by Mathieu Mory

The book aims at providing to master and PhD students the basic knowledge in fluid mechanics for chemical engineers. Applications to mixing and reaction and to mechanical separation processes are addressed.


Mechanics of Unsaturated Geomaterials

by Lyesse Laloui

This book provides a sound basis in the challenging area of the mechanics of unsaturated geomaterials. The objective is to supply the reader with an exhaustive overview starting from the basics and covering...

Statistical Approach to Wall Turbulence

by Sedat Tardu

Wall turbulence is encountered in many technological applications as well as in the atmosphere, and a detailed understanding leading to its management would have considerable beneficial consequences in many...

Reinforced Concrete Beams, Columns and Frames: Section and Slender Member Analysis

by Jostein Hellesland, Noël Challamel, Charles Casandjian & Christophe Lanos

This book is focused on the theoretical and practical design of reinforced concrete beams, columns and frame structures. It is based on an analytical approach of designing normal reinforced concrete structural...

Laser Metrology in Fluid Mechanics: Granulometry, Temperature and Concentration Measurements

by Alain Boutier

In fluid mechanics, non-intrusive measurements are fundamental in order to improve knowledge of the behavior and main physical phenomena of flows in order to further validate codes.

The principles and characteristics...

Laser Velocimetry in Fluid Mechanics

by Alain Boutier

In fluid mechanics, velocity measurement is fundamental in order to improve the behavior knowledge of the flow. Velocity maps help us to understand the mean flow structure and its fluctuations, in order to further...

Reinforced Concrete Beams, Columns and Frames: Mechanics and Design

by Charles Casandjian, Noël Challamel, Christophe Lanos & Jostein Hellesland

This book is focused on the theoretical and practical design of reinforced concrete beams, columns and frame structures. It is based on an analytical approach of designing normal reinforced concrete structural...

Waves Propagation in Fluids: Models and Numerical Techniques

by Vincent Guinot

This second edition with four additional chapters presents the physical principles and solution techniques for transient propagation in fluid mechanics and hydraulics. The application domains vary including...

The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy

by Isaac Newton

First published in 1687, "The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy", often referred to as simply the "Principia",  is a work in three books by Isaac Newton. 

"The Mathematical Principles of Natural...

Applied Impact Mechanics

by C. Lakshmana Rao, V. Narayanamurthy & K. R. Y. Simha

This book is intended to help the reader understand impact phenomena as a focused application of diverse topics such as rigid body dynamics, structural dynamics, contact and continuum mechanics, shock and vibration,...

Mechanics and Physics of Solids at Micro- and Nano-Scales

by Ioan R. Ionescu, Sylvain Queyreau, Catalin R. Picu & Oguz Umut Salman

Chronicling the 11th US?France Mechanics and physics of solids at macro- and nano-scales symposium, organized by ICACM (International Center for Applied Computational Mechanics) in Paris, June 2018, this book...

Movement Equations 5

by Georges Vénizélos & Abdelkhalak El Hami

The final volume in the Non-deformable Solid Mechanics set, Movement Equations 5 deals with the dynamics of sets of solids. This volume provides the appropriate mathematical tools (torsor calculus and matrix...