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A Short Course on Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions

by Asis Kumar Chaudhuri

By colliding heavy ions at nearly the speed of light, scientists are exploring both our physical world and conditions at the beginning of the universe. With applications in nuclear physics, particle physics,...

Nuclear Infrastructure Protection and Homeland Security

by Frank R. Spellman & Melissa L. Stoudt

Experts agree, though it is already important, nuclear power will soon be critical to the maintenance of contemporary society. With the heightened importance of nuclear energy comes a heightened threat of terrorism....

Elementary Particle Physics: Foundations of the Standard Model V2

by Yorikiyo Nagashima

This second volume of Elementary Particle Physics, "Foundations of the Standard Model", concentrates on the main aspects of the Standard Model by addressing developments from its establishments to recent progress...

Imaging Gaseous Detectors and Their Applications

by Eugenio Nappi & Vladimir Peskov

Describing advanced detectors and their visualization and investigation techniques, this book presents the major applications in nuclear and high-energy physics, astrophysics, medicine and radiation measurements....

Two-Phase Emission Detectors

by Dmitry Yu Akimov, Alexander I Bolozdynya, Alexey F Buzulutskov & Vitaly Chepel

One of the rapidly developing areas of modern experimental nuclear physics is non-accelerator experiments using low-background detectors. Such experiments, as a rule, are aimed at solving problems that are of...

Pear-shaped Nuclei

by Suresh C Pancholi

During the last several decades, the study of nuclear shapes has been of prime importance. A large number of investigations, both theoretical and experimental, have led to the discovery of a rich variety of...

Bridging the Gaps

by Randolph R. Davis

Bridging the Gaps: An Anthology on Nuclear Cold Fusion is written in scientific language that can be understood by first year college physics and engineering students, environmentalists and ecologists on the...

A Day at CERN

by Gautier Depambour

What lies within CERN's entrails? What is the path followed by the particles that are accelerated before they collide? What does the ATLAS detector look like? Does research at CERN find applications in everyday...

The Physics of Experiment Instrumentation Using MATLAB Apps

by Dan Green

Some twenty years ago the author published a book entitled The Physics of Particle Detectors. Much has evolved since that time, not in the basic physics, but in the complexity, number and versatility of the...

Foundations of Plasma Physics for Physicists and Mathematicians

by G. J. Pert

A comprehensive textbook on the foundational principles of plasmas, including material on advanced topics and related disciplines such as optics, fluid dynamics, and astrophysics 

Foundations of Plasma...

Nuclear Materials Science (Second Edition)

by Karl Whittle

Concerns around climate change and the drive to net-zero carbon energy have led to a nuclear renaissance in many countries and, since the publication of the first edition of this book, we have seen an increase...

Commercialising Fusion Energy

by David Webbe-Wood, Satoshi Konishi, Shutaro Takeda & William Nuttall et al.

Throughout the past five decades, research and development in the world of nuclear fusion has been led by large publicly funded national laboratories. Currently, fusion energy technology development is being...

Radiation Detection for Nuclear Physics

by David Jenkins

Radiation detection is key to experimental nuclear physics as well as underpinning a wide range of applications in nuclear decommissioning, homeland security and medical imaging. This book presents the state-of-the-art...

Radiation Detection for Nuclear Physics

by David Jenkins

Radiation detection is key to experimental nuclear physics as well as underpinning a wide range of applications in nuclear decommissioning, homeland security and medical imaging. This book presents the state-of-the-art...

Relativistic Quantum Field Theory, Volume 2

by Michael Strickland

Volume 2 of this three-part series presents the quantization of classical field theory using the path integral formalism. For students who wish to learn about relativistic quantum field theory applied to particle...

Quantised Vortices

by Tapio Simula

Vortices comprising swirling motion of matter are observable in classical systems at all scales, ranging from atomic size to that of galaxies. In quantum mechanical systems, such vortices are robust entities...

A Modern Introduction to Neutrino Physics

by Frank F Deppisch

A deeper understanding of neutrinos, with the goal to reveal their nature and exact role within particle physics, is at the frontier of current research. This book reviews the field in a concise fashion and...

History of Particle Theory


History of Particle Theory fills an important gap existing in the literature by discussing the impressive progress in understanding the elementary particles out of which all everyday objects are made. Most of...

Quantum Mechanics for Nuclear Structure, Volume 2

by Kris Heyde & John L Wood

The first volume of Quantum Mechanics for Nuclear Structure introduced the reader to the basic elements that underpin the one-body formulation of quantum mechanics. Volume two follows on from its predecessor...

Foundations Of Quantum Field Theory

by Klaus D Rothe

Based on a two-semester course held at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, this book provides an adequate resource for the lecturer and the student. The contents are primarily aimed at graduate students who...