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Overcoming Emotional Abuse

by Susan Elliot-Wright

Many women assume that abuse is always physical. But this is not always the case. Psychological, verbal and emotional abuse may not cause broken bones or black eyes, but when one person persistently inflicts...

Stop Domestic Violence

by Louis Brown, Merritt McKeon & François Duau

Thanks to the Simpson case, domestic violence is no longer a dirty little secret. It remains, however, a devastating problem, and even more, a deadly killer. What is the answer? In 1994, Lou Brown, father of...

Reverence in the Healing Process: Honoring Strengths without Trivializing Suffering

by David A. Crenshaw, Sueann Noziska, Robert Brooks & Susan Cristantiello et al.

This groundbreaking book is the most comprehensive volume to-date that explores in depth the concept of reverence and strengths-based approaches in the psychotherapy healing process as manifested in a wide variety...

Sexual Assault in the Military: A Guide for Victims and Families

by Cheryl Lawhorne-Scott, Don Philpott & Jeff Scott

Sexual assault and harassment in the military have been a critical issue for years. Here, Cheryl Lawhorne-Scott and Don Philpott look at problems, potential solutions, and methods for addressing the subject,...

Allies in Healing

by Laura Davis

"But what about me?"

"Is it possible to go one day without dealing with the survivor's issues?"

"Will we ever make love again?"

"Will the survivor love me in the end?"

"How do I know if I should throw in the towel?"...

The Tears of the Caterpillars

by Beatriz Villanueva Rudecindo

When Lauras wealthy landowner father decides to transition her family from country to city life, she is filled with hopes and expectations. But the minute she arrives in the city, Laura feels like a caged bird....

Breaking Free of Bullying

by Dr. Bria Bliss

Breaking Free of Bullying began when my own career as a teacher was threatened after twenty years of loyal service, by a boss who deemed me as an unprofessional teacher and who felt my job performance was unsatisfactory...

Invisible Chains & Violent Love

by Liberty Jones

This book will take you on a journey of love-abuse-love, repeating the cycle over and over, each time showing creative ways to survive and finally escape. I wrote this book to help people gain an understanding...

Cast Down but Not Destroyed

by Janet Michelle

The quintessential or the essence of an abuser in its purest and most concentrated form cannot be unequivocally defined since the nature of this beast of burden is uniquely unpredictable. The spectrum can range...

Lyah! Lyah! Pants on Fyah!

by Lou Bishop

Survivors of childhood sexual abuse are often unaware of the psychological baggage they carry that manifests in their lives. Some indicators include: the inability to maintain long-term relationships or consistently...

Free at Last

by Ann Morgan

This is a story of a young lady living in an abusive relationship for sixteen yearsthe things she went through and how she found a way to overcome.

This is the authors first book. Her hope is to help others that...


by Brenda Turner

Have all your questions answered with this comprehensive guide to bullying. From the school yard through to the workplace, cyber bullying, domestic violence, even elder abuse, this book covers all areas of bullying....

There's a Light Within You That Never Goes Out

by Tiffany L. Werhner Ms Lmhc Pa

Throughout her journey as a Psychological Specialist in Correctional Facilities and in Private Practice, she had some clients that survived severe and horrifying rapes and childhood sexual abuse and incest....

Take Your Power Back

by Evelyn M. Ryan

Are you a victim of narcissistic abuse? Do you suffer from traumatic stress? Are you in the middle of an emotional crisis brought on by a death, betrayal, illness, or divorce, or are you just ready to heal because...

Tears of Loneliness

by Ryan Doyle

"An inspirational story of triumphant courage and undeniable bravery." - Anonymous

Tears of Loneliness, The Angel Within is a memoir written by Ryan Doyle explaining his experiences involving the act of bullying....

A Mind Scarred, a Heart Damaged, a Spirit Broken

by Ron Vernon

Residing in the small town in Nebraska for a little over a year now it has become a place where I call home. Diagnosed with BPD, PTSD, Major Depression, and Major Anxiety it has been a very hard and long struggle...


by Jacob Yervan

This book starts with the early years and gives account of the roller-coaster ride that was my life. As a young adult, I accomplished good and bad certifications as a result of the madness that befell me. It...

My Fifty-Two Years of Domestic Abuse

by Author

For fifty-two years, Dana Wilson endured emotional and physical abuse from her husband. The abuse escalated until she finally escaped with the help of her son. Not willing to lose control, the abuser tried to...

Three Sisters

by Beth Lane

Three Sisters: A Quest for Mending presents the real life story of a family, their journey through abuse, and how the experience can be transformed to living a successful life. The author through her dramatic...

From a Victim Beyond Survival to Creativity

by A. Thomas

This is the story of a life journey. It is the story of abuse, the healing process, and the life truths learned from the journey. It is about ones becoming.