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Warrior's Dishonour: Barbarity, Morality and Torture in Modern Warfare

by George Kassimeris

The characteristic act of men at war is not killing. It is killing by committing shocking and unspeakable atrocities, when circumstances permit. What drives ordinary people into hatred, genocide, inhumanity...

Re-Orienting the Fundamentals: Human Rights and New Connections in EU-Asia Relations

by Georg Wiessala

This volume offers a wide-ranging, contemporary critique of the significance of human rights matters in the areas of Asia-Europe relations and the European Union's Asia policies.

European Security in Transition

by Gunther Hauser & Franz Kernic

Since the end of World War II, security and defence have played a major role in European politics. This compelling volume provides an interdisciplinary look at the development and current status of the European...

Rethinking Displacement: Asia Pacific Perspectives

by Ruchira Ganguly-Scrase & Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt

This book explores the multitude of interconnected factors causing displacements that compel people to move within their homelands or traverse various borders It brings together historical and contemporary accounts...

The Politics of Academic Autonomy in Latin America

by Fernanda Beigel

Academic autonomy has been a dominant issue among Latin American social studies, given that the production of knowledge in the region has been mostly suspected for its lack of originality and the replication...

Driver Distraction and Inattention: Advances in Research and Countermeasures, Volume 1

by Michael A. Regan & John D. Lee

In the United States, around 20 percent of all Police-reported road crashes involve driver distraction as a contributing factor. The situation is similar in other countries. This book adds to the accumulating...

Resisting the Place of Belonging: Uncanny Homecomings in Religion, Narrative and the Arts

by Daniel Boscaljon

This book challenges our assumptions about the value of home, arguing for the ethical value of our feeling displaced and homeless in the 21st century. Home is explored in places ranging from digital keyboards...

Green Oslo: Visions, Planning and Discourse

by Mark Luccarelli & Per Gunnar Røe

As urban regions face the demand to decrease fossil fuel dependency, many cities in the developing world are undertaking initiatives designed to create a greener city by aiming for a more sustainable form of...

EU Climate Policy: Industry, Policy Interaction and External Environment

by Elin Lerum Boasson & Jørgen Wettestad

A valuable and timely contribution to the scholarship of environmental management, this book assesses how the Europeanization and marketization of European industries, prominent European public management traditions,...

Religion in the Neoliberal Age: Political Economy and Modes of Governance

by Tuomas Martikainen & François Gauthier

This book, together with the complementary volume Religion in Consumer Society, focuses on religion, neoliberalism and consumer society; offering an overview of an emerging field of research in the study of...

Men, Masculinity and the Beatles

by Martin King

Drawing on methodologies and approaches from media and cultural studies, sociology, social history and the study of popular music, this book outlines the development of the study of men and masculinities, and...

Policing Cooperation Across Borders: Comparative Perspectives on Law Enforcement within the EU and Australia

by Saskia Hufnagel

This book provides new insights into police cooperation from a comparative socio-legal perspective. It presents a broad analysis of comparable police cooperation strategies in two systems: the EU and Australia....

Moving in the Shadows: Violence in the Lives of Minority Women and Children

by Yasmin Rehman & Liz Kelly

Moving in the Shadows brings together for the first time in a single volume, an examination of violence against women and children within the diverse communities of the UK. Its strength lies in its gendered...

From the Ground Up: Community Gardens in New York City and the Politics of Spatial Transformation

by Efrat Eizenberg

Some 650 community gardens dot the city of New York. These gardens are attended by some of the least advantaged residents of the city. Urban residents use these spaces for horticulture, recreation, social gatherings,...

The Ashgate Research Companion to Critical Geopolitics

by Klaus Dodds & Merje Kuus

Bringing together leading researchers associated with the different forms of critical geopolitics, this volume produces an overview of its achievements, limitations, and areas of new and potential future development....

EU and US Competition Law: Divided in Unity?: The Rule on Restrictive Agreements and Vertical Intra-brand Restraints

by Csongor István| Nagy

This book examines the structure of the rule on restrictive agreements in the context of vertical intra-brand price and territorial restraints, analysing, comparing and evaluating their treatment in US antitrust...

Animal Harm: Perspectives on Why People Harm and Kill Animals

by Angus Nurse

Taking a broad approach, the book considers the killing and harming of animals in an international context and examines the effectiveness of current legislation, policy and sentencing. Including a section on...

A Good Death?: Law and Ethics in Practice

by Lynn Hagger & Simon Woods

This volume presents an interdisciplinary perspective on end-of-life matters, covering themes such as patients' rights to determine their own good death, considering their best interests when communication becomes...

Minorities and Nationalism in Turkish Law

by Derya Bayir

This book argues that the state's failure to accommodate ethno-religious diversity in Turkey is attributable to the founding philosophy of Turkish nationalism and its heavy penetration into the socio-political...

Third Sector Performance: Management and Finance in Not-for-profit and Social Enterprises

by Graham Manville & Richard Greatbanks

Third sector organizations are not the same as conventional businesses and are also subtly different from the public sector. There is currently a dearth of knowledge and a lack of research into issues around...