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Expand This Moment: Focused Meditations to Quiet Your Mind, Brighten Your Mood, and Set Yourself Free

by John Selby

This synthesis of the world's meditation traditions allows anyone to quickly wake up to the present moment - naturally, pleasurably, and with life-affirming consistency.

The Homework Sanity System

by Roger Wilkerson

Parents are drowning in a sea of homework, wondering how to stop the madness and have some happy time with their children again. The premise of The Homework Sanity System, is to partner with children around...

Everyday Meditation: 100 Daily Meditations for Health, Stress Relief, and Everyday Joy

by Tobin Blake

Tobin Blake offers innovative ways to start meditating and to invigorate an existing practice. He begins with the basics - how and how long to sit, and how to use various techniques, such as zazen, mantra, and...

Develop Your NLP Skills

by Andrew Bradbury

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is one of the most powerful communication tools available.  It offers an in-depth understanding of what really happens when we communicate, as well as the means to use that...

Type Talk: The 16 Personality Types That Determine How We Live, Love, and Work

by Otto Kroeger & Janet M. Thuesen

Determine your personality using a scientifically validated method based on the work of C.G. Jung and gain insight into why others behave the way they do, and why you are the person you are.

The Winner's Edge: How to Develop the Critical Attitude for Success

by D. Waitley

The object of this book is to provide the reader with the most critical and important elements that develop and sustain an attitude toward life that results in success for the individual. It is not about gurus,...

The New Personality Self-Portrait: Why You Think, Work, Love and Act the Way You Do

by John Oldham & Lois B. Morris

The New Personality Self -portrait  is the only guide to personality types based on  the American Psychiatric Association's  just-published official diagnostic system -- the DSM  -IV -- and written by...

Defeat Your Saboteurs

by T. Grant Acker

Defeat Your Saboteurs is about how to "get a life", but not just any life. It is about how to get a good life - one worth living - an abundant life. If your life sucks, you need help. Without help, you can try...

The Nature of Joyful Relationships: Inspiring Tails from the Animal Kingdom to Transform Your Life

by Denise Donato-McConnell

A collection of stories about unique animal friendships and families. They illustrate how to move beyond supposed primal instincts of fear and mistrust and explore what happens when you substitute love and compassion....

A Thousand Names for Joy: Living in Harmony with the Way Things Are

by Byron Katie & Stephen Mitchell

In her first two books, Byron Katie showed how suffering can be ended by questioning the stressful thoughts that create it, through a process of self-inquiry she calls The Work. Now, in A Thousand Names for...

Dress to Express: Seven Secrets to Overcoming Closet Trauma and Revealing Your Inner Beauty

by Tracy McWilliams

?Why do some women exude confidence and look great in their clothes and others never feel good about how they look, no matter what they wear? And why do we claim we have "nothing to wear" when our closets are...

Do It Anyway: Finding Personal Meaning and Happiness by Living the Paradoxical Commandments

by Kent M. Keith

Do It Anyway expands on the vision behind the Paradoxical Commandments. It includes forty stories of people who live the commandments each day and gives you the examples.

Embracing Each Other: Relationship as Teacher, Healer & Guide

by PhD Hal Stone & PhD Sidra Stone

A revolutionary, refreshingly no-fault, no-nonsense approach to relationship! The Stones, who introduced you to your inner family of selves using the Voice Dialogue process, show how understand, learn from,...

Embracing Our Selves: The Voice Dialogue Manuel

by PhD Hal Stone & PhD Sidra Stone

A humorous, insightful approach to understanding yourself better through inner dialogue with your subpersonalities, discovering what each needs and what each has to offer you.

Creating Time: Using Creativity to Reinvent the Clock and Reclaim Your Life

by Marney K. Makridakis

Marney runs (and is) Artella - "art telling" - a community of creative people who take her workshops and use her website for inspiring their own creative efforts. CREATING TIME will include a brief explanation...

Creating True Prosperity

by Shakti Gawain

Without ignoring money's importance, Shakti Gawain teaches us how to dismantle the misconception that more money equals greater happiness, and how to find fulfillment through other practices.

Love of Money: Root of all Evil?

by Devon Morgan

Money is a vital tool that we use to function, survive and enjoy various lifestyles; yet only about 5% of us in rich democratic countries live in, or will retire in, financial comfort. In the areas where money...

Wise Woman Collection-Courage of the Soul: Inspiring Stories of Overcoming Life's Everyday Challenges

by Marion Elizabeth Witte & Melissa J Murphy

Where Have You Triumphed in Your Own Life? It takes a tremendous amount of courage to live a human life. Each of us is a warrior, taking a personal heroic journey, facing the challenges and obstacles presented...

PSYCH-K... The Missing Piece/Peace In Your Life

by Robert M. Williams

This book is a companion book to the PSYCH-K experiential belief change workshops, taught world wide by Certified PSYCH-K Instructors. Visit for more information. In this book you will discover:...

Talking Back to Dr. Phil: Alternatives to Mainstream Psychology

by David Bedrick & Arnold Mindell

Utilizing in-depth research and analysis, this volume debunks the quick fixes and simplistic explanations of Dr. Phil McGraw. While he’s watched and revered by millions, no critique exists for his daytime...