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Nitrogen Fixation at the Millennium

by G.J. Leigh

The turn of the millennium from the twentieth to the twenty-first century provides an occasion to review our understanding of a biological process, biological nitrogen fixation, that is of prime importance for...

The Enzyme Reference: A Comprehensive Guidebook to Enzyme Nomenclature, Reactions, and Methods

by Daniel L. Purich & R. Donald Allison

The aim of this work is to provide a fuller spectrum of information in a single source on enzyme-catalyzed reactions than is currently available in any published reference work or as part of any Internet database....

Medical Biochemistry

by N. V. Bhagavan

Thoroughly updated and in a new two-color format, this well- respected text presents the fundamentals of biochemistry and related topics to students pursuing a one- or two-semester course in pre-med biochemistry...

Dinosaur Imagery: The Science of Lost Worlds and Jurassic Art:  The Lanzendorf Collection

by John J. Lanzendorf

The art of natural history is often both compelling and emotive, as well as emblematic of society's view of the world. This art reflects the messages that scientists hope to send to a general audience as a part...

The Vaccine Book

by Barry R. Bloom & Paul-Henri Lambert

The Vaccine Book provides comprehensive information on the current and future world of vaccines. It reveals the scientific opportunities and potential impact of vaccines, including economic and ethical challenges,...

Enzyme Kinetics and Mechanism, Part F: Detection and Characterization of Enzyme Reaction Intermediates: Methods in Enzymology

by Daniel L. Purich

The critically acclaimed laboratory standard for more than forty years, Methods in Enzymology is one of the most highly respected publications in the field of biochemistry. Since 1955, each volume has been eagerly...

Sperm Competition and Sexual Selection

by Tim R. Birkhead & Anders Pape Møller

Sperm Competition and Sexual Selection presents the intricate ways in which sperm compete to fertilize eggs and how this has prompted reinterpretations of breeding behavior. This book provides a theoretical...

Biology at the Single Molecule Level

by S.H. Leuba & J. Zlatanova

This is the first book solely devoted to single-molecule biochemistry and molecular biology. Authors were selected on the basis of their contribution to this new and exciting field, and were asked to focus more...

Gene therapy: Potential Applications of Nanotechnology

by S Nimesh

Gene therapy is emerging as a new class of therapeutics for the treatment of inherited and acquired diseases. However, poor cellular uptake and instability of DNA in the physiological milieu limits its therapeutic...

Sterility, Sterilisation and Sterility Assurance for Pharmaceuticals: Technology, Validation and Current Regulations

by T Sandle

Failure to adequately control any microbial challenge associated within process or product by robust sterilisation will result in a contaminated marketed product, with potential harm to the patient. Sterilisation...

Biobanks: Patents Or Open Science?

by A De Robbio

Biobanks represent an invaluable research tool and, as a result of their intrinsic and extrinsic nature, may be looked upon as archives or repositories largely made up of libraries, or collections of content...

From Plant Genomics to Plant Biotechnology

by P Poltronieri, N Burbulis & C Fogher

With the appearance of methods for the sequencing of genomes and less expensive next generation sequencing methods, we face rapid advancements of the -omics technologies and plant biology studies: reverse and...

Quality Assurance: Problem Solving and Training Strategies for Success in the Pharmaceutical and Life Science Industries

by G Welty

Quality assurance is necessary to maintain quality and services in the pharmaceutical and life science industries. Quality assurance demonstrates that the logic and practice of problem solving can integrate...

The Funding of Biopharmaceutical Research and Development

by D. R. Williams

The funding of biopharmaceutical research and development provides a comprehensive critical review of the funding of research and development (R&D) in the human biopharmaceutical market sector. It addresses...

Computer-Aided Vaccine Design

by J C Tong & S. Ranganathan

Computational pre-screening of antigens is now routinely applied to the discovery of vaccine candidates.

Computer-aided vaccine design is a comprehensive introduction to this exciting field of study. The book...

Open Source Software in Life Science Research: Practical Solutions to Common Challenges in the Pharmaceutical Industry and Beyond

by L Harland & M Forster

The free/open source approach has grown from a minor activity to become a significant producer of robust, task-orientated software for a wide variety of situations and applications. To life science informatics...

Bioinformatics for Biomedical Science and Clinical Applications

by K-H Liang

Contemporary biomedical and clinical research is undergoing constant development thanks to the rapid advancement of various high throughput technologies at the DNA, RNA and protein levels. These technologies...

Deterministic Versus Stochastic Modelling in Biochemistry and Systems Biology

by P Lecca, I Laurenzi & F Jordan

Stochastic kinetic methods are currently considered to be the most realistic and elegant means of representing and simulating the dynamics of biochemical and biological networks. Deterministic versus stochastic...

Stem Cell Bioprocessing: For Cellular Therapy, Diagnostics and Drug Development

by T G Fernandes, M M Diogo & J M S Cabral

Stem cell bioprocessing describes the main large-scale bioprocessing strategies for both stem cell culture and purification, envisaging the application of these cells for regenerative medicine and drug screening....

Contract Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMS) in India: The Business, Legal, Regulatory and Tax Environment in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechno

by M Antani & G Gokhale

The field of contract research and manufacturing broadly encompasses those services in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors that require extensive research and development and large-scale manufacturing...