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Turning the Page: The Evolution of the Book: The Evolution of the Book

by Angus Phillips

This is an exciting period for the book, a time of innovation, experimentation, and change. It is also a time of considerable fear within the book industry as it adjusts to changes in how books are created and...

The Politics of Budget Control: Congress, the Presidency and Growth of the Administrative State

by John A. Marini

First Published in 1992. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Kohl Chancellorship

by Clay Clemens & William E. Paterson

In this volume, Helmut Kohl's leadership and legacy are assessed, and contributors analyse the chancellor's goals and governing style, including his part in promoting European integration; and his domestic political...

Southern European Welfare States: Between Crisis and Reform

by Martin Rhodes

Southern European welfare states - in common with their northern counterparts - are under stress. They have become the object of studies exploring the southern "type" or "model" of welfare. This collection provides...

Interfaith Advocacy: The Role of Religious Coalitions in the Political Process

by Katherine E. Knutson

Using the historic Minnesota state government shutdown of 2011 as a backdrop, Interfaith Advocacy describes the work of the Joint Religious Legislative Coalition, an interfaith advocacy group that brings together...

Sex Collectors: The Secret World of Consumers, Connoisseurs, Curators, Creators, Dealers, Bibliographers, and Accumulators of ',Erotica',

by Geoff Nicholson

Though you might not encounter the subject in Artforum or stumble across it at Sotheby's, the thriving business of erotica is a mixture of sophistication and seduction, an underground world of eccentric artists...

Philanthropy in America: A History

by Olivier Zunz

American philanthropy today expands knowledge, champions social movements, defines active citizenship, influences policymaking, and addresses humanitarian crises. How did philanthropy become such a powerful...

Reason and Rationality in Health and Human Services Delivery

by Jean A Pardeck, John W Murphy & Jr, Charles Longino

Reason and Rationality in Health and Human Services Delivery is the first book to discuss the topic of decisionmaking and services from a multidisciplinary approach. It uses theory and social considerations,...

Chinese Politics and Society: An Introduction

by Flemming Christiansen & Shirin M. Rai

An introduction to Chinese Politics which provides an accessible overview of the structures and dynamics of Chinese politics today. Concentrating on the era since 1949, the text takes a look at politics in the...

Addictive Disorders in Arctic Climates: Theory, Research, and Practice at the Novosibirsk Institute

by Bernard Segal

Discover fresh perspectives on alcoholism treatment and research with this enlightening new book describing the work of researchers at the Novosibirsk Medical Institute, USSR. By using specific examples of their...

Prison Violence: Conflict, Power and Vicitmization

by Kimmett Edgar, Ian O'Donnell & Carol Martin

Prisons are dangerous places, and assaults, threats, theft and verbal abuse are pervasive - attributable both to the characteristics of the captive population and to an institutional sub culture which promotes...

Mental Health Practice in Geriatric Health Care Settings

by T.L. Brink & Peter A Lichtenberg

Mental Health Practice in Geriatric Health Care Settings emphasizes the major research and clinical findings realized in five years of research on mental health issues in older urban medical patients, many of...

Innovative Approaches for Teaching Community Organization Skills in the Classroom

by Donna Hardina

Bring your students the latest developments in community organization!Innovative Approaches for Teaching Community Organization Skills in the Classroom will help social work educators efficiently teach students...

Financial Regulation After the Global Financial Crises

by Tony Porter

The global financial crisis that began in 2007 was the most destructive since the 1930s. The rapid spread of the crisis across borders and the complexity of these cross-border linkages highlighted the importance...

The Class Of 2000: A Definite Survey Of The New Generation

by CBS News & Dan Rather

In 1996, in big cities and small towns across America, a new crop of teenagers entered the ninth grade. These students, the class of 2000, experienced the world in a unique way, often enjoying the benefits of...

Three Chinas

by Bill Purves

Three Chinas looks at three Chinese friends of Bill Purves living in Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China. Andrew is a computer science professor; Pat works in administration at a private club; and Dr. Su works...

Police: Current Issues in Canadian Law Enforcement

by Dennis P. Forcese

These essays address issues like police regionalization, the role of police unions, the use of police tactical units, and the role of women in policing.

Media And Voters In Canadian Election Campaigns

by Frederick J. Fletcher

Taken together, the five studies provide a useful overview of the effectiveness of various forms of campaign communication in informing voters. Much of the material presented here is not readily available elsewhere....

Hopes and fears

by Hanna Newcombe

The authors of this collection address the fears and hopes of our future progress toward a better world in various ways and differing styles.

Hard Lessons: The Mine Mill Union in the Canadian Labour Movement

by Dieter K. Buse, Peter Suschnigg & Mercedes Steedman

This book brings together the voices of contemporary labour leaders, activists, old timers, and academics to discuss the first hundred years of the Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers Union.