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The Politics of Public Sector Performance: Pockets of Effectiveness in Developing Countries

by Michael Roll

It is widely believed that the state in developing countries is weak. The public sector, in particular, is often regarded as corrupt and dysfunctional. This book provides an urgently needed corrective to such...

The Routledge Handbook of Mobilities

by Peter Adey, David Bissell & Kevin Hannam

The 21st century seems to be on the move, perhaps even more so than the last. With cheap travel, and more than two billion cars projected worldwide for 2030. And yet, all this mobility is happening incredibly...

The Selection of Political Party Leaders in Contemporary Parliamentary Democracies: A Comparative Study

by Jean-Benoit Pilet & William Cross

This book explores the ways in which political parties, in contemporary parliamentary democracies, choose their leaders and then subsequently hold them accountable. The authors provide a comprehensive examination...

Private Foundations and Development Partnerships: American Philanthropy and Global Development Agendas

by Michael Moran

This book explores the influence of private United States (US) philanthropic foundations in the governance of global problems. Through a close scrutiny of four high profile case studies of public-private collaboration,...

Mary in the Qur'an: A Literary Reading

by Hosn Abboud

Providing an analysis of the complete story of Mary in its liturgical, narrative and rhetorical contexts, this literary reading is a prerequisite to any textual reading of the Qur'an whether juristic, theological,...

Democracy or Alternative Political Systems in Asia: After the Strongmen

by Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao

From the 1980s onwards, a tide of democratization swept across the Asian region, as the political strongmen who had led since the end of World War II began to fall. Although it is generally assumed that once...

The Politics of Arctic Sovereignty: Oil, Ice, and Inuit Governance

by Jessica M. Shadian

Interest in Arctic politics is on the rise. While recent accounts of the topic place much emphasis on climate change or a new geopolitics of the region, the history of the Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) and...

The Politics of Compassion

by Michael Ure & Mervyn Frost

This book provides a critical overview of the role of the emotions in politics. Compassion is a politically charged virtue, and yet we know surprisingly little about the uses (and abuses) of compassion in political...

The Sih-Rozag in Zoroastrianism: A Textual and Historico-Religious Analysis

by Enrico Raffaelli

Focusing on the Avestan and Pahlavi versions of the Sīh-rōzag, a text worshipping Zoroastrian divine entities, this book explores the spiritual principles and physical realities associated with them.


Chapters 1-7: The Practice of Generalist Social Work, Third Edition

by Julie Birkenmaier, Marla Berg-Weger & Martha P. Dewees

This text for generalist practice courses is also available with a treasure trove of related materials for use in a two or three-course practice sequence.  The text helps translate the guiding theoretical...

Chapters 8-13: The Practice of Generalist Social Work, Third Edition

by Julie Birkenmaier, Marla Berg-Weger & Martha P. Dewees

This text for generalist practice courses is also available with a treasure trove of related materials for use in a two or three-course practice sequence. The text helps translate the guiding theoretical perspectives...

The Power of Place (RLE Social & Cultural Geography): Bringing Together Geographical and Sociological Imaginations

by John A. Agnew & James S Duncan

Reflecting the revival of interest in a social theory that takes place and space seriously, this book focuses on geographical place in the practice of social science and history. There is significant interest...

The Makers of Modern Geography (RLE Social & Cultural Geography)

by Robert E. Dickinson

This book examines the works of the outstanding makers of modern geography and demonstrates the consistency of idea and purpose in their work. Geography as an explicitly defined field of knowledge is more than...

The Geography of Crime (RLE Social & Cultural Geography)

by David J. Evans & David T. Herbert

This book presents original research into contemporary geographical aspects of the study of crime. The contributors, drawn from different disciplines within the social sciences and from various countries, give...

The Social Geography of Medicine and Health (RLE Social & Cultural Geography)

by John Eyles & Kevin J. Woods

This book, originally published in 1983, drawing material from Europe, the USA, the Soviet Union and the Developing World, provides a comprehensive review of the key issues in medical geography. It sets the...

The Future of Geography (RLE Social & Cultural Geography)

by Ron Johnston

The chapters in this book address fundamental questions of the nature and purpose of geography, scrutinising its contents, philosophy and methodology.

Aimed at undergraduates its purpose is to broaden the debate...

Geography of the National Health (RLE Social & Cultural Geography): An Essay in Welfare Geography

by John Eyles

This book considers the social and geographical context in which the National Health Service (NHS) operated during the 1970s and 1980s. It argues that disease and health care systems are the product to a large...

The Korean Women's Movement and the State: Bargaining for Change

by Seung-kyung Kim & Kyounghee Kim

This book asks what strategies women's movements can employ to induce law and policy changes at the national level that will assist women's equality without sacrificing their feminist energy, movement cohesiveness...

Portugal in the European Union: Assessing Twenty-Five Years of Integration Experience

by Laura C. Ferreira-Pereira

This book examines the involvement of Portugal in the European integration process since the country signed the Accession Treaty in 1985.

The volume elicits how Portugal has grasped opportunities and challenges...

The Organization of Political Interest Groups: Designing advocacy

by Darren R. Halpin

Interest groups form an important part of the development of political and social systems. This book goes beyond current literature in examining the survival and 'careers' of such groups beyond their formation....