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American Exodus: Climate Change and the Coming Flight for Survival

by Giles Slade

Seeking higher ground – how rising global temperatures will lead to unprecedented waves of human migration

Land Surface Observation, Modeling and Data Assimilation

by Shunlin Liang, Xin Li & Xianhong Xie

This book is unique in its ambitious and comprehensive coverage of earth system land surface characterization, from observation and modeling to data assimilation, including recent developments in theory and...

The Weather Companion: An Album of Meteorological History, Science, and Folklore

by Gary Lockhart

The Weather Companion An Album of Meteorological History, Science, Legend, and Folklore Throughout history, as farmer, sailor, hunter, and artist, humans have watched and worried about the weather. We have devised...

Snowflakes in Photographs

by W. A. Bentley

Over 850 illustrations of snow crystals, photographed by Bentley during a 50-year period, for use by artists, designers, and craftspeople in a variety of creative projects.

Snow Crystals

by W. A. Bentley & W. J. Humphreys

Over 2,000 clear photomicrographs printed on black background of snow crystals. Also frost, rime, hail, and more. Brief text on methodology of research. Absolutely inexhaustible source of design. 202 plates....

How Dangerous Is Lightning?

by Christian Bouquegneau & Vladimir Rakov

This highly readable survey explores the history of lightning, from ancient myth to modern times. Topics include sources of lightning, physical effects, protection of structures and power lines, and current...

Wise Words and Country Ways Weather Lore

by Ruth Binney

An enthralling book that not only satisfies our fascination for lost wisdom of our ancestors but also indulges the British obsession with the weather. Probably the best known country saying of them all is 'red...

Geographical Information and Climatology

by Pierre Carrega

This book includes two parts. The first part is more theoretical and general, and it covers fundamental principles: geospatial climate data measurement; spatial analysis, mapping and climate; geographical information,...

The Warming Papers: The Scientific Foundation for the Climate Change Forecast

by David Archer & Raymond Pierrehumbert

Chosen for the 2011 ASLI Choice - Honorable Mention (History Category) for a compendium of the key scientific papers that undergird the global warming forecast.

Global warming is arguably the defining scientific...

El Niño Southern Oscillation in a Changing Climate

by Michael J. McPhaden, Agus Santoso & Wenju Cai

Comprehensive and up-to-date information on Earth?s most dominant year-to-year climate variation 

The El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) in the Pacific Ocean has major worldwide social and economic  consequences...

The Handbook of Meteorology

by Frank R. Spellman

TheHandbook of Meteorology gives specialists and non-specialists alike a clear understanding of the way our weather functions. It is a comprehensive reference for any budding meteorologist or environmental professional...

The Fire People

by Ray Cummings

First published in 1922, "The Fire People" by one of the masters of early science fiction, Ray Cummings, is the second novel of trilogy of tales of Matter, Space, and Time ("The Girl in the Golden Atom" and...

Basics of Atmospheric Dynamics

by R.N. Keshavamurty

This book on ‘Basics of Atmospheric Dynamics’ is authored by Dr. R.N. Keshavamurty. IMS is very much thankful to Dr. Keshavamurty for

devoting his time to write the book which will eventually benefit the...

A Course in Dynamic Meteorology

by Pandarinath

Dynamic Meteorology is a fundamental branch of atmospheric science, which enables quantification of atmospheric motion to make accurate predictions of weather patterns. The book is designed as a text for students...

Climate Change & its Impacts

by S. Jeevananda Reddy

The principal objective of this book is to put the science of climate change in the right perspective and help people of all walks of life. At present governments are looking at climate change as a monster created...

Climate Change

by R. R. Kelkar

Climate change has been described as the biggest challenge that the world will have to face in the twenty first century and developing countries like India will have to bear its impacts. Climate change is a...

Atmospheric Multiphase Chemistry

by Hajime Akimoto & Jun Hirokawa

An important guide that highlights the multiphase chemical processes for students and professionals who want to learn more about aerosol chemistry  

Atmospheric Multiphase Reaction Chemistry provides the information...

Aviation Meteorology

by Navale Pandharinath

This book is primarily meant for professional trainee pilots of all categories as prescribed by DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation) and particularly for Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL) and Airlines Transport...

An Introduction to Ocean Dynamics

by Navale Pandharinath

The book is written to meets the needs of post graduate students who opt special subjects of ocean and atmospheric sciences and oceanography, ocean engineering. These students have different back grieved, require...

Satellite Meteorology,

by R. R. Kelkar

Ever since the launch of the world's first weather satellite in 1960, satellite meteorology has had a phenomenal growth. What is all the more significant is that India has kept pace with the United States, Europe...