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The Wedding

by Jacqueline Pouliot

Nathalie is a world famous dancer who is obsessed with her work. She has successfully avoided involvement with her dysfunctional family and her much married mother. She did not even warn them when Nathalie casually...

More Than Mates

by Jimmy Boom Semtex

Jimmy "Boom" Semtex is a new writer of alternative poetry, fiction and erotica. With real life characters and situations and hot steamy sex scenes, the three short stories in More Than Mates are new and original....

Mom in the Movies: The Iconic Screen Mothers You Love (and a Few You Love to Hate)

by Inc. Turner Classic Movies & Richard Corliss

Turner Classic Movies and film historian Richard Corliss present Mom in the Movies: The Iconic Screen Mothers You Love (and a Few You Love to Hate), the definitive, fully illustrated book that shares the many...

Forcing the Spring: Inside the Fight for Marriage Equality

by Jo Becker

"[A] riveting legal drama, a snapshot in time, when the gay rights movement altered course and public opinion shifted with the speed of a bullet train... Becker's most remarkable accomplishment is to weave a...

Up Your Ass

by Valerie Solanas

Up Your Ass, never before published, is the avant-garde play script by radical feminist Valerie Solanas that that catapulted her to shoot Andy Warhol in 1968. Solanas gave this provocative satire to Warhol in...

Green Medicine: Challenging the Assumptions of Conventional Health Care

by D.O., Larry Malerba

According to Dr. Larry Malerba, modern medicine has perfected the short-term technical repair of the physical body at the expense of the long-term psychological and spiritual well-being of the whole person....

I Don't Wish Nobody to Have a Life Like Mine: Tales of Kids in Adult Lockup

by David Chura

Since the early 1990s, thanks to inflamed rhetoric in the media about “superpredators” and a wave of get-tough-on-crime laws, the number of juveniles in prison has risen by 35 percent, according to the U.S....

The Match: Savior Siblings and One Family's Battle to Heal Their Daughter

by Beth Whitehouse

My Sister’s Keeper in nonfiction: a family’s real-life struggle to cure their daughter by creating her genetic match


Katie Trebing was diagnosed at three months old with Diamond Blackfan anemia, a rare...

Naked Airport

by Alastair Gordon

The first full cultural history of the ultimate modern structure: the airport, revealed as never before ...

Since its origins in the muddy fields of flying machines, the airport has arguably become one of the...

The Lonely American: Drifting Apart in the Twenty-first Century

by Jacqueline Olds

In today's world, it is more acceptable to be depressed than to be lonely-yet loneliness appears to be the inevitable byproduct of our frenetic contemporary lifestyle. According to the 2004 General Social Survey,...

Black Gods of the Metropolis: Negro Religious Cults of the Urban North

by Arthur Huff Fauset, John Szwed & Barbara Dianne Savage

Stemming from his anthropological field work among black religious groups in Philadelphia in the early 1940s, Arthur Huff Fauset believed it was possible to determine the likely direction that mainstream black...

The French Intifada

by Andrew Hussey

A provocative rethinking of France’s long relationship with the Arab world

To fully understand both the social and political pressures wracking contemporary France—and, indeed, all of Europe—as well as...

Learn to Navigate: The No-Nonsense Guide for Everyone

by Basil Mosenthal

Learn to Navigate has been a bestseller since first publication. It is the ideal introduction for anyone wanting to learn the basics of what navigation is all about. This fourth edition is now in full colour...

More Than You Wanted to Know: The Failure of Mandated Disclosure

by Omri Ben-Shahar & Carl E. Schneider

Perhaps no kind of regulation is more common or less useful than mandated disclosure—requiring one party to a transaction to give the other information. It is the iTunes terms you assent to, the doctor’s...

Vision and Society: Towards a Sociology and Anthropology from Art

by John Clammer

Vision and Society is an attempt to show that it is possible to go beyond a sociology of art to the more ambitious possibility of a sociology from art. This book develops a theory of the relationship of the...

Women, Reconciliation and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: The Road Not Yet Taken

by Giulia Daniele

Women, Reconciliation and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict explores the most prominent instances of women's political activism in the occupied Palestinian territories and in Israel, focussing primarily on the...

Shades of Deviance: A Primer on Crime, Deviance and Social Harm

by Rowland Atkinson

Written in a unique format, Shades of Deviance is a turbo-driven guide to crime and deviance, offering 56 politically engaged, thought-provoking and accessibly written accounts of a wide range of socially and...

Being Bengali: At Home and in the World: At Home and in the World

by Mridula Nath Chakraborty

Bengal has long been one of the key centres of civilisation and culture in the Indian subcontinent. However, Bengali identity - "Bengaliness" - is complicated by its long history of evolution, the fact that...

Crowds and Politics in North Africa: Tunisia, Algeria and Libya

by Andrea Khalil

This book  takes predominant crowd theory to task, questioning received ideas about 'mob psychology' that remain prevalent today. It is a synchronic study of crowds, crowd dynamics and the relationships of...

India's Ocean: The Story of India's Bid for Regional Leadership: The Story of India's Bid for Regional Leadership

by David Brewster

This book assesses India's role as a major power in the Indian Ocean. Many see the Indian Ocean as naturally falling within India's sphere of influence but, as this book demonstrates, India has a long way to...