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How to Kill a Vampire: Fangs in Folklore, Film and Fiction

by Liisa Ladouceur

Citing examples from folklore, as well as horror films, TV shows, and works of fiction, this book details all known ways to prevent vampirism, including how to protect oneself against attacks and how to destroy...

Rebel Without Borders: Frontline Missions in Africa and the Gulf

by Marc Vachon

A biting and fascinating review of humanitarian aid, this account of volunteer life working for Doctors Without Borders illuminates the logistics of building camps for refugees and delivering clean water to...

The Biker Trials: Bringing Down the Hells Angels

by Paul Cherry

Reveals the inside story of the biker culture and the biker trials of the Quebec-chartered Nomad group of the Hell's Angels.

How We Eat: Appetite, Culture, and the Psychology of Food

by Leon Rappoport

Tracing culinary customs from the Stone Age to the stovetop range, from the raw to the nuked, this book elucidates the factors and myths shaping Americans' eating habits. The diversity of food habits and rituals...

Encyclopedia Gothica

by Liisa Ladouceur & Gary Pullin

A guidebook to the language of the most shadowy of subcultures, this work collects and defines more than 550 Gothic words and phrases. Compiled by an acclaimed Goth journalist and poet, this compendium provides...

Wrestling Reality: The Life and Mind of Chris Kanyon Wrestling's Gay Superstar

by Chris Kanyon & Ryan Clark

A rare glimpse not only into the life of a professional wrestler, but the life of a gay man in a straight world, this tragic memoir is told in Chris Kanyon’s own words, with the help of journalist Ryan Clark...