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15 Flawed Premises (FLAWPS) That Trip People Up

by Karen Money Williams

In this small book, Karen Money Williams refers to the Abraham-Hicks philosophy to clear up fifteen common misconceptions. If you're not familiar with Abraham, you've never heard it quite like this before! Take...

Soulsongs Volume 3: Exploring the Law of Attraction

by Karen Money Williams

This volume, like its three companions, explores ways to change our mental focus and thereby welcome more of what we want, less of what we don't want into our experience. The universal Law of Attraction and...

How to Motivate Yourself and Others

by Deedee Moore

How to become the person you've always wanted to be! An invaluable guide on motivation. This is the most comprehensive report on motivation you will ever read! No stone is left unturned in this comprehensive...

How to Be a Successful Emcee?

by Jack Moore

How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking and Make Any Event Successful? How to be a mc at a wedding? It's a simple and easy guide. Most of us who have a problem with speaking in public are normally worried...

How to Be Happy in Life - A Complete Guide to Positive Thinking

by Deedee Moore

Don't Worry - Be Happy! Many of us think that happiness is something that you either are. . .or are not and that isn't quite true. Happiness is an emotion and just like other emotions it can be controlled, if...

Soulsongs, Volume 4: Exploring the Law of Attraction

by Karen Money Williams

In this fourth volume of 125 Soulsongs, author Karen Money Williams takes us deeper into the Law of Attraction and its implications. Various tips are offered to release resistance (the habit of focusing on what...

Confidence to Make Money Out of Anything!

by Deedee Moore

It is quite possible to make money out of scrap and junk if you set your mind to it. If there is something of real value, it is also possible to monetize it over and over again. You must begin by creating the...

Empowerment for Happiness - Overcoming the Storms of Life!

by Deedee Moore

Have you always wanted to empower your family life? This book reveals all the secrets on how to empower your life, and the life of your loved ones. Everything you need to know about empowerment is included in...

How to Mastering Public Speaking - Earning Huge Income!

by Deedee Moore

The best-paid speakers earn up to six figures, and some earn thousands for giving one speech. Master the secrets of pro speaking and you, too can earn a huge income. Mastering public speaking is the best way...

Unlock Your Mind Power - More Friends, Money and Success!

by Deedee Moore

Always wondered if we are using all of our mind power? Here is a great ebook on how to be able to exploit all your mind power! Everything you need to know about unleashing the power of your mind is included...

Spicing Up Your Life! - More Happiness and Success!

by Deedee Moore

This ebook instructs you on what to do and how to accomplish it when it comes to tapping and utilizing the powers of your subconscious. Where have you been schooled to constructively utilize, neutralize, command...

The Power of Perseverance

by Deedee Moore

Do you find it difficult persevere with so many demands on your time? If so, you are not alone. Perseverance can be difficult for most of us. Ever wondered why you always give up on things? Here are some of...

Brilliant Personal Growth - Live Life to the Max!

by Deedee Moore

Always wanted to have a great career but didn't know how to do it? Discover some great information about personal brilliance! I know I didn't. Not until a few years ago, that is. I didn't feel well and my life...

How to Change Your Life - Becoming a Better Person!

by Deedee Moore

Always wanted to change your way of life? Here is a complete guide on how to become a better person! Everything you need to know about self-development is included in this special ebook.

Organize Your Life, Work and Home!

by Deedee Moore

Does lack of organization have you totally stressed? Is your house so cluttered it's threatening your marriage? Are you looking for a way to end the clutter and stress? How many times have you reached for your...

How to Be Assertive - The More Confident the More Successful!

by Deedee Moore

Do you want to improve your career and the amount of money that you bring home? Do you want to break all the sales records in your office? Do you want to bring home more money? Do you feel as though you are...

Perfect Grooms Wedding Speech

by Jack Moore

This ebook not only provides you how to write a wedding speech as a groom but also shows you how to deliver your grooms wedding speech with a certain dignity and poise. There are ways in which you can deliver...

Best Man's Speech - Perfect and Hilarious Wedding Speech!

by Jack Moore

The speech of the best man is an important part of any wedding ceremony, and is remembered for years after the special day is over. The speech traditionally is meant to honor the groom but you should not forget...

Harmony of Love, Life and Work

by Deedee Moore

Always wanted to have harmony in your personal life, at your job and in your love life? Here is useful information on how to become simply radiant! Everything you need to know about love, life and work is included...

Successful Time Management Tips

by Deedee Moore

"Successful Time Management Tips" teach you how to take control of your time and energy and put them to work for you instead of fighting the tide. Are you an individual who can't seem to properly manage your...