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Observing International Relations: Niklas Luhmann and World Politics

by Mathias Albert & Lena Hilkermeier

Observing International Relations draws upon the modern systems theory of society, developed by Niklas Luhmann, to provide new perspectives on central aspects of contemporary world society and to generate theoretically...

Human Rights in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan

by Ian Neary

Ian Neary looks in detail at the history of the introduction of human rights ideas into Japan, South Korea and Taiwan and examines how, and to what effect, state and society have incorporated the specific international...

Israel: Challenges to Identity, Democracy and the State

by Clive Jones & Emma C. Murphy

Often regarded as the only true manifestation of political pluralism in the contemporary Middle East, the state of Israel has dominated the history and politics of the region for over fifty years. Yet despite...

Managing Projects in Health and Social Care

by Vivien Martin

Managing Projects in Health and Social Care is designed for anyone who is asked to manage a public services project but who lacks the experience or training to feel confident in this role. The book shows how...

Civil Society and Global Finance

by Albrecht Schnabel & Jan Aart Scholte

This key text brings together twenty activists, officials and researchers from the five continents to discuss this burning question of today's globalization debate. Providing rare, authoritative analyses by...

Earth, Water, Fleece and Fabric: An Ethnography and Archaeology of Andean Camelid Herding

by Penny Dransart

Through a richly detailed examination of the practices of spinning yarn from the fleece of llamas and alpacas, Earth, Water, Fleece and Fabric explores the relationship that herders of the present and of the...

Sexuality, Gender and Schooling: Shifting Agendas in Social Learning

by Mary Jane Kehily

The sexuality of young people arouses controversy and remains a source of concern for parents, teachers, policy-makers and politicians. But what young people really think about sexuality and gender and how these...

Urban Nightscapes: Youth Cultures, Pleasure Spaces and Corporate Power

by Paul Chatterton & Robert Hollands

In many western cities, urban nightlife is experiencing a 'McDonaldisation', where big branded names are taking over large parts of downtown areas, leaving consumers with an increasingly standardised experience....

Sociology on Culture

by Marshall Battani, John R. Hall & Mary Jo Neitz

Culture has become a touchstone of interdisciplinary conversation. For readers interested in sociology, the social sciences and the humanities, this book maps major classical and contemporary analyses and cultural...

Euroscepticism in Contemporary British Politics: Opposition to Europe in the Conservative and Labour Parties Since 1945

by Anthony Forster

Anthony Forster argues that euroscepticism, in addition to being a political stance, displays the seeds of becoming a new faith. Through a detailed analysis of British post-war politics, he shows the development...

Global Unions?: Theory and Strategies of Organized Labour in the Global Political Economy

by Jeffrey Harrod & Robert O'Brien

This edited collection examines the interaction between industrial relations and international relations in the global economy. The role of trade unions has changed significantly in the era of economic globalization...

Sino-Japanese Relations: Facing the Past, Looking to the Future?

by Caroline Rose

Over recent years, there has been increasing interest in the relationship between China and Japan, particularly as a way of understanding contemporary political, economic and security developments within the...

Global Institutions and Development: Framing the World?

by Morten Boas & Desmond McNeill

This unique book explores a very broad range of ideas and institutions and provides thorough and detailed case studies in the context of broader theoretical analysis.

Key topics such as poverty, global governance,...

Rethinking Ethnicity: Majority Groups and Dominant Minorities

by Eric P. Kaufmann

The impact of liberal globalization and multiculturalism means that nations are under pressure to transform their national identities from an ethnic to a civic mode. This has led, in many cases, to dominant...

Focus and Background Marking in Mandarin Chinese: System and Theory Behind Cai, Jiu, Dou and Ye

by Daniel Hole

This is an investigation into the grammaticalized system of focus-background agreement in Mandarin Chinese. The particles cái, jiù, dou and ye are, in a specific use type, shown to form the core of a highly...

Lessons in Leadership: Meeting the Challenges of Public Service Management

by Eileen Milner & Paul Joyce

Using international case study material, this book examines how ideas of visionary leadership have been developed and discusses their applicability to the public sector. The book covers:

  • the tensions that can...

Japan's Changing Generations: Are Young People Creating a New Society?

by Gordon Mathews & Bruce White

This book argues that 'the generation gap' in Japan is something more than young people resisting the adult social order before entering and conforming to that order. Rather, it signifies something more fundamental:...

Exchange Rate Regimes in East Asia

by Masahiro Kawai & Gordon de Brouwer

There is a deepening debate in East Asia about the prospects for common exchange rate arrangements, even including the formation of a common currency in the longer term. This raises a complex set of issues and...

Japanese Education Reform: Nakasone's Legacy

by Christopher P. Hood

The Japanese education system has attracted increasing attention over the past 20 years, largely due to the belief that it has been central to Japan's economic growth. Many have felt, however that the system...

Gender, Welfare State and the Market: Towards a New Division of Labour

by Thomas Boje & Arnlaug Leira

This volume represents the present state of theoretical debate in welfare state scholarship, drawing on research from western Europe, North America and Japan. It therefore provides a valuable balance of breadth...