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The Secret of Success

by William Walker Atkinson

Need motivation? Read on. The topic of success has been revisited in countless thousands of books, but in this self-help classic, renowned author William Walker Atkinson reveals a surprising secret -- each of...

Life Happiness: The Secret of Life Language

by Matthew Jarrett

"Learn what "Life Language" you truly speak." "Life is a creative experience, and it is important to understand where the real meaning lies, the chosen goal and process of realizing the outcome. You have everything...

Mystic Christianity

by Yogi Ramacharaka

Mystic Christianity was written by William Walker Atkinson, under the pseudonym Yogi Ramacharaka. His 1906 book Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World, is associated with the thinking...

Your Forces and How to Use Them

by Christian D. Larson

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a situation you feel totally and absolutely powerless to change? Christian Larson believes that nothing could be further from the truth than this assessment. According to...

Brain Gain - Finding Brain Enhancement Solutions

by Lucifer Heart

Always wanted to be able to study even more, but didn't know how? Here are some of the best brain enhancement solutions! Do you envy those people who always seem to be intelligent and witty? Do you ever wish...

Beating Stress - Principles and Practice of Stress Management

by Lucifer Heart

Having problems with stress? Here are some invaluable tips on how to overcome stress and feel revived! It may be a symptom of the strains of modern life: the prevalence of stress and anxiety. It seems that stress...

The Book of (Even More) Awesome

by Neil Pasricha


Neil Pasricha of presents a brand-new collection of things that make you go AWESOME!...

When a baby falls asleep on you The first couple hours of the road trip The...

Personality Types: Borderline Personality Disorders

by Kaitlin Penley

Personality Types: Borderline Personality Disorders by Kaitlin Penley is an introductory book that invites you to explore the subjective theories and unique traits intermingled to create your unique personality....

How to Look Chic & Spectacular: Tips & Secrets for Looking Flawless

by Kaitlin Penley

How to Look Chic & Spectacular: Tips & Secrets for Looking Flawless reveals outstanding tips and makeup secrets for women of any age who want to look their best. Appearance is important and we all want to look...

The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science

by Thomas Troward

Today, science and the supernatural are often pitted against one another as diametric opposites. However, in earlier eras, they were often seen as different sides of the same coin, as it were. In this fascinating...

Panic Attacks & Anxiety: How to Overcome: Recognizing, Understanding, Controlling, & Preventing Panic Attacks

by Kaitlin Penley

Panic attacks are interfering with the joy in your life and it is time to take action to enjoy life again! "Imagine waking up one morning, realizing your anxiety and panic attacks are not there..." Wouldn't...

The YUSA Guide To Balance:: Mind Body Spirit

by Shaun L Powell & Axsal A Johnson

Within this 333-page guidebook, you will find the knowledge and practical steps upon implementation can help one achieve a natural state of abundance and experience conscious expansion. While other books focus...

Getting Things Done Now: Taking Control of Your Life and Learning to Be Productive

by Kaitlin Penley

Getting Things Done Now: Taking Control of Your Life & Learning to be Productive will catapult you to a new stage in your life. Life is very hectic and Kaitlin Penley unleashes everything that you need in order...

Narcissistic Personality Disorders: Distancing from Narcissism

by Kaitlin Penley

Narcissistic Personality Disorders: Distancing from Narcissism by Kaitlin Penley is a fabulous introductory guide inviting you into the unrealistic mind of a narcissist. Communicating effectively with people...

Something to Do With a Mouth Besides Eat

by Morgan Ackerly

Why diets always fail and leave us feeling bad.Why can't we lose weight? We feel like failures. Food withdrawal is real. How to survive the cravings. All recipes are vegan and non-gluten. Written for food addicts...

Gratitude Is the Only Attitude: Be Thankful and Watch Your Life Change

by Katie Lenhart

Gratitude is the Only Attitude: Be Thankful and Watch Your Life Change reveals how a gratitude attitude can change your life. Gratitude a way of life is the most powerful tool that a person can have to live...

Yoga and Meditation: Beginners Guide

by Brett Michael

A beginners guide to Yoga and Meditation. Yoga is an ancient art that has been practiced for centuries. Over the years, it has risen in popularity as a way to stay fit, get in touch with one's inner self, and...

Make Your Dream Come True - Program Your Mind With the Law of Attraction

by Lucifer Heart

Ever imagined how amazing it would be to achieve success like other people? Ever though to yourself, 'How come they find success so easily?' Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the touch that...

Inspirational Ideas - Get Inspired and Empowered With the Most Inspiring Thoughts and Wisdom of the Century

by Lucifer Heart

"Get Inspired By TheThe World's Most Successful People And Watch Your Results Soar Sky High In A Fraction Of The Time" The Key To Being Successful Is By Being Inspired... Get Empowered By These Inspiring Thoughts...

Ways of Knowing - The Development of Self, Voice, and Mind

by Lucifer Heart

Always wondered if you know everything about you? Here are some useful tips to develop your self, voice and mind! Everything you need to know to gain development of voice and mind is included in this special...