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The Smoke-Free Smoke Break: Stop Smoking Now with Mindfulness and Acceptance

by Marla Somova, Pavel G Somov & Andrew Tatarsky

The Smoke-Free Smoke Break is a groundbreaking approach to smoking cessation that helps readers learn to replace smoking with mindfulness, craving control, and cognitive restructuring techniques that help readers...

The Mindfulness Workbook for Addiction: A Guide to Coping with the Grief, Stress and Anger That Trigger Addictive Behaviors

by Rebecca E. Williams & Julie S. Kraft

The Mindfulness Workbook for Addiction offers a mindfulness-based program for treating addiction created by a psychologist who works for the Department of Veterans Affairs and a marriage and family therapist...

Pocket Guide to the 12 Steps

by Kathleen S

A time-proven process of healing, The 12-Step method is a practical approach to overcoming addictions, codependency, and compulsions. These steps will help you:

  • Heal your relationships with others.
  • Master new...

  • Recover Like a Champion Today

    by Nicholas Mohr LPC

    There are millions of addicts and alcoholics in America. Individuals with an addiction problem can get help and treatment. This book offers a simple and straightforward method to dealing with the issues that...

    Paranoia: A Meth Memoir

    by Stephen Mucci

    Have you ever wondered what it's like living in the dark underworld of meth addiction? Come along to see for yourself the disturbing, dangerous, and bizarre day-to-day life of a full-blown meth addict. You will...

    Helping Your Troubled Teen

    by Cynthia S Kaplan & Blaise Aguirre

    The first "adolescent primer" on the market

    Destructive trends among today's youth are growing, making life very different from when their parents were growing up. The primary four self-destructive behaviors...

    The Essence of Twelve Step Recovery: Take It to Heart

    by Damian McElrath

    The Essence of Twelve Step Recovery: Take It to Heart, was written in gratitude to the Jellinek patients at Hazelden, whose lives, struggles and pain are witness to what spirituality is all about. Dedicated...

    Let Go: A Buddhist Guide to Breaking Free of Habits

    by Martine Batchelor

    When we break free from the habits that limit us, a new world of possibilities opens up. In Let Go, Martine Batchelor leads the way there.

    Negative patterns of mind may manifest as fear, avoidance, depression,...

    Indie Spiritualist: A No Bullshit Exploration of Spirituality

    by Chris Grosso

    Brutally honest and radically unconventional, Chris Grosso’s collection of stories and musings about his meandering journey of self-inquiry, recovery, and acceptance shows what it means to live a truly authentic...

    Quit Smoking for Life: A Simple, Proven 5-Step Plan

    by Suzanne Schlosberg

    An engaging, inspirational, evidence-based guide to quitting smoking based on the techniques used in the nation’s leading tobacco cessation program.

    Alcoholics Anonymous: The Original 1939 Edition

    by Bill W. & Dick B

    This volume sets forth the cornerstone concepts of recovery and relates stories of those who have overcome alcoholism. A lifeline to millions worldwide, it is the most widely used resource for recovering alcoholics....

    Solace: Rituals of Loss and Desire

    by Mary Sojourner

    NPR commentator Mary Sojourner, "a pithy yet sensuous, spiritual yet ferocious writer" (Booklist), delivers a powerful memoir about the joys of rejecting the pace, addictions, and false values of society...and...

    How to Spot Hidden Alcoholics: Using Behavioral Clues to Recognize Addiction in Its Early Stages

    by Doug Thorburn

    For those who may have alcoholics in their personal or professional lives, this book describes the indicators of alcoholism, many of which seem too subtle and innocuous to suggest addiction. Listing more than...

    Helping the Addict You Love: The New Effective Program for Getting the Addict Into Treatment

    by M.D., Laurence Westreich

    It's okay to love them. It's your right to help them.

    Addiction destroys people and can even end lives. When you know or suspect that someone you love is suffering from addiction you have two goals: getting...

    Get Smart About Heroin

    by Publishing Hazelden

    Learn the basic facts behind the dangers of heroin abuse, including the history of heroin and other opiates, its legitimate medical uses, signs of addiction and dependence, addiction treatment options, prevention...

    Get Smart About Alcohol

    by Publishing Hazelden

    Learn the basic facts behind alcohol, including its history, its legitimate uses and legal status, signs of addiction and dependence, addiction treatment options, prevention tools for parents, and much more....

    Get Smart About Nicotine

    by Publishing Hazelden

    Learn the basic facts behind the dangers of nicotine and tobacco use, including the history of tobacco, its early medical use, signs of addiction and dependence, addiction treatment options, prevention tools...

    Recover!: Stop Thinking Like an Addict and Reclaim Your Life with The PERFECT Program

    by Stanton Peele & Ilse Thompson

    World-renowned addiction expert, therapist, and author of the classic Love and Addiction and other titles offers a new program for addicts (and their families), debunking AA/12-step treatment, using evidence-based...

    The Gin Closet

    by Leslie Jamison

    AS A YOUNG WOMAN, Tilly flees home for the hollow underworld of Nevada, looking for pure souls and finding nothing but bad habits. One day, after Tilly has spent nearly thirty years without a family, drinking...

    Self Help Bible: A Healing Guide for Individuals with Common Problems: Self Help For Alcoholism To Anxiety

    by Mary-Ann Grady

    "Self Help Bible: A Healing Guide for Individuals with Common Problems" is a book that helps the individual that is faced with certain challenges to learn how to get started on the road to recovery. The challenge...