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by Albert Einstein

First published in 1916, 'Relativity: The Special and the General Theory' is regarded as the most significant work in modern physics. This book gives an insight into the scientific theory about the relationship...

Forks in the Road

by Stanley Deser

Stanley Deser is a preeminent theoretical physicist who made monumental contributions to general relativity, quantum field theory and high energy physics; he is a co-creator of supergravity. This is his personal...

A Mathematical Introduction to General Relativity

by Amol Sasane

The book aims to give a mathematical presentation of the theory of general relativity (that is, spacetime-geometry-based gravitation theory) to advanced undergraduate mathematics students. Mathematicians will...

Black Holes, Cosmology and Extra Dimensions

by Kirill A Bronnikov & Sergey G Rubin

Assuming basic knowledge of special and general relativity, this book guides the reader to problems under consideration in modern research, concerning black holes, wormholes, cosmology, and extra dimensions....

Time Travel

by Nick Redfern

Fact or fiction? Real or impossible? Movement through time explored, examined and explained!

Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity postulates, and scientists have proven, that the faster you travel, the slower...

What Are Tensors Exactly?

by Hongyu Guo

Tensors have numerous applications in physics and engineering. There is often a fuzzy haze surrounding the concept of tensor that puzzles many students. The old-fashioned definition is difficult to understand...

Summary of The God Equation

by Alexander Cooper

Summary of The God Equation

Chapter 1: The same year Galileo Galilei died a broken man in his prison cell, another legend was born in London. For Kaku, Isaac Newton is the greatest scientist who has ever lived,...

Physics of the Lorentz Group (Second Edition)

by Sibel BaĹźkal, Young Kim & Marilyn Noz

This book explains the Lorentz group in a language familiar to physicists, namely in terms of two-by-two matrices. While the three-dimensional rotation group is one of the standard mathematical tools in physics,...

Challenging the Unchallengeable

by John D. Frey

John D. Frey leads readers on a fascinating journey in this book that seeks to prove that Albert Einsteins theory of special relativity is all wrong.

He begins by sharing an overview of special relativity, including...

Adiabatic Thermodynamics of Fluids

by Christian Fronsdal

Unlike the traditional approach to thermodynamics, this book begins with a brief exposition of hydrodynamics. At this stage, the development is limited to potential flows, because, until recently, that is all...

General Relativity

by Marvin Blecher

This textbook is suitable for a one-semester introduction to General Relativity for advanced undergraduates in physics and engineering. The book is concise so that the entire material can be covered in the one-semester...

Essentials of Quantum Mechanics and Relativity

by Shangwu Qian

Quantum mechanics and relativity are two important topics of modern physics. This book serves as an introduction to the essential topics in the fields. It is suitable for a one-semester course for undergraduate...

Tale Of Two Twins, A: The Langevin Experiment Of A Traveler To A Star

by Lucien Gilles Benguigui

The thought experiment proposed by Langevin in 1911, known under the popular names, 'Clock Paradox' or 'Twin Paradox', is the most surprising result of the theory of Relativity: A twin who travels to a star...

Inflated Expectations: A Cosmological Tale - A Conversation with Paul Steinhardt

by Howard Burton

This book is based on an in-depth filmed conversation between Howard Burton and Paul Steinhardt, the Albert Einstein Professor of Science and Director of the Center for Theoretical Science at Princeton University....

Special relativity

by Alessio Mangoni

This book is dedicated to Einstein's special relativity. The main topics are: postulates of relativity, events and Minkowski space-time, Lorentz transformations, metrics in scalar products (with an analysis...

The foundation of the generalized theory of relativity

by Albert Einstein

The theory which is sketched in the following pages forms the most wide-going generalization conceivable of what is at present known as "the theory of Relativity;" this latter theory I differentiate from the...

Newton's Principia

by Sir Isaac Newton

It was Isaac Newton's Principia that founded the law of universal gravitation on 5th July 1687. It is the same principia that inspired Albert Einstein into formulating the Einstein field equations (the general...


by Albert Einstein

The present book is intended, as far as possible, to give an exact insight into the theory of Relativity to those readers who, from a general scientific and philosophical point of view, are interested in the...

The Reality of Time, and Einstein’s Spider Web

by Rocco Vittorio Macrì

The greatest mystery of all, the enigma of Time, shone like a blinding quasar upon the eyes of the creator of the Theory of Relativity, Albert Einstein. Indeed there has been no significant thinker, from antiquity...

FLATLAND - A Romance of Many Dimensions

by Edwin A. Abbott

This special edition is a distinguished vintage reproduction, of the 1884 satirical novella Flatland, by the English schoolmaster Edwin Abbott. Meticulously elaborated by the editorial team of Chiron Academic...