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The Migrant Presence: Australian Responses 1947-1977

by Jean I. Martin

The Migrant Presence examines the way in which Australian institutions have responded to the influx of migrants of non-Anglo-Saxon origin, tracing the decline of assimilationist philosophy and the rising trend...

No Charity There: A short history of social welfare in Australia

by Brian Dickey

No Charity There provides the first general history of social welfare in Australia.

Intersexions: Gender/Class/Culture/Ethnicity

by Gillian Bottomley, Marie de Lepervanche & Jeannie Martin

Do writings about ethnicity, class and gender form a 'holy trinity' or challenge previous unidimensional analyses? Intersexions aims to understand the processes by which relations of power are maintained, reproduced...

Rethinking the School: Subjectivity, bureaucracy, criticism

by Ian Hunter

Rethinking the School is one of the first major applications of Foucault's genealogical method to the school system, and will be widely debated by educationalists, policy-makers and those interested in the interaction...

Feminine/Masculine and Representation

by Terry Threadgold & Anne Cranny-Francis

Feminine/Masculine and Representation examines important debates about gender and sexuality, representation and cultural politics, and provides an introduction to some of the fundamental issues of gender studies,...

Ethnicity, Class and Gender in Australia

by Gillian Bottomley & Marie de Lepervanche

Ethnicity, Class and Gender in Australia is a major study of the impact of immigration on Australian society, and of the fragmentation that has developed along ethnic, class and gender lines.

Gender at Work

by Ann Game & Rosemary Pringle

Gender at Work presents an account of how six fields of work have changed since WWII with regard to the inter-related themes of gender and sexuality, the organisation of work, and the impact of technological...

Australian Television: Programs, Pleasures and Politics

by John Tulloch & Graeme Turner

Australian Television is a comprehensive study of television in Australia, covering the cultural and institutional history of Australian television and examining of a wide range of television programming.

Australian Attitudes: Social and Political Analyses from the National Social Science Survey

by Jonathan Kelley & Clive Bean

Australian Attitudes presents a set of analyses from the National Social Science Survey which explore a wide range of interesting questions about the attitudes, values and behaviour of the Australian public....

Australian Ways: Anthropological Studies in an Industrialised Society

by Lenore Manderson

This collection illustrates the richness of data and analysis born of the anthropological study of contemporary white Australian society. Inspired by the need to demonstrate the especial skills and insights...

Last Man Standing: Media, Framing, and the 2012 Republican Primaries

by Danielle Sarver Coombs

When Barack Obama was re-elected president in November 2012, his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, took the blame for being alternately too moderate or too conservative; his vast wealth made him unappealing...

Soldier Repatriation: Popular and Political Responses

by Kaare Dahl Martinsen

Britain, Denmark and Germany all deployed soldiers soon after the 9/11 attacks, yet their role in Afghanistan and the casualty rates suffered, have been vastly different. This book looks at how their casualties...

Ordinary in Brighton?: LGBT, Activisms and the City

by Kath Browne & Leela Bakshi

Ordinary in Brighton? offers the first large scale examination of the impact of the UK equalities legislation on lesbian, gay, bi- and trans (LGBT) people themselves and the effects of these changes on the nature...

Women, Incarceration, and Human Rights Violations: Feminist Criminology and Corrections

by Alana Van Gundy & Amy Baumann-Grau

A rich examination of the neglect and abuses occurring to women in correctional facilities, Women, Incarceration, and Human Rights Violations draws upon a wealth of case studies from around the world and class...

HIV in World Cultures: Three Decades of Representations

by Gustavo Subero

This book analyses the way that HIV/AIDS is often narrativised and represented in contemporary world cultures, as well as the different strategies of remembrance deployed by different (sub)cultural groups affected...

Artistic Lives: A Study of Creativity in Two European Cities

by Kirsten Forkert

Artistic Lives challenges recent policy discourses that celebrate the ability of cultural producers to create something from nothing, and, more generally, the myth of creativity as an individual phenomenon,...

Violence, Society and Radical Theory: Bataille, Baudrillard and Contemporary Society

by William Pawlett

Shedding light on the relationship between violence and contemporary society, this volume explores the distinctive but little-known theories of violence in the work of Georges Bataille and Jean Baudrillard,...

The Liminal Worker: An Ethnography of Work, Unemployment and Precariousness in Contemporary Greece

by Manos Spyridakis

The Liminal Worker examines the experience of work, employment, employment insecurity and precariousness in a context of high unemployment and welfare state crisis in modern Greece. A theoretically-informed,...

State-led Privatisation and the Demise of the Democratic State: Welfare Reform and Localism in an Era of Regulatory Capitalism

by Mike Raco

Across the world the prevailing narrative has become one of Good Governance, devolution, liberation, and freedom of expression. In policy fields as diverse as development planning, healthcare, and public transport...

The Truth About Hillary: What She Knew, When She Knew It, and How Far She'll Go to Become President

by Edward Klein

Hillary Rodham Clinton is the most polarizing figure in American politics. Love her or hate her, everyone has a strong opinion about the former first lady turned senator who is almost certainly going to run...