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Multimodal Safety Management and Human Factors: Crossing the Borders of Medical, Aviation, Road and Rail Industries

by José|| M. Anca Jr

Multimodal Safety Management and Human Factors is a wide-ranging compendium of contemporary SMS and HF approaches from the aviation, road, rail and medical domains. It brings together 27 chapters from both the...

Why Can't We Make Money in Aviation?

by Adam M. Pilarski

Seemingly since the beginning of aviation history there has been discussion and speculation on the remarkable inability of the industry to generate profits. The question as to how this is the case and how the...

Safety Cases and Safety Reports: Meaning, Motivation and Management

by Richard Maguire

The safety case and its associated reports are becoming a mechanism for achieving safety goals, a valuable decision-support asset and a vital industrial liability management tool. This book provides a concentrated...

Equity and Excellence in the Public Library: Why Ignorance is Not our Heritage

by Bob Usherwood

This important volume by one of the leading scholars in the field examines and discusses how library professionals can meet the demands of policy makers to open up the public library service without destroying...

Anarchism and Authority: A Philosophical Introduction to Classical Anarchism

by Paul McLaughlin

Examining the political theory of anarchism from a philosophical and historical perspective, Paul McLaughlin relates anarchism to the fundamental ethical and political problem of authority. The book pays particular...

Social Media in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality: Theory, Practice and Cases

by Marianna Sigala & Evangelos Christou

Written by an international group of researchers widely known for their expertise in the field of the Internet and tourism, this book presents cutting-edge theory, research and case studies. It investigates...

The Early Information Society: Information Management in Britain before the Computer

by Alistair Black & Dave Muddiman

This book offers an historical account which questions the novelty of the current information society. In support of this the authors examine the history and traditions in Britain of two separate but related...

Improving Air Safety through Organizational Learning: Consequences of a Technology-led Model

by José|| Sánchez-Alarcos Ballesteros

The key theme of this book is organizational learning and its consequences for the field of air safety. Air safety rates have been improving for a long time, demonstrating the effects of a good learning model...

The Limits of Expertise: Rethinking Pilot Error and the Causes of Airline Accidents

by R. Key Dismukes & Benjamin A. Berman

The Limits of Expertise reports a study of the 19 major U.S. airline accidents from 1991-2000 in which the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) found crew error to be a causal factor. Each accident is...

Decision Making in Complex Environments

by Malcolm Cook & Jan Noyes

Many complex systems in civil and military operations are highly automated with the intention of supporting human performance in difficult cognitive tasks involving information processing. The complex systems...

Buying the Big Jets: Fleet Planning for Airlines

by Paul Clark

Selecting the right aircraft for an airline operation is a vastly complex process, involving a multitude of skills and considerable knowledge of the business. Buying The Big Jets was first published in 2001...

Critical Incident Stress Management in Aviation

by Jörg Leonhardt & Joachim Vogt

People working in high-risk environments need to be sensitive to others' reactions to critical stress. Critical incident stress management (CISM) is now a well-established method in crisis intervention and one...

Aviation Mental Health: Psychological Implications for Air Transportation

by Robert Bor & Todd Hubbard

This book provides an authoritative and practical guide to the assessment, management, treatment and care of pilots and other professional groups within aviation, covering a range of relevant topics, for health...

Developing Strategies for the Modern International Airport: East Asia and Beyond

by Alan Williams

This book identifies and analyzes some of the primary issues facing the modern international airport, with specific reference to their role in a global economy. It is based on the initial premise that the aviation...

The Social Construction of Corruption in Europe

by Dirk Tänzler & Konstadinos Maras

This volume demonstrates the suitability of the theory of social constructivism in portraying and analyzing the diversity of the phenomenon of corruption. The approach of social constructivism taken in this...

Global Companies, Local Innovations: Why the Engineering Aspects of Innovation Making Require Co-location

by Yasuyuki Motoyama

Investigating the innovation activities of multinational corporations, this book uncovers and examines why the geography of innovation by multinationals is overwhelmingly local, in spite of their global operations...

Theology Shaped by Society: Sociological Theology Volume 2

by Robin Gill

Theology Shaped by Society argues that theology can be seen as a 'socially constructed reality' that is sometimes dangerously related to power but, at other times, is a positively engaged discipline taking the...

Spiritual Capital: Spirituality in Practice in Christian Perspective

by Michael O'Sullivan & Bernadette Flanagan

Spiritual Capital seeks to re-focus discussion on core social values, on individuals' value systems and the internal dynamics that impel human beings to live by truth, goodness and love. This book defines, refines...

Threat Finance: Disconnecting the Lifeline of Organised Crime and Terrorism

by Dr Shima D. Keene

Criminal and terrorist organisations are increasingly targeting victims indiscriminately around the globe through white collar and violent crime to fund and pursue their goals. Furthermore, the current environment...

Contemporary Adolescent Literature and Culture: The Emergent Adult

by Mary Hilton & Maria Nikolajeva

Offering a wide range of critical perspectives, this volume explores the moral, ideological and literary landscapes in fiction and other cultural productions aimed at young adults. Examining in depth significant...