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Supreme Sobriety - How to Maintain Your Resolution to Be Sober

by Jack Moore

It is not surprising that most people pursue their supreme sobriety for a variety of reasons and their reasons can be either professional or personal. The winter holidays serve as the starting point for a new...

A Free Spirit's Search for Enlightenment 4: Inspired - Esthetic Flow (All You Have Is Love of Life, Release That Love Everyday)

by Tony Kelbrat

"This is the true meaning of life; to live for something recognized by ourselves as a mighty cause. To be a force of nature rather than a feverish little clod of grievances and ailments complaining that the...

Search for Wisdom & Enlightenment: Book 4. Mysteries of Life (Where Do We Come From? Is There Life After Death, a God? Who Are the Ets Visiting Earth?

by Tony Kelbrat

Where do we come from? Is there life after Death? If so, where? I think I figured it out. I will give you my version of the answers here in this book. In any event, you are the master of this life right here,...

Search for Wisdom & Enlightenment: Book 2. Capitalist Success Knowledge: How to Be a Winner & Make Lots of Money According to Prosperity Gurus

by Tony Kelbrat

The operative term is to serve others. Give them what they want or need. If they don't know they need it yet, show them how it will help improve or simplify their lives. Don't be frivolous. Do something that...

A Free Spirit's Search for Enlightenment 3: The Soul Scale/ Anatomy of the Soul (Measure Your Soul: What's in It)

by Tony Kelbrat

Your soul is your essence as a human being. When you were conceived, if you believe in God, He shot a bolt of lightning into you that made you unique and original. He endowed you with gifts, talents and weaknesses...

A Free Spirit's Search for Enlightenment 5: Self - Respect, Life Purpose (with Tragedy & Pain, All You Still Ever Got Is the Light in Your Soul)

by Tony Kelbrat

A noble-great-spiritual-esthetic life is a life where you feel full of infinite possibilities and live it out. It's hard to stay inspired all the time. You have to discover your true nature then make a pact...

30 Day Rehab Challenge for Trichotillomania -

by Sabrina Kendall

You've been pulling your hair out for quite a while now, the question is . . . . What are you going to do about it? Overcome trichotillomania

A Free Spirit's Search for Enlightenment 2: (Feel Boundless Energy & Infinite Possibilities When You Tap Into Your Natural Lifeforce)

by Tony Kelbrat

The only way to keep a strong spirit day by day is to discover who you are in your true nature then make a decision that you will honor that essence by releasing a load of that natural energy everyday to meet...

A Free Spirit's Search for Enlightenment 1: (All You Are Is Spirit and Energy, Release It)

by Tony Kelbrat

You are spirit and energy. Regardless of if you're poor, middle class, wealthy, Jew or Christian, you wake up everyday a free spirit with unused natural energy inside of you. The few really wise people in life...

New Emotional Intelligence: Body Language & Lie Detection

by Mr Craig Beck

We are taught to lie by the very people who end up being most offended by the practice. Our parents tell us to 'wipe that expression off our face', when we turn our nose up at food we don't like - they would...

13 Months of Sassoon: A Diary of Time

by Elias Sassoon

One diary entry: THU. APR. 10, 2008 - Better frame of mind than yesterday. Today, just confused. Could be aging process. Times when the mind is clear. Other times, it's a blur. Curious. Other thoughts. Wonder...

Being Woman's 21 Inspirational Quotes: Transformation in 21 Days

by Aliya Abbas

This book contains step to step guidance in self transformation in 21 days! Get ready to get empowered, motivated, and inspired to become the best you can be. After 21 days of daily inspirational reading material...

The "Get in Order" Order - Resolving to Get More Organized in the Coming Year

by Jack Moore

Get All The Support And Guidance You Need To Be A Success At Getting Organized! This Book Is One Of The Most Valuable Resources In The World When It Comes To Resolving To Get More Organized In The Coming Year!...

Release the Inner Entrepreneur in You - 70 Powerful Tips to Help You Reach Your Goals as an Entrepreneur

by Jack Moore

How To Succeed, Grow And Become An Unstoppable Entrepreneur? This Guide Will Show You 70 Powerful Tips To Help You Reach Your Goals As An Entrepreneur ! Starting a new venture isn't always easy. Having a dream...

Misled - The Dangers of Being Emotionally Led

by M Osterhoudt

Think of the word self-control. Do you know how to control yourself? Do you feel like you are being pulled through life by your emotions? Hurt, Sadness, Anxiety, Loneliness, Anger, Jealously, Emptiness, Worry,...

How to Help an Alcoholic: Learn How to Stop Drinking and Get Back Your Life on Track!

by Chris R. Johnson

What are the causes of alcoholism? Does heredity really play a part in the development of this disease? Is it possible to recover from alcoholism? How do you help yourself and help others? How do you live with...

Three Magic Words

by Uell S. Andersen

As author Uell Stanley Andersen (1917- 1986) will show you in the pages of Three Magic Words, you will learn of the unlimited power that is yours, in you. You will learn how you can turn this power to work for...

Spiritual Soldier - How to Maintain Your Spiritual Resolution

by Jack Moore

Sometimes, you might wonder if the teachings and lessons of the Bible have meaning in your life today. You might also wonder if you have time a better relationship with yourself, others and with God. This is...

Stress Slayer - How to Maintain Your Resolution to Be Less Stressed

by Jack Moore

There is no exact measure or definition of stress but it is generally defined as the physical and normal response of body to things that makes them feel worried and bothered. Stress affects individuals differently...

Build Your Dream Body

by Frank Anok

This book will take you by hand and show you in a glimpse, how to transform your body into that body you have always dreamed of