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I Ching Drumming for Wellness: Ten Meditations

by Elisheva Herrera

Many books have been written about the I Ching with various interpretations and insights. These ten meditations focus on the eight elements of the I Ching, including Peace and Prosperity. Aligning with the elements...

Revive America:  It Is Not Enough to Tell People Not to Rely on the Government

by Writer Margaret Oliver

Revive America shares who operates the greatest medical insurance enterprise here in the earth. If you really want to know what financial problems that have caused so many people to doubt success again look...

Switch On To Your Inner Strength

by Sandy MacGregor

This book reaches out to those who are hungry for information. It is about that wonderful robust quality we all have—our inner strength.

Twenty Australians tell stories of enhancing their lives by reaching...

I Dare You!

by William H. Danforth

American entrepreneur and philanthropist William H. Danforth dares you to be better tomorrow than you are today by observing his fourfold development model: mental, physical, social, and spiritual.

Alpana Pours: About Being a Woman, Loving Wine & Having Great Relationships

by Alpana Singh, Julia Anderson-Miller & Robert Scarola

Alpana Pours is a unique lifestyle book with wine as the centerpiece. Since American women purchase and consume more wine than American men, 77% and 60% respectively, a voice is needed to help women understand...

Secrets of Confident Communicators: 50 Strategies to Be Heard

by Di Mather

- What do highly successful communicators know that the rest of us don't? - Do they have a secret recipe for success? - Is there a special alchemy at work? Whatever your situation or motivation, 'Secrets of...

Achieve Your Potential with Positive Psychology: Teach Yourself

by Tim LeBon

Everybody wants to be happier and fulfil their potential, and for years many self-help books have claimed they know the answer. Only in the last two decades has Positive Psychology started to provide evidence-based...

Present with Impact and Confidence: Teach Yourself

by Amanda Vickers & Steve Bavister

This book will appeal to the vast number of people who find presenting difficult or frightening because they have not had the proper coaching. By virtue of its logical structure, all-encompassing content and...

Confident Coaching: Teach Yourself

by Amanda Vickers & Steve Bavister

From executive mentoring to life coaching, more and more people are turning to and/or training as coaches.

Confident Coaching covers the principles, theories and practices of this crucial skill. It covers the...

Improve Your Study Skills: Teach Yourself

by Bernice Walmsley

Whether you are embarking on a new course, undertaking professional or vocational training or simply want to pass your driving test, you will find this comprehensive and practical guide extremely useful. Full...

Soul Contracts: Find Harmony and Unlock Your Brilliance

by Danielle MacKinnon

Stop worrying and start living. This entirely new approach to life helps you recognize and release hidden barriers in your soul that are blocking the way to true happiness and success.

How many times have you...

101 Ways You Can Find Happiness

by Michael Roman

We are all looking for ways to be happy, but finding happiness and the steps we might take to get there are hard to come by. This books offers great ideas on simple steps to happiness you can take in your every...

From Out of Chaos Into the Light

by Rev. Lewis Dotson

This book was created for women in there 40's who are psychic that live in the city.

Don't Put That in There!

by Aaron Carroll, MD & Rachel Vreeman, MD

People have more access to medical information than ever before with an abundance of printed and online resources, and yet we still believe "facts" about our bodies and sexuality that are just plain wrong. Don’t...

Meditation, Motivation and More

by Mary Havelock

It is pervasive STRESS! Discover how to change your life AND become more motivated. Improving all aspects of your life and self-image is possible once you know how. How can you overcome negative energies? What...

Silent Signals - Body Language for the 21st Century

by Ward Oxley

What if you could have a look inside the mind of your interviewer? What if you knew what he or she is thinking? What if you could anticipate their overall perception and respond appropriately? Have you ever...

Resumés With Impact

by Lester Watts

Preparing your own résumé can be a daunting task without a mentor. We have just the ticket for you. Résumés with Impact is like having a mentor sitting by your side while you prepare for your career. Writing...

Intuitive Mind-Power

by Michael S. Johnson

When Thought Becomes Reality Have you ever wished you had a treasure map? One that would bring you everything your heart desires. Well, you're in luck because we know where to find it. Discover how you can be,...

Miracles of Choice

by Lorelai I. Dali

"You are not a helpless victim of life's circumstances. You create your life's circumstances. You don't have to let the whims of others push you in directions that make you unhappy. You decide which routes to...

Mastering Makeup: Everything You Need To Know About How To Apply Makeup

by Miss Jennifer Stepanik

Mastering Make-up has never been easier than with this comprehensive, step-by-step make-up eBook. If you've never received guidance on makeup from friends or family then applying make-up may seem overwhelming....