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Kinship and the Social Order.: The Legacy of Lewis Henry Morgan

by Meyer Fortes

Originally published in the UK in 1970.

The central argument of this book is that the structuralist theory and method developed by British and American anthropologists in the study of kinship and social organization...

Comparative Studies in Kinship

by Jack Goody

Against the background of the problems involved in the comparative study of human society, the essays in this book show the comparative ideal in practice, which combines elements from both sociology and anthropology....

Habitat, Economy and Society: A Geographical Introduction to Ethnology

by C. Daryll Forde

An introduction to the ethnography and human geography of non-European peoples, this book deals with the economic and social life of a number of groups at diverse levels of cultural achievement and in different...

Three Styles in the Study of Kinship

by J.A. Barnes

The study of kinship is a fundamental part of the study and the practice of social anthropology. This volume examines the work of three distinguished anthropologists that bear on kinship and determines what...

East African Societies

by Aylward Shorter

Focussing on the mechanics of social change and the interaction between ethnic groups, cultures, structures and value systems the background questions of ecology, demography and history are also examined and...

The Samburu: A Study of Gerontocracy in a Nomadic Tribe

by Paul Spencer

In an era of rapid change for Africa, this nomadic tribe clings to its traditional way of life. This book examines their society, and provides the first full published description of human life in the area....

Hunger and Work in a Savage Tribe: A Functional Study of Nutrition Among the Southern Bantu

by Audrey I. Richards

The force of hunger in shaping human character and social structure has been largely overlooked. This omission is a serious one in the study of primitive society, in which starvation is a constant menace. This...

Western Civilization in Southern Africa: Studies in Culture Contact

by Isaac Schapera

The book is structured as follows:

· An introduction of old Bantu culture

· An account of modern Bantu life

· Discussion of the influence exerted by Christianity and Education upon communal life of the Bantu...

The Last Trek: A Study of the Boer People and the Afrikaner Nation

by Sheila Patterson

This book evaluates the historical factors that produced the Boer people, and the political, religious and economic forces that maintain modern Afrikaner Nationalism. This last trek brings the Afrikaner back...

Women of Tropical Africa

by Denise Paulme

This book is unique in its approach in that each chapter covers women in their everyday lives and the problems, which concern them. Until now, ethnographic research has almost always been carried out with the...

Tribes Without Rulers: Studies in African Segmentary Systems

by John Middleton & David Tait

Recent research in Africa has shown a wide range of political systems, from small societies of wandering hunters to large states of several million people comparable with mediaeval European feudal kingdoms....

Neighbours and Nationals in an African City Ward

by David Parkin

This study analyses the way in which tribal ties are maintained in the development of a tribally mixed, middle class community in Kampala, Uganda. Political independence in the early nineteen sixties in much...

Urbanization as a Social Process: An Essay on Movement and Change in Contemporary Africa

by Kenneth Little

Urbanization is probably the most important process taking place in African countries. This book provides a lucid and informative study of the significance of urbanization for social change in sub-Saharan Africa,...

Defeating Mau Mau

by Louis Leakey

The second of two important books by Louis Leakey, the renowned expert on the Kikuyu tribe. This book examines the organisation of the Mau Mau movement, its propaganda, the nature of its religious aspects and...

Mau Mau and the Kikuyu

by Louis Leakey

This widely-acclaimed book on a troubled period of Kenyan history summarizes some of the more important Kikuyu customs, and a discussion of their break-down under the impact of European civilization. This discussion...

Fields of Change Among the Iteso of Kenya

by Ivan Karp

Fields of Change is a study of the means by which the Iteso adapted to the imposition of colonial rule and the loss of political independence. It explores their pacification and incorporation into a colonial...

The Niger Journal of Richard and John Lander

by Robin Hallett

The journal of the Lander brothers provides a narrative of one of the most important missions of exploration in the history of West Africa. The editor's introduction contains much new material on the Landers...

The Human Factor in Changing Africa

by Melville J. Herskovits

Focussing on the problems of change and resistance to change that mark the African sub-continent, this book examines Africa's place in the world from earliest times. It considers the nature of its peoples in...

African Ecology and Human Evolution

by François Bourlière & Clark F. Howell

This pioneering volume summarizes the results of diverse research on Pleistocene environments and the cultural and biological evolution of man in Africa. The book includes chapters on Pleistocene stratigraphy...

The Family Estate in Africa: Studies in the Role of Property in Family Structure and Lineage Continuity

by Robert F. Gray & P.H. Gulliver

Too often accounts of African family life have tended to describe the family in purely static terms. The contributors to this book emphasize the developmental or time dimension of the family, analysing it as...