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Reagan at Westminster: Foreshadowing the End of the Cold War

by Robert C. Rowland & John M. Jones

 President Ronald Reagan’s famous address to the Houses of Parliament is now considered to be the initial enunciation of his “Evil Empire” stance. In this important volume by two experienced rhetorical...

Late Quaternary Climate Change and Human Adaptation in Arid China

by D.B. Madsen, F. Chen & X. Gao

Due to political pressures, prior to the 1990s little was known about the nature of human foraging adaptations in the deserts, grasslands, and mountains of north western China during the last glacial period....

African Americans in South Texas History

by Bruce A. Glasrud, Larry P. Knight & Cary D. Wintz

The history of South Texas is more racially and ethnically complex than many people realize. As a border area, South Texas has experienced some especially interesting forms of racial and ethnic intersection,...

The Garden Club of America: One Hundred Years of a Growing Legacy

by William Seale

How women changed the American landscape from planting war victory gardens to saving the redwoods, beautifying the highway to creating horticultural standards.

In 1904, Elizabeth Price Martin founded the Garden...

Fiction and Social Research: By Ice or Fire

by Anna Banks & Stephen P. Banks

Fiction and Social Research brings together writers from a variety of disciplines to explore and illustrate the possibilities of new narrative forms in social research. At the intersections of fiction, ethnography,...

New Ways of Doing Business

by Ann M. Kieffaber, Mark A. Abramson & John P. Bartkowski

In their introduction, the editors of New Ways of Doing Business assert that in retrospect, it will be apparent that today's government, that of the early years of the 21st century, "was undergoing its most...

Irreconcilable Differences?: Explaining Czechoslovakia's Dissolution

by Michael Kraus & Allison Stanger

This unique volume brings together a multi-disciplinary group of scholars as well as Czech and Slovak decisionmakers who were personally involved in the events leading up to the separation of Czechoslovakia....

Correctional Counseling and Rehabilitation

by Patricia Van Voorhis & Emily Salisbury

This text presents foundations of correctional intervention, including overviews of the major systems of therapeutic intervention, diagnosis of mental illness, and correctional assessment and classification....

American Criminal Courts: Legal Process and Social Context

by Casey Welch & John Randolph Fuller

American Criminal Courts: Legal Process and Social Context provides a complete picture of both the theory and day-to-day reality of criminal courts in the United States. The book begins by exploring how democratic...

Unrivalled Influence: Women and Empire in Byzantium

by Judith Herrin

Unrivalled Influence explores the exceptional roles that women played in the vibrant cultural and political life of medieval Byzantium. Written by one of the world's foremost historians of the Byzantine millennium,...

The Business of Sports: A Primer for Journalists

by Mark Conrad

This volume provides journalists with the foundation for understanding the various parts of the sports business, and explores structure, governance, labor issues, and other business factors within the sports...

International Ethics: Concepts, Theories, and Cases in Global Politics

by Mark R. Amstutz

Now in a comprehensively revised and updated edition, International Ethics cogently demonstrates that moral values and ethical reasoning are indispensable in global politics. Through balanced arguments and a...

Developing Ecological Consciousness: The End of Separation

by Christopher Uhl

Developing Ecological Consciousness is a unique introduction to environmental studies. In Chistopher Uhl's view it is time to acknowledge the ways that our cultural conditioning leads to separation from self,...

Brokers of Deceit: How the U.S. Has Undermined Peace in the Middle East

by Rashid Khalidi

Winner of the 2014 Lionel Trilling Book Award

An examination of the failure of the United States as a broker in the Palestinian-Israeli peace process, through three key historical moments


For more than seven...

In Search of Progressive America

by Michael Kazin, Frans Becker & Menno Hurenkamp

The era of conservative dominance in the U.S. appears to be stumbling. But is the Left ready to step into the breach? In Search of Progressive America is a collection of ten essays by prominent writers that...

Liberia: The Violence of Democracy

by Mary H. Moran

Moran argues that democracy is not a foreign import into Africa, but that essential aspects of what we in the West consider democratic values are part of the indigenous traditions of legitimacy and political...

Fundamental Differences: Feminists Talk Back to Social Conservatives

by Burack & Josephson

This book brings together lucid interdisciplinary critiques of social conservative politics and ideas in the areas of welfare, family and school policy, gender representation, and conservative doctrine.

On Becoming a Person: A Therapist's View of Psychotherapy

by Carl Rogers

The late Carl Rogers, founder of the humanistic psychology movement, revolutionized psychotherapy with his concept of "client-centered therapy." His influence has spanned decades, but that influence has become...

A History of Future Cities

by Daniel Brook

One of The Washington Post's "Favorite Books of 2013"

A pioneering exploration of four cities where East meets West and past becomes future: St. Petersburg, Shanghai, Mumbai, and Dubai. Every month, five million...

The Baltic Transformed: Complexity Theory and European Security

by Walter C., Jr. Clemens

Why isn't the Baltic region like the Balkans? Why have the Baltic republics not experienced ethnic cleansing, border wars, authoritarian rule, and social chaos? Instead, peace, democracy, and market economies...