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Diary of an Alcoholic Housewife

by Brenda Wilhelmson

Brenda Wilhelmson was like a lot of women in her neighborhood. She had a husband and two children. She was educated and made a good living as a writer. She had a vibrant social life with a tight circle of friends....

Why Does Everything Have to Be Perfect?

by Lynn Shackman & Shelagh Masline

Bad thoughts that won't go away...repetitive actions...feelings of guilt and shame...

Are you overwhelmed by a need to "get it right"? Do continual "what-ifs" prevent you from making decisions? Do you check again...

The Truth Advantage: The 7 Keys to a Happy and Fulfilling Life

by Lis Wiehl & Bruce Littlefield

A New York Times bestselling author and television personality shows you how to use the truth to your advantage in every aspect of your life

From "I have a headache" to "I don't remember that," studies show that...

My Story to Yours: A Guided Memoir for Writing Your Recovery Journey

by Karen Casey

Reflecting on and telling our stories is a time-honored tradition in recovery circles--whether in silent meditation, speaking out at meetings, or between sponsors and their sponsees. Recounting our experience...

Living the Significant Life: 12 Principles for Making a Difference

by Peter L. Hirsch & Robert Shemin

Learn the secrets and steps to living a more meaningful life

Success is what happens to you; significance is what happens through you. Do busy schedules at home and at work sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed...

The 9 Intense Experiences: An Action Plan to Change Your Life Forever

by Brian Vaszily

What are the 9 most intense experiences—the transformative steps that can improve your life starting now? How do these experiences generate happiness, health, and success in every aspect of your life? Why...

Get a Grip: Your Two Week Mental Makeover

by Belisa Vranich

Learn how to change your life for the better-in just two weeks!

Everyone has things about themselves they'd like to change, relationships they'd like to be smoother, or something in the past they'd like to be...

Your Emotional Fingerprint: 7 Secrets That Will Transform Your Life

by Woody Woodward

A powerful new program showing you how to succeed in your life, relationships, and career based on your Emotional Fingerprint

Just as our bodies have a custom DNA code for the way we're put together and the way...

Whateverland: Learning to Live Here

by Alexis Stewart & Jennifer Koppelman Hutt

An exuberantly, hilariously irreverent guide to life from the hosts of Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer and Whatever, Martha!

No one tells it like it is quite like the Whatever duo of Alexis Stewart and Jennifer...

Performance Addiction: The Dangerous New Syndrome and How to Stop It from Ruining Your Life

by Arthur Ciaramicoli

"The best book I've seen on how we can stop sabotaging our need for balance. Compulsive achievers will find here everything they need to gain the sense of satisfaction that's eluded them. This book is a must-read...

Don't Miss Your Life: Find More Joy and Fulfillment Now

by Joe Robinson

For readers who have achieved things in life but don't know how to enjoy them, this is a highly practical self-improvement book with a prescriptive program for how readers can live life to the fullest. Joe...

What Would Rob Do: An Irreverent Guide to Surviving Life's Daily Indignities

by Rob Sachs

From rising NPR star Rob Sachs-irreverent takes on handling life's sticky situations based on the popular What Would Rob Do? podcast

What do you do if you get a bad haircut? Do you have trouble remembering people's...

Stop Throwing Money Away: Turn Clutter to Cash, Trash to Treasure--And Save the Planet While You're at It

by Jamie Novak

The thrifty organization guide that shows you what to keep and what to toss.

Have you ever bought a duplicate of something when you couldn?t find the one you already had at home? Have you ever held on to a brand-new...

Fire Your Therapist: Why Therapy Might Not Be Working for You and What You Can Do about It

by Joe Siegler

Build the life you want with the powerful alternative to therapy "This is a terrific book about you achieving peak performance, better balance, and success. Think of it as your own personal guide to getting...

Building Better Relationships: Proven Strategies to Make the Most of Your Personal Connections (Collection)

by Richard Templar, Linda Elder & Richard Paul

A brand new collection of 4 expert guides to building better personal relationships, connections, and careers!


A breakthrough personal skills book collection: improve all your relationships, and become...

Radical Self-Forgiveness: The Direct Path to True Self-Acceptance

by Colin Tipping

Most of us have plenty of experience with self-blame and guilt-but we are often at a loss when it comes to forgiving ourselves. According to Colin Tipping, this is because our idea of forgiveness usually requires...

Walking Through Illusion

by Betsy Otter Thompson

Walking Through Illusion features a series of short stories about biblical people who either knew Jesus or knew of him, and were influenced by him in one way or another. It is not a book about Christianity....

Urban Mystic, Discovering the Transcendent Through Everyday Life

by Ken Mellor

Synopsis: Urban Mystic by Ken Mellor is for everyday people and committed seekers alike. It is intriguing and compelling. A narrative that prompts self-discovery and offers inspiration to dwell in each moment,...

Writing Your Authentic Self

by Lois Guarino

How to use a journal to communicate with your deepest self

Step-by-step advice on keeping every type of journal--from a personal diary to a dream chronicle

Simple exercises that bring out the poet /journalist/profiler/narrator...

Validate Me Quick, I'm Double Parked!

by Toni Sorenson Brown

Shirley, you can do it!

What do you get when you combine a mother, a wife, and a friend, with a helping of humor, a smidgen of self-help, and a dash of dead-on wisdom? You get Shirley, a woman just like you:...