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Strange Sounds: Music, Technology and Culture

by Timothy D Taylor

In Strange Sounds, Timothy D. Taylor explains the wonder and anxiety provoked by a technological revolution that began in the 1940s and gathers steam daily. Taylor discusses the ultural role of technology, its...

Embodying Colonial Memories: Spirit Possession, Power, and the Hauka in West Africa

by Paul Stoller

A study of the West African Hauka - spirits that grotesquely mimic and mock "Europeans" of the colonial epoch. The author considers spirit possession as a set of embodied practices with serious social and cultural...

Strategic Planning for Public Relations

by Ronald D. Smith

This innovative and popular text provides a clear pathway to developing public relations campaigns and other types of strategic communication. Implementing the pragmatic, in-depth approach of the previous editions,...

The Caged Virgin: An Emancipation Proclamation for Women and Islam

by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Muslims who explore sources of morality other than Islam are threatened with death, and Muslim women who escape the virgins' cage are branded whores. So asserts Ayaan Hirsi Ali's profound meditation on Islam...

A Citizen's Guide to Deficits and Debt: The Politics of Taxing, Spending, and Borrowing

by William E. Hudson

America is currently involved in one of the worst economic crises of modern times. As alarm increases over how the government will balance the budget, handle the debt, and maintain prosperity for the future,...

Public Service Efficiency: Reframing the Debate

by Rhys Andrews & Tom Entwistle

The current economic and political climate places ever greater pressure on public organizations to deliver services in a cost-efficient way. Focused on the costs of service delivery, governments across the world...

The Science of Crime Measurement: Issues for Spatially-Referenced Crime Data

by Martin A. Andresen

Crime statistics are ubiquitous in modern society - but how accurate are they? This book investigates the science of crime measurement focussing on four main questions: how do we count crime? How do we calculate...

Afghanistan, Pakistan and Strategic Change: Adjusting Western Regional Policy

by Joachim Krause & IV, Charles King Mallory

The region encompassing Afghanistan and Pakistan (Af/Pak region) is undergoing a fundamental strategic change. This book analyses the nature of this strategic change, in ordre to seek possible future scenarios...

Akan Doctrine of God (194 CB: A Fragment of Gold Coast Ethnics and Religion

by J.B. Danquah

First Published in 1968. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Hausa Superstitions and Customs: An Introduction to the Folk-Lore and the Folk

by Major A.J.N. Tremearne

First Published in 1970. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Ecological Community

by Roger S. Gottlieb

First Published in 1997. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Urban Sociology Reader

by Jan Lin & Christopher Mele

The urban world is an exciting terrain for investigating the central institutions, structures and problems of the social world and how they have transformed through the last 200 years. This Reader comprises...

Recovering from Sexual Abuse, Addictions, and Compulsive Behaviors: “Numb” Survivors

by Carlton Munson & Sandra L. Knauer

Explore the connection between sexual victimization, addiction, and compulsive behaviors!This book demonstrates clearly what lengths survivors of sexual abuse will go to in attempting to avoid dealing with the...

Social Work Health and Mental Health: Practice, Research and Programs

by Steven P. Segal

Rise to today's challenges with these innovative and helpful value-based solutions!Containing important, research-based insights into social work practice in these fields, Social Work Health and Mental Health...

The Meanings of Europe: Changes and Exchanges of a Contested Concept

by Claudia Wiesner & Mieke Schmidt-Gleim

What is Europe? What are the contents of the concept of Europe? And what defines European identity? Instead of only asking these classical questions, this volume also explores who asks these questions, and...

Science, Women and Revolution in Russia

by Koblitz

While the women's movement might seem like a relatively new concept, Russian women of the 1860s deserve to be acknowledged as individuals who changed the direction of science and opened the doors of higher education...

Religion, Diaspora and Cultural Identity: A Reader in the Anglophone Caribbean

by J.W. Pulis

Although the religions of the Caribbean have been a subject of popular media, there have been few ethnographic publications. This text is a much-needed and long overdue addition to Caribbean studies and the...

Comparing Prison Systems

by Nigel South & Robert P. Weiss

This book provides in-depth, orignal and critical analyses by leading scholars of the penal systems of 16 nations around the world, focusing on changes in social structure, culture and punishment since 1975....

Ramopakhyana - The Story of Rama in the Mahabharata: A Sanskrit Independent-Study Reader

by Peter Scharf

The most popular story in all of India and a classic of world literature is summarised in 728 verses in the great epic Mahabharata. Intended for independent study or classroom use for students of various levels...

Naked Science: Anthropological Inquiry into Boundaries, Power, and Knowledge

by Laura Nader

Naked Science is about contested domains and includes different science cultures: physics, molecular biology, primatology, immunology, ecology, medical environmental, mathematical and navigational domains. While...