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Mendip: Cheddar, Its Gorge and Caves

by H. E. Balch

Mendip: Cheddar, Its Gorge and Caves describes the landscape and historical background of the Swildon's Hole at Priddy. This book is divided into nine chapters that discuss the Cox's Cave and the story of discovery...

Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Inflammation: Signal Transduction in Inflammatory Cells, Part A

by Charles G. Cochrane & Michael A. Gimbrone

Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Inflammation: Signal Transduction in Inflammatory Cells, Part A is a collection of papers that discusses the mechanisms of the transduction of signals linking stimulated...

Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Inflammation: Receptors of Inflammatory Cells: Structure-Function Relationships

by Charles G. Cochrane & Michael A. Gimbrone

Receptors of Inflammatory Cells: Structure-Function Relationships is the first in a new serial on Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Inflammation. The purpose of this serial is to bring together the latest...

Theory and Practice of Blood Flow Measurement

by John P. Woodcock

Theory and Practice of Blood Flow Measurement presents the methods for determining the metrics of blood flow in the major vessels. This book is organized into two sections encompassing 16 chapters that discuss...

Management of Neurological Disorders

by Bryan Ashworth & Michael Saunders

Management of Neurological Disorders: Second Edition presents a comprehensive guide on intensive care, rehabilitation, and the psychiatric aspects of neurology. It discusses the developments made in surgical...

Consciousness and the Brain: Deciphering How the Brain Codes Our Thoughts

by Stanislas Dehaene

A breathtaking look at the new science that can track consciousness deep in the brain

How does our brain generate a conscious thought? And why does so much of our knowledge remain unconscious? Thanks to clever...

Calcium-Binding Proteins in Health and Disease

by Anthony Norman

Calcium-Binding Proteins in Health and Disease includes the papers prepared by the invited speakers as well as many of the free communications. The contributions are grouped according to their general subject...

Resource Physiology of Conifers: Acquisition, Allocation, and Utilization

by William K. Smith, Thomas M. Hinckley & Jacques Roy

Coniferous forests are among the most important of ecosystems. These forests are widespread and influence both the financial and biological health of our globe. This book focuses attention on conifers and how...

The Organic Chemistry of Drug Design and Drug Action

by Richard B. Silverman

Standard medicinal chemistry courses and texts are organized by classes of drugs with an emphasis on descriptions of their biological and pharmacological effects. This book represents a new approach based on...

Me, Myself, and Why: Searching for the Science of Self

by Jennifer Ouellette

As diverse as people appear to be, all of our genes and brains are nearly identical. In Me, Myself, and Why, Jennifer Ouellette dives into the miniscule ranges of variation to understand just what sets us apart....

Serotonin and Behavior

by Jack Barchas

Serotonin and Behavior contains the proceedings of the 1972 symposium on the behavioral effects of changes in brain serotonin, held at Stanford University in California. The papers explore the role of serotonin...

Experimental Food Science

by Steve Taylor, Marjorie P. Penfield & Ada Marie Campbell

This textbook presents the scientific basis for understanding the nature of food and the principles of experimental methodology as applied to food. It reviews recent research findings and specific technological...

Biomaterials Science:: An Introduction to Materials in Medicine

by Buddy D. Ratner, Allan S. Hoffman & Frederick J. Schoen

This book introduces a subject that has profound impact on human health and considerable economic importance. The issues addressed include the biology, medical applications, markets, regulation, and ethical...

Jacobson's Organ: And the Remarkable Nature of Smell

by Lyall Watson

Nothing is more memorable than a smell. So why do we persist in dismissing the nose as a blunt instrument? Smell is our most seductive and provocative sense, invading every domain of our lives. We can identify...

Protect Yourself Against Bioterrorism

by Philip M., Ph.D. Tierno Jr.

How does anthrax spread?

Should I avoid opening my mail?

Wasn't I vaccinated for smallpox years ago?

What exactly is encephalitis?

Is my workplace a target for bioterrorism?

What precautions can I take to stay...

Art Forms in Nature

by Ernst Haeckel

Multitude of strangely beautiful natural forms: Radiolaria, Foraminifera, Ciliata, diatoms, calcareous sponges, Tubulariidae, Siphonophora, Semaeostomeae, star corals, starfishes, much more. All images black-and-white....

Finger Prints: The Classic 1892 Treatise

by Francis Galton

Landmark discusses the evidence validating fingerprints as a means of personal identification, permanence of the fingerprint characteristics, uniqueness of an assemblage of ridge details, more. 34 tables. 15...

An Introduction to Mathematical Taxonomy

by G. Dunn & B. S. Everitt

For students of mathematical biology, an introduction to taxonomic characters, measurement of similarity, analysis of principal components, multidimensional scaling, cluster analysis, identification and assignment...

Essay on Classification

by Louis Agassiz

A treasure of historically valuable insights that contributed to the development of evolutionary biology, this 1851 classic of American scientific literature gave major impetus to the study of science directly...

Man's Place in Nature

by Thomas H. Huxley

A concise, nontechnical survey of primate and human paleontology and ethology, this 1863 work applies the principles of evolution directly to the human race. Immensely readable, it reflects numerous stylistic...