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Mental Health Practice in Geriatric Health Care Settings

by T.L. Brink & Peter A Lichtenberg

Mental Health Practice in Geriatric Health Care Settings emphasizes the major research and clinical findings realized in five years of research on mental health issues in older urban medical patients, many of...

Innovative Approaches for Teaching Community Organization Skills in the Classroom

by Donna Hardina

Bring your students the latest developments in community organization!Innovative Approaches for Teaching Community Organization Skills in the Classroom will help social work educators efficiently teach students...

Russia and East Asia: Informal and Gradual Integration: Informal and Gradual Integration

by Tsuneo Akaha & Anna Vassilieva

Russia has generally been neglected in the academic and policy discourse on regional integration in East Asia. This book fills this gap, with particular attention to the role of Pacific Russia in the deepening...

Narrating Black and Arab Bodies in the Contemporary United States: Narrating Arab and Black Identity in the Contemporary United States

by Therí A. Pickens

In the increasingly multi-racial and multi-ethnic American landscape of the present, understanding and bridging dynamic cross-cultural conversations about social and political concerns becomes a complicated...

The State of Copyright: The Complex Relationships of Cultural Creation in a Globalized World

by Debora Halbert

This book seeks to make an intervention into the ongoing debate about the scope and intensity of global copyright laws.

While mapping out the primary actors in the context of globalization and the modern political...

Transnational Financial Regulation after the Crisis

by Tony Porter

The global financial crisis that began in 2007 was the most destructive since the 1930s. The rapid spread of the crisis across borders and the complexity of these cross-border linkages highlighted the importance...

Informal Power in the Greater Middle East: Hidden Geographies

by Luca Anceschi, Gennaro Gervasio & Andrea Teti

Over the last decade or so, academic and non-academic observers have focussed mainly, if not exclusively on the institutions and places of formal power in the Greater Middle East, depicting politics in the region...

Cosmopolitanism, Religion and the Public Sphere

by Maria Rovisco & Sebastian Kim

Although emerging scholarship in the social sciences suggests that religion can be a potential catalyst of cosmopolitanism and global citizenship, few attempts have been made to bring to the fore new theoretical...

Outsiders in the Greek Cities in the Fourth Century BC

by Paul Mckechnie

During the fourth century BC the number of Greeks who did not live as citizens in the city-states of southern mainland Greece increased considerably: mercenaries, pirates, itinerant artisans and traders, their...

The Unrecognised Peril - Threats to Environmental Security

by S Utham Kumar Jamadhagni

Acknowledging the importance of non traditional security in the wider debate, this book looks at one significant aspect namely, environmental security. The book discusses different issues of theoretical and...

The Class Of 2000: A Definite Survey Of The New Generation

by CBS News & Dan Rather

In 1996, in big cities and small towns across America, a new crop of teenagers entered the ninth grade. These students, the class of 2000, experienced the world in a unique way, often enjoying the benefits of...

Three Chinas

by Bill Purves

Three Chinas looks at three Chinese friends of Bill Purves living in Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China. Andrew is a computer science professor; Pat works in administration at a private club; and Dr. Su works...

Police: Current Issues in Canadian Law Enforcement

by Dennis P. Forcese

These essays address issues like police regionalization, the role of police unions, the use of police tactical units, and the role of women in policing.

Media And Voters In Canadian Election Campaigns

by Frederick J. Fletcher

Taken together, the five studies provide a useful overview of the effectiveness of various forms of campaign communication in informing voters. Much of the material presented here is not readily available elsewhere....

Hopes and fears

by Hanna Newcombe

The authors of this collection address the fears and hopes of our future progress toward a better world in various ways and differing styles.

Hard Lessons: The Mine Mill Union in the Canadian Labour Movement

by Dieter K. Buse, Peter Suschnigg & Mercedes Steedman

This book brings together the voices of contemporary labour leaders, activists, old timers, and academics to discuss the first hundred years of the Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers Union.

Unsolved Mysteries of the Sea

by Lionel & Patricia Fanthorpe

Explores the intriguing mysteries of the sea: How were the seas formed? What gave rise to stories of mermaids, sirens, and sea monsters?

Moose to Moccasins: The Story of Ka Kita Wa Pa No Kwe

by Madeline Katt Theriault

Born in a tent on Bear Island, Lake Temagami, in 1908, Madeline Katt Theriault could recall an earlier independent and traditional First Nations lifestyle.

"We Only Come Here to Struggle": Stories from Berida's Life

by Berida Ndambuki & Claire Cone Robertson

Here is the life history of Berida Ndambuki, a Kenyan woman trader born in 1936, who speaks movingly of her experiences under the turbulences of late British colonialism and independence. A poverty survivor,...

Unwrapping Ancient Egypt

by Christina Riggs

In ancient Egypt, wrapping sacred objects, including mummified bodies, in layers of cloth was a ritual that lay at the core of Egyptian society. Yet in the modern world, attention has focused instead on unwrapping...