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Places of the Imagination: Media, Tourism, Culture

by Reijnders

Places of the Imagination presents a timely and insightful analysis of the increasing popularity of media tourism within contemporary culture. Drawing on extensive empirical and interview material, this book...

Reframing the Social: Emergentist Systemism and Social Theory

by Yu-ze Wan

Poe Yu-ze Wan argues for a critical realist and systemist social ontology, designed to shed light on current debates in social theory concerning the relationship of social ontology to practical social research,...

British Untouchables: A Study of Dalit Identity and Education

by Ghuman

British Untouchables provides a major study on the issues facing the education of Dalit children and young people growing up in Britain. The book is based on extensive field work and uses a qualitative research...

British-Indian Adult Children of Divorce: Context, Impact and Coping

by Das

This is the first book to analyze the experiences of British-Indian adult children of divorce and contextualize their experiences within the larger multi-cultural polity of the UK. It also discusses the value...

Personality Presenters: Television's Intermediaries with Viewers

by Bonner

Personality Presenters explores the role of the television presenter, analysing the distinct skills possessed by different categories of host and the expectations and difficulties that exist with regard to the...

Drugs and Culture: Knowledge, Consumption and Policy

by Hunt & Milhet

Drugs and Culture presents alternative perspectives on psychoactive drugs, highlighting the socio-cultural features of drug use and regulation in modern societies. It examines the cultural dimensions of drugs...

The Social Fund 20 Years On: Historical and Policy Aspects of Loaning Social Security

by Grover

Chris Grover critically reflects on the introduction of the Social Fund and its operation in the past two decades, engaging with the argument that was made in the 1980s that relieving need by way of loan was...

Towards a Twenty-First-Century Feminist Politics of Music

by Macarthur

Towards a Twenty-First Century Feminist Politics of Music opens up a new way of thinking about the absence of women's music. It does not aim to find 'a solution' in a liberal feminist sense, but to discover...

Sounds of the Borderland: Popular Music, War and Nationalism in Croatia since 1991

by Baker

Sounds of the Borderland is the first book-length study of how popular music became a medium for political communication and contested identification during and after Croatia's war of independence from Yugoslavia....

International Migration and Global Justice

by S. Juss

How should international law approach the critical issue of movement of peoples in the 21st century? This book presents a radical reappraisal of this controversial problem. Written in a clear and succinct style...

The Human Rights Field Operation: Law, Theory and Practice

by O'Flaherty

This volume assesses the development of human rights field operations of the United Nations and other intergovernmental organizations. It addresses a range of aspects concerning the nature, role and activities...

Executive Measures, Terrorism and National Security: Have the Rules of the Game Changed?

by Bonner

Examining measures of internment, deportation and restriction on movement deployed in the UK, David Bonner presents an historical and contemporary legal analysis of UK governmental use of 'executive measures',...

Hindu Women's Property Rights in Rural India: Law, Labour and Culture in Action

by Patel

This volume addresses the issue of Hindu peasant women's ability to effectuate the statutory rights to succession and assert ownership of their share in family land. The work combines a critical evaluation of...

Law and the Politics of Reconciliation

by Veitch

This collection of essays by an international group of authors explores the ways in which law and legal institutions are used in countries coming to terms with traumatic pasts, and, in some cases, traumatic...

Globalisation and Business Ethics

by Homann & Koslowski

Taking an interdisciplinary approach, this volume provides a theoretical overview of how business ethics deals with the phenomenon of globalization. The authors examine both the origins and development of globalization...

Security Officers and Policing: Powers, Culture and Control in the Governance of Private Space

by Button

This book examines the legal tools available to private security officers, how they utilize them and how they fit into the broader security systems. The book provides insights for researchers and policy-makers...

Civil Justice in the Age of Human Rights

by M. Jacob

The end of the last century witnessed two major events in the field of civil justice: the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) came into force and the Human Rights Act (HRA) gave effect to the European Convention on...

A Queer Geography: Journeys Toward a Sexual Self

by Frank Browning

What is the gay identity? Do gay people even exist? The bestselling author of The Culture of Desire journeys into the minds of gay men in America and elsewhere to discover how their lives are shaped by time,...

Human Rights in Our Own Backyard: Injustice and Resistance in the United States

by William T. Armaline, Davita Silfen Glasberg & Bandana Purkayastha

Human Rights in Our Own Backyard focuses on the state of human rights and responses to human rights issues in the United States, drawing on sociological literature and perspectives to interrogate assumptions...

Everyday Life: A Poetics of Vernacular Practices

by Roger D. Abrahams

Everyday Life considers the ways Americans keep company with one another. It explores the entire range of social gatherings, from chance encounters and casual conversations to well-rehearsed performances found...