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Fashion Speak

by David Meagher

Interviews with the world's leading fashion designers. Where do designers find inspiration? How do they put a collection together? Can they stay on the cutting edge creatively and run a viable business at the...

International Encyclopedia of Adolescence

by Jeffrey Jensen Arnett

In pre-industrial societies, people moved from childhood to adulthood directly, getting married and going to work early in life. Although this still holds true for many cultures, in countries such as the USA...

What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?

by Alan Duff

The prize-winning, passionate and uncompromising sequel to the blistering classic novel, Once Were Warriors'She always came the following day for a second visit on this yearly remembering; in fact, Polly Heke...

Replacement Girl

by Ann Beaglehole

Set in 1950s to 1970s New Zealand, this novel vividly brings the Jewish immigrant experience to life. Nazi persecution and oppression behind the Iron Curtain haunt the adults in this powerful novel as they struggle...

Television and Political Advertising: Volume I: Psychological Processes

by Frank Biocca

This volume represents one of the first major scholarly effort to unravel the psychological and symbolic processing of political advertising. Utilizing survey, experimental, qualitative, and semiotic methodologies...

Quality and Reliability of Telecommunications Infrastructure

by William H. Lehr

In the last decade, the technology, regulation, and industry structure of our information infrastructure (telephone services, cable and broadcast television, and myriad new data and information services) have...

Explaining One's Self To Others: Reason-giving in A Social Context

by Margaret L. McLaughlin, Michael J. Cody & Stephen John Read

To date, the study of communicated explanations has been, at best, unsystematic. There has been little recognition that many, if not most, explanations are eventually delivered to a hearer or hearers. These...

Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation of Women

by Brian E. Fisher

Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation of Women unwinds the cultural myth that abortion empowers women. Not only are men responsible for promoting and legalizing abortion in America, they are the key beneficiaries....

Harlequin Rex: A Novel

by Owen Marshall

An intriguing novel revolving around the varied reactions to a new, catastrophic disease.With the advent of the new millennium comes a new disease - Harlequin Rex - and a variety of reactions to it. The men...

a Breed of Women

by Fiona Kidman

A bestselling and influential novel, this compulsive story examines women's changing lives. 'One thing she had learnt was that she and Leonie belonged to a breed of women who were indestructible. They were survivors.'...

Test Tubes Dragon Scales

by Basil

First published in 2010. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Japan's Modern Theatre: A Century of Change and Continuity

by Brian Powell

This book endeavours to unravel the complicated skeins of Japanese theatre in the modern period and offers an appreciation of the richness of choice of presentational and representational theatre forms.


Information and Behavior: Systems of Influence

by Richard A. Winett

First Published in 1986. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Global Greenhouse Regime: Who Pays?

by Kirk R. Smith & Peter Hayes

Effective policies to prevent global warming and climatic change are urgently required by the world community. However, international negotiations on this issue repeatedly come up against the problems of allocating...

Innovative Possibilities: Global Policing Research and Practice

by Les Johnston & Clifford Shearing

Innovative Possibilities: Global Policing Research and Practice brings together observations that reflect upon the state of police (and policing) across the globe and associated forms of policing scholarship...

Richard Storry - Collected Writings

by Richard Storry & Ian Nish

This volume of the Collected Writings of Modern Western Scholars on Japan series, published under the Japan Library imprint, collects the work of Richard Storry on contempory issues and the history of Japan....

Couples and Body Therapy

by Barbara Jo Brothers

Bring the physical dimension into your therapeutic work with couples! This helpful book offers couples therapists new and powerful techniques derived from several body-oriented therapies. This fresh approach...

Politics and the Academy: Arnold Toynbee and the Koraes Chair

by Richard Clogg

First Published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Patrick Geddes and Town Planning: A Critical View

by Noah Hysler-Rubin

Patrick Geddes is considered a forefather of the modern urban planning movement. This book studies the various, and even opposing ways, in which Geddes has been interpreted up to this day, providing a new reading...

Negotiating the Self: Identity, Sexuality, and Emotion in Learning to Teach

by Kate Evans

First Published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.