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The Economic Theory of Fiscal Policy

by Bent Hansen

The book explores whether fiscal policies can secure full employment without inflation, one of the key questions in economics after Keynes.

Part 1, General Theory of Public Finance and Fiscal Policy, discusses...

Expenditure Tax

by Nicholas Kaldor

'This is one of those rare technical books which has an importance outside its own field' The Daily Telegraph.

'One of the most stimulating post-war books on public finance' The Guardian.

Part 1 examines the issue...

Max Weber, Rationality and Modernity

by Sam Whimster & Dr Scott Lash

This book brings together leading figures in history, sociology, political science, feminism and critical theory to interpret, evaluate, criticize and update Weber's legacy. In a collection of specially commissioned...

Max Weber and the Dispute Over Reason and Value

by Stephen P. Turner & Regis A. Factor

The problem of the nature of values and the relation between values and rationality is one of the defining issues of twentieth-century thought and Max Weber was one of the defining figures in the debate. In...

Urban Planning Methods: Research and Policy Analysis

by Ian Bracken

In order to develop and exercise their skills urban planners need to draw upon a wide variety of methods relating to plan and policy making, urban research and policy analysis. More than ever, planners need...

Man in the Modern Age (Routledge Revivals)

by Karl Jaspers

First published in English in 1933, this detailed philosophical examination of the contemporary state and nature of mankind is a seminal work by influential German philosopher Karl Jaspers. Elucidating his theories...

The Annals of the Saljuq Turks: Selections from al-Kamil fi'l-Ta'rikh of Ibn al-Athir

by D.S. Richards

Ibn al-Athir, who died in the 13th century, is one of the most important historians of Islam. His major chronicle, the Kamil fi'l-Ta'rikh, is one of the greatest achievements of Muslim historiography for the...

Facing the Other: The Ethics of Emmanuel Levinas

by Sean Hand

Emmanuel Levinas is one of the key philosophers in the post-Heideggerian field and an increasingly central presence in contemporary debates about identity and responsibility. His work spans and encapsulates...

A User's Guide to Franz Rosenzweig's Star of Redemption

by Norbert M. Samuelson

This user-friendly guide will help students of the 'Star' to be able to discuss at a basic level what, at least conceptually, Rosenzweig intended to say and how all that he says is interrelated.

Of Dishes and Discourse: Classical Arabic Literary Representations of Food

by Geert Jan van Gelder

Considers how Arab and Islamic culinary culture may be represented in literary forms. Scholars of the medieval Islamic period are keenly aware of the importance of food and wine as themes in literature. Van...

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: A Guide for Family, Friends, and Pastors

by Robert Collie

Examine the fourth largest mental health problem in America—OCD—and how YOU can help!

Since obsessive-compulsive disorder affects 2.5% of the world population, someone you know is likely to have this disorder....

Chemical Dependency and Intimacy Dysfunction

by Bruce Carruth & Edmond J Coleman

The failure to deal with social-sexual issues may impair the progress of recovery in a chemically dependent individual and his or her family. The failure to deal with sexual compulsivity in intravenous drug...

Women and Healthy Aging: Living Productively in Spite of It All

by J Dianne Garner & Alice A Young

This book explores what is known about healthy living among older women, emphasizing overcoming illness and adversity. Women and Healthy Aging focuses on common age-related changes and illnesses that frequently...

Criminology and Criminal Justice: A Study Guide

by Peter Joyce

This book presents a summary of the key ideas that seek to explain criminal behaviour and the measures that have been developed to prevent crime. A broad overview of the criminal justice system is provided in...

The Sociology of Development: The Impasse and Beyond

by Ray Kiely

First published in 1995. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Managing the Historic Rural Landscape

by Jane Grenville

First published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Part-Time Paradox: Time Norms, Professional Life, Family and Gender

by Cynthia Fuchs Epstein, Carroll Seron & Bonnie Oglensky

First published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Central Asia

by Rein Mullerson

This is an important analysis of a key but little-known region, in the wider context of world politics. Central Asia has huge oil and gas resources, divided between five independent states - Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,...

Health Care for the Elderly: Regional Responses for National Policy Issues

by Kathleen G. Andreoli, Leigh A. Musser & Stanley J. Reiser

Leading experts in health policy, gerontology, economics, and ethics explore the potential impact of the growing number of elderly on our health care system. They provide valuable information on the continuing...

Gerontological Social Work: International Perspectives

by Jr, Merl C Hokenstad & Katherine Kendall

In this fascinating book, leading international experts in gerontology and social work examine the conditions of older people in their respective native lands--Australia, Canada, West Germany, Great Britain,...