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Israeli Identity: In Search of a Successor to the Pioneer, Tsabar and Settler

by Lilly Weissbrod

This thoroughly researched book reveals the true identity of the modern Israeli. Israelis are unique in having changed their identity three times in only one hundred years. Written in a user-friendly style,...

Jerusalem Divided: The Armistice Regime, 1947-1967

by Raphael Israeli

Traces the background to the history of the Armistice Regime, established in 1947 to combat the fighting between Jews and Arabs in Jerusalem. The author details the Armistice Commission, which governed its application...

Westland and the British Helicopter Industry, 1945-1960: Licensed Production versus Indigenous Innovation

by Matthew R.H. Uttley

This study explains how Westland dominated British helicopter production and why government funding and support failed to generate competitive "all-British" alternatives. In doing so, the book evaluates broader...

Understanding African American Rhetoric: Classical Origins to Contemporary Innovations

by Ronald L. Jackson II & Elaine B. Richardson

First Published in 2003. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Codes of Advertising: Fetishism and the Political Economy of Meaning in the Consumer Society

by Sut Jhally

This book examines the commercial speech of advertising as a cultural phenomenon whose social significance far exceeds its economic influence. Jhally argues that by selling viewing time to advertisers, television...

Aspects of Peacekeeping

by Stuart Gordon & Francis Toase

The nature of UN operational involvement in the practical management of conflict has evolved dramatically since the end of the Cold War. The post-Cold War liberation of the Security Council, the subsequent paralysis...

Pessimism and British War Policy, 1916-1918

by Brock Millman

This analysis of Britains war policy during the last years of the Great War argues that it was strongly affected by a mood of pessimism. The policy was revised after the defeats suffered by the allies in 1917,...

Christian Missions and the Enlightenment

by Brian Stanley

Addresses the nature of the influence of the European Enlightenment on the beliefs and practice of the Protestant missionaries who went to Asia and Africa from the mid-eighteenth century onwards, particularly...

Chechen Dictionary and Phrasebook

by Nicholas Awde & Muhammad Galaev

This guide is a simple means of sharing the Chechen language and culture with speakers of English. It makes no claim to be a linguistic research tool, but is provided as a practical aid for the first steps in...

The Fun of It

by Amelia Earhart

Autobiography of the famous flyer which describes her own ambitions to become a pilot and offers advice to others.

The Archaeology of Africa: Food, Metals and Towns

by Bassey Andah, Alex Okpoko & Thurstan Shaw

Africa has a vibrant past. It emerges from this book as the proud possessor of a vast and highly complicated interweaving of peoples and cultures, practising an enormous diversity of economic and social strategies...

Handbook of US-Middle East Relations

by Robert Looney

Divided into three sections, the Handbook of US-Middle East Relations provides a thorough and up-to-date overview of contemporary US-Middle East relations in historical perspective. With chapters contributed...

China's Second Capital - Nanjing under the Ming, 1368-1644

by Jun Fang

This book is a study of the dual capital system of Ming dynasty China (1368-1644), with a focus on the administrative functions of the auxiliary Southern Capital, Nanjing. It argues that the immense geographical...

Crime: Local and Global

by John Muncie, Deborah Talbot & Reece Walters

Crime: Local and Global and its sister text Criminal Justice: Local and Global are two new teaching texts that aim to equip the reader with a critical understanding of the globally contested nature of 'crime'...

Sexuality and Human Rights: A Global Overview

by Phillip Tahmindjis

Finally—a comparative overview of sexuality and human rights issues and law!

Human rights issues exist globally, particularly when they have to do with sexuality. Sexuality and Human Rights: A Global Overview...

Encyclopedia of Historical Archaeology

by Charles E. Orser Jnr

The Encyclopedia of Historical Archaeology is a ground-breaking compendium of information about this ever-growing field. Concentrating on the post-1400 period as well as containing generic explanations of historical...

Black Celebrity, Racial Politics, and the Press: Framing Dissent

by Sarah J. Jackson

Shifting understandings and ongoing conversations about race, celebrity, and protest in the twenty-first century call for a closer examination of the evolution of dissent by black celebrities and their reception...

Serialization in Popular Culture

by Rob Allen & Thijs van den Berg

From prime-time television shows and graphic novels to the development of computer game expansion packs, the recent explosion of popular serials has provoked renewed interest in the history and economics of...

Capital: Class Conflict and Geopolitics in the Thirty Years' Crisis, 1914-1945

by Alexander Anievas

The history of the modern social sciences can be seen as a series of attempts to confront the challenges of social disorder and revolution wrought by the international expansion of capitalist social relations....

Where the Money Is: True Tales from the Bank Robbery Capital of the World

by Gordon Dillow & William J. Rehder

"With the style and pacing of a good novel...should become a standard in the genre."—Publishers Weekly FBI Special Agent William J. Rehder, the man CBS News once described as "America's secret weapon in the...