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The Iran-Iraq War

by Jerome Donovan

This book employs international relations theory to help explain one of the Middle East's bloodiest conflicts. Using power transition and foreign policy reciprocity theory, the author develops new insights into...

Abandoned Japanese in Postwar Manchuria

by Yeeshan Chan

This book relates the experiences of the zanryu-hojin, the Japanese civilians, mostly women and children, who were abandoned in Manchuria after the end of the Second World War when Japan's puppet state in Manchuria...

The American Surfer

by Kristin Lawler

This book examines the surfer, one of the most significant and enduring archetypes in American popular culture. Lawler sets the surfer against the backdrop of the negative reactions to it by those groups responsible...

Neurobehavioral Toxicology: Neurological and Neuropsychological Perspectives, Volume III

by Stanley Berent & James W Albers

This is the final volume in a three-volume work that has addressed the scientific methodologies relevant to clinical neurobehavioral toxicology. Volume III attends to what is known about industrial and environmental...

The Syllable in Speech Production

by Barbara L Davis & Krisztina Zajdo

As a testament to the scope of Peter MacNeilage's scholarly work across his 40 year career, contributions to this tribute volume represent a broad spectrum of the seminal issues addressed by phonetic and evolutionary...

Metaphor and Reconciliation

by Lynne J Cameron

Sixteen years after her father was killed by an IRA bomb, Jo Berry had her first conversation with the man responsible. She had made a long journey, 'walking the footsteps of the bombers' as she put it, determined...

Judging Merit

by Warren Thorngate & Robyn M Dawes

Based on over 20 years' research in human judgment, decision making and social psychology, this unique book brings together what is known about the processes and problems of judging merit and their consequences....

Introduction to Communication Studies

by John Fiske

Fiske's essential text aims to equip the reader with a range of methods of analysing examples of communication in our society, together with a critical awareness of the theories underpinning them.

Yes We Can?

by Adia Harvey-Wingfield & Joe Feagin

For readers and scholars who are interested in a sociologically-grounded assessment of the historic presidential campaign of 2008, this book provides such an analysis.

Cross-Curricular Teaching and Learning in the Secondary School... Mathematics

by Robert Ward-Penny

Cross-curricular approaches have much to offer the modern mathematics classroom. They can help teachers to present mathematics as a growing, relevant discipline that is central to much of modern life, and help...

Television and Presidential Power in Putin's Russia

by Tina Burrett

As a new president takes power in Russia, this book provides an analysis of the changing relationship between control of Russian television media and presidential power during the tenure of President Vladimir...

Managing It Outsourcing, Second Edition

by Erik Beulen & Pieter Ribbers

This newly revised edition of Managing IT Outsourcing presents the latest theory, research and practice in this fast-changing field to explore how information outsourcing partnerships can be managed successfully....

Selected Writings of John A. Hobson 1932-1938

by John M Hobson & Colin Tyler

Previously unpublished writings of John A. Hobson

Christianity and Party Politics

by Martin Steven

Christianity and Party Politics aims to discuss and evaluate the contemporary relationship between party politics and religion. The book focuses on the important role of the Church in both electoral politics...

Challenges and Controversies in Management Research

by Bill Lee & Catherine Cassell

Management research has expanded considerably over recent decades. The impetus for such growth comes from a wide range of forces both inside and outside of the academic community stimulate and regulate its...

Urban Youth in China

by Fengshu Liu

As both youth and the Internet hold the potential to inflict far-reaching economic, social, cultural, and political changes, this book fulfills a pressing need for a systematical investigation of the lives of...

How to Teach Poetry Writing: Workshops for Ages 8-13

by Michaela Morgan

Now in a fully revised and extended second edition, How to Teach Poetry Writing: Workshops for Ages 8-13 is a practical and activity based resource of writing workshops to help you teach poetry in the primary...

Q&A Jurisprudence 2011-2012

by David Brooke

Each Q&A contains approximately 50 questions on topics commonly found on exam papers, with answer plans and comprehensive suggested answers. The titles are written by lecturers who are also examiners, so the...

The Heritage of Soviet Oriental Studies

by Michael Kemper & Stephan Conermann

The Western field of oriental studies and orientalism - criticised by Edward Said among others for encouraging the orient to be viewed in a particular way - has a counterpart in Russia and the Soviet Union....

New Labour and Planning

by Philip Allmendinger

Following the Thatcher and Major administrations there was an apparent renaissance of planning under New Labour. This active revival in planning policy demonstrates not just how governments succeed and fail...