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Can Love Last?: The Fate of Romance over Time

by Stephen A. Mitchell

"A beautiful and brilliant reexamination of love and its perils."-Barbara Fisher, Boston GlobeCommon wisdom has it that love is fragile, but leading psychoanalyst Stephen A. Mitchell argues that romance doesn't...

The Twilight of American Culture

by Morris Berman

An emerging cult classic about America's cultural meltdown-and a surprising solution.A prophetic examination of Western decline, The Twilight of American Culture provides one of the most caustic and surprising...

The Perfect Vehicle: What It Is About Motorcycles

by Melissa Holbrook Pierson

"This book, a polished, winding meditation on the theory and fractiousness of motorcycles, celebrates both their eccentric history and the wary pleasures of touring."—The New Yorker In a book that is "a must...

Dark Ages America: The Final Phase of Empire

by Morris Berman

In Dark Ages America, the pundit Morris Berman argues that the nation has entered a dangerous phase in its historical development from which there is no return. As the corporate-consumerist juggernaut that now...

Plan B 4.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization (Substantially Revised)

by Lester R. Brown

“[Brown’s] ability to make a complicated subject accessible to the general reader is remarkable.”—Katherine Salant, Washington Post As fossil fuel prices rise, oil insecurity deepens, and concerns about...

Modern Liberty: And the Limits of Government (Issues of Our Time)

by Charles Fried

“An erudite, sharp-tongued libertarian, eager to do battle with censors, regulators ... and sanctimonious busybodies of every stripe.”—New York Times In this impassioned defense of liberty, renowned Harvard...

About a Mountain

by John D'Agata

"Unquestionably art, a breathtaking piece of writing."—Charles Bock, The New York Times Book Review When John D'Agata helps his mother move to Las Vegas one summer, he begins to follow a story about the federal...

More than Just Race: Being Black and Poor in the Inner City (Issues of Our Time)

by William Julius Wilson

A preeminent sociologist of race explains a groundbreaking new framework for understanding racial inequality, challenging both conservative and liberal dogma. In this timely and provocative contribution to the...

The Next Government of the United States: Why Our Institutions Fail Us and How to Fix Them

by Donald F. Kettl

This book exposes the reality that our twentieth-century government is no match for twenty-first-century problems and proposes a solution.In this timely and compelling book, Donald F. Kettl demonstrates how...

Life Without Lawyers: Liberating Americans from Too Much Law

by Philip K. Howard

How to restore the can-do spirit that made America great, from the author of the best-selling The Death of Common Sense. Americans are losing the freedom to make sense of daily choices—teachers can’t maintain...

Flat Broke in the Free Market: How Globalization Fleeced Working People

by Jon Jeter

A powerful, accessible, and eye-opening analysis of the global economy. Growing up in an African American working-class family in the Midwest, Jon Jeter watched the jobs undergirding a community disappear. As...


by Damian Thompson

An important and compelling book on the viral dissemination of misinformation in today's world. We are being swamped with dangerous nonsense. From 9/11 conspiracy theories to Holocaust denial to alternative...

Fear's Empire: War, Terrorism, and Democracy

by Benjamin R. Barber

"Fear's Empire lays the foundation for a principled opposition based on America's truest and best values."--Senator Gary HartThe author of Jihad vs. McWorld analyzes how American foreign policy has gone wrongand...

The Truth of Power: Intellectual Affairs in the Clinton White House

by Benjamin R. Barber

Ideas and the presidency flirt with each other, but can they really get along? President Clinton had a romance with big ideas. He intently cultivated intellectuals, seducing them with his characteristic charm...

Code of the Street: Decency, Violence, and the Moral Life of the Inner City

by Elijah Anderson

Unsparing and important. . . . An informative, clearheaded and sobering book.—Jonathan Yardley, Washington Post (1999 Critic's Choice) Inner-city black America is often stereotyped as a place of random violence,...

The Lost Spy: An American in Stalin's Secret Service

by Andrew Meier

Filled with dramatic revelations, The Lost Spy may be the most important American spy story to come along in a generation. For half a century, the case of Isaiah Oggins, a 1920s New York intellectual brutally...

The Hemingses of Monticello: An American Family

National Book Award for Non-Fiction 2008

by Annette Gordon-Reed

Winner of the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize: “[A] commanding and important book.”—Jill Lepore, The New Yorker This epic work—named a best book of the year by the Washington Post, Time, the...

Inventing Human Rights: A History

by Lynn Hunt

“A tour de force.”—Gordon S. Wood, New York Times Book Review How were human rights invented, and how does their tumultuous history influence their perception and our ability to protect them today? From...

The Future of Freedom: Illiberal Democracy at Home and Abroad (Revised Edition)

by Fareed Zakaria

“A work of tremendous originality and insight. ... Makes you see the world differently.”—Washington Post Translated into twenty languages ?The Future of Freedom ?is a modern classic that uses historical...

The Terror Presidency: Law and Judgment Inside the Bush Administration

by Jack Goldsmith

A central player's account of the clash between the rule of law and the necessity of defending America. Jack Goldsmith's duty as head of the Office of Legal Counsel was to advise President Bush what he could...