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Border Thinking on the Edges of the West: Crossing Over the Hellespont

by Andrew Davison

Drawing on scholarly and life experience on, and over, the historically posited borders between "West" and "East," the work identifies, interrogates, and challenges a particular, enduring, violent inheritance...

African Youth in Contemporary Literature and Popular Culture: Identity Quest

by Vivian Yenika-Agbaw & Lindah Mhando

This book explores how African youth are depicted in contemporary literature and popular culture, and discusses the different ways by which they attempt to construct personal and cultural identities through...

At Risk: Natural Hazards, People's Vulnerability and Disasters

by Piers Blaikie, Terry Cannon & Ian Davis

The term 'natural disaster' is often used to refer to natural events such as earthquakes, hurricanes or floods. However, the phrase 'natural disaster' suggests an uncritical acceptance of a deeply engrained...

Democratization in China, Korea and Southeast Asia?: Local and National Perspectives

by Kate Xiao Zhou, Shelley Rigger & Lynn T. White III

Rapid economic pluralization in East Asia has empowered local and medial groups, and with this change comes the need to rethink usual notions regarding ways in which "democracies" emerge or "citizens" gain more...

Racist America: Roots, Current Realities, and Future Reparations

by Joe R. Feagin

This third edition of Joe R. Feagin's Racist America is significantly revised and updated, with an eye toward racism issues arising regularly in our contemporary era. This edition incorporates more than two...

Online Journalism in Africa: Trends, Practices and Emerging Cultures

by Hayes Mawindi Mabweazara, Okoth Fred Mudhai & Jason Whittaker

Very little is known about how African journalists are forging "new" ways to practise their profession on the web. Against this backdrop, this volume provides contextually rooted discussions of trends, practices,...

How to Be Danish: A Journey to the Cultural Heart of Denmark

by Patrick Kingsley

Part reportage, part travelogue, this is a fascinating introduction to contemporary Danish culture for anyone who wants to know more about the world’s happiest nation.

Denmark is the country of the moment....

Ignition, Timing And Valve Setting

by Thomas Herbert Russell

“ … The object of this treatise is to equip the reader with such a knowledge of the interesting subject of Ignition that he will be able to handle his own particular apparatus with intelligence and skill....

The Chain

by Ted Genoways

A harrowing investigation of the tortuous path our food products take—from slaughter to Spam

On the production line in American packing-houses, there is one cardinal rule: the chain never slows. Under pressure...

Dundurn Railroad Bundle: In Search of the Grand Trunk / Rails Across Ontario / Rails Across the Prairies / The Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore

by Ron Brown

This bundle collects four of Ron Brown's acclaimed railway histories. In each book he takes us back to the glory days of steam, when the railway was the economic and in many ways the social heart of Canada,...

Rails Across Ontario: Exploring Ontario's Railway Heritage

by Ron Brown

For the first time, train buffs and history lovers will have a book that explores the heritage of Ontario's railways, from its oldest stations to its highest bridges, glamorous hotels (and some not-so-glamorous...

Arrowheads and Stone Artifacts: A Practical Guide for the Amateur Archaeologist

by C. G. Yeager

This practical, down-to-earth guide for surface collectors of arrowheads and stone artifacts is designed especially for amateur archaeologists and people interested in learning how to study and collect artifacts...

Train: Riding the Rails That Created the Modern World-from the Trans-Siberian to the Southwest Chief

by Tom Zoellner

An epic and revelatory narrative of the most important transportation technology of the modern world

In his wide-ranging and entertaining new book, Tom Zoellner—coauthor of the New York Times–bestselling...

Women and Mathematics: Balancing the Equation

by Susan F. Chipman, Lorelei R. Brush & Donna M. Wilson

First published in 1985. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Macho Love: Sex Behind Bars in Central America

by Phd, John Dececco

Macho Love: Sex Behind Bars in Central America is the first in-depth study of sexual culture and AIDS in Latin prisons. Psychologists, social workers, criminologists, and AIDS specialists will discover how the...

Feminist Approaches for Men in Family Therapy

by Michele Bograd

This book is the first of its kind to address the treatment of men in marital and family therapy from a political or feminist perspective. Feminist Approaches for Men in Family Therapy is an important and provocative...

Organ Transplantation in Religious, Ethical, and Social Context: No Room for Death

by William R. DeLong

Enter the world of organ transplantation and develop a new understanding of processes and techniques for working effectively with patients in this increasing medical population. This multidisciplinary overview...

Chaplains to the Imprisoned: Sharing Life with the Incarcerated

by Letitia C Pallone & Richard D Shaw

Chaplains to the Imprisoned begins to fill the information gap through its in-depth study of prison chaplains as seen by co-workers, inmates, and the chaplains themselves. They describe their roles, share difficulties...

Attraction and Attachment: Understanding Styles of Relationships

by Barbara Jo Brothers

Here is a fascinating exploration of the powerful forces of attachment and attraction that determine the formation and styles of couples’relationships. What factors attract one person to another? What determines...

The Way of the Woman Writer, Second Edition

by Janet Lynn Roseman

The Way of the Woman Writer, Second Edition continues the work of the inspirational original, offering guidance to women who wish to document their lives in writing. More a template than a how-to manual, this...