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Electromagnetic Modeling and Simulation

by Levent Sevgi

This unique book presents simple, easy-to-use, but effective short codes as well as virtual tools that can be used by electrical, electronic, communication, and computer engineers in a broad range of electrical...

Formation Testing: Pressure Transient and Contamination Analysis

by Wilson C. Chin, Yanmin Zhou & Yongren Feng

Traditional well logging methods, such as  resistivity, acoustic, nuclear and NMR, provide indirect information related to fluid and formation properties.  The “formation tester,” offered in wireline and...

Physics I Workbook For Dummies

by Steven Holzner

Unleash your inner Einstein and score higher in physics

Do you have a handle on basic physics terms and concepts, but your problem-solving skills could use some static friction? Physics I Workbook For Dummies...

Critical Reflections on Nuclear and Renewable Energy: Environmental Protection and Safety in the Wake of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident

by Way Kuo

The Fukushima nuclear incident made people ponder and question nuclear safety again, resulting in decisions by certain countries to phase out nuclear power completely. Is this the right decision? Are there better...

Medical Imaging Based on Magnetic Fields and Ultrasounds

by Hervé Fanet

This book describes the different principles and equipment used in medical imaging. The importance of medical imaging for diagnostics is rapidly increasing. A good working knowledge of all the different possible...

Perspectives in Theoretical Physics: The Collected Papers of E\M\Lifshitz

by J. B. Sykes, D. ter Haar & L. P. Pitaevskii

Evgenii Mikhailovich Lifshitz is perhaps best known for his long association with his mentor Lev D Landau, with whom he co-wrote the classic Course of Theoretical Physics, but he was a noted and respected Soviet...

Nuclear Structure 1985

by R.A. Broglia, G.B. Hagemann & B. Herskind

40 leading specialists review the modern developments of nuclear

structure physics.

Cosmic Rays: The Commonwealth and International Library: Selected Readings in Physics

by A. M. Hillas, Robert Robinson & Dean Athelstan Spilhaus

Cosmic Rays is a two-part book that first elucidates the discovery, nature, and particles produced by cosmic rays. This part also looks into the primary cosmic radiation; radio waves from the galaxy; extensive...

Energy Developments: New Forms, Renewables, Conservation: Proceedings of ENERGEX '84, The Global Energy Forum, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, May 14-19

by Fred A. Curtis

Energy Developments: New Forms, Renewables, Conservation is a collection of papers that discusses alternative energy sources. In discussing these energy sources, the text considers factors such as technical,...

Energy for Rural and Island Communities: Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference Held at Inverness, Scotland, 16-19 September 1985

Progress in Nuclear Physics: Volume 3

by O. R. Frisch

Progress in Nuclear Physics, Volume 3 covers the advances in the experimental and theoretical studies on some aspects of nuclear physics. This volume is divided into nine chapters that include discussions on...

Fission, Fusion and The Energy Crisis

by S. E. Hunt

Fission, Fusion and the Energy Crisis, Second Edition focuses on the importance of the breeder reactor to the efficient use of nuclear fuel reserves. This book examines the interrelationships of the scientific,...

Fuels and Fuel Technology: A Summarized Manual

by Wilfrid Francis & Martin C. Peters

Fuels and Fuel Technology: A Summarized Manual provides concise and accurate summary of existing knowledge and literature concerning fuel technology. The book discusses several kinds of fuels and topics relating...

Physics for O.N.C. Courses

by R.A. Edwards

Physics for O.N.C. Courses is a textbook that aims to serve the specific needs of science and engineering students at Ordinary National Certificate (ONC) level in physics. Topics covered range from surface tension...

NMR In Physiology and Biomedicine

by Robert J. Gillies

This book provides a comprehensive review of modern nuclear magnetic resonance approaches to biomedical problems in vivo using state-of-the-art techniques. It devotes equal attention to the methods and applications...

Modern Developments in Energy, Combustion and Spectroscopy: In Honor of S. S. Penner

by F.A. Williams, A.K. Oppenheim & D.B. Olfe

This compendium of technical articles is dedicated to Professor Stanford Solomon Penner on the occasion of his 70th birthday. As one of the most prominent scientists of our times, he has been particularly instrumental...

Heat Pumps: Solving Energy and Environmental Challenges

by Takamoto Saito

It has long been recognized that realizing the potential for energy conservation and diversification by using heat pumps offers considerable benefits to the environment. Important work on more efficient and...

Analytical Methods for Coal and Coal Products: Volume III

by Clarence Karr

Analytical Methods for Coal and Coal Products, Volume III, is the third of a three-volume treatise that aims to provide a detailed presentation of what constitutes the first comprehensive reference work devoted...

Analytical Methods for Coal and Coal Products: Volume II

by Clarence Karr

Analytical Methods for Coal and Coal Products, Volume II, aims to provide a detailed presentation of what constitutes the first comprehensive reference work devoted exclusively to the subject of analytical methodology...

Alternative Energy Sources: Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences