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Hate Crime

by Nathan Hall

Since the publication of the first edition of 'Hate Crime' in 2005, interest in this subject as a scholarly and political domain has grown considerably both in Britain and North America, but significantly also...

Development and the Environment in East Timor

by Christopher J. Shepherd

Focusing on rural development and environmental management, this book brings together the detailed history of development in East Timor under two colonial regimes and under the contemporary conditions of national...

War Stories: The Culture of Foreign Correspondents

by Mark Pedelty

What are the influences on war correspondents as they report on events in war-torn countries? Mark Pedelty explores the lives, work and culture of the international press corps, examining the institutions, practices,...

Turning Troubles Into Problems: Clientization in Human Services

by Jaber F. Gubrium & Margaretha Järvinen

Human service professionals deal with a wide range of problems, from child abuse, parenting issues, and elderly care, to addictions, mental illness, sexual assault, unemployment, and criminality. These must...

Politics and the Internet in Comparative Context: Views from the Cloud

by Paul Nixon, Rajash Rawal & Dan Mercea

For many years now we have witnessed the developing use of the internet and associated technologies by political actors and organisations. Claims and counter claims have been made as its suitability as a tool...

Accumulation: The Material Politics of Plastic

by Jennifer Gabrys, Gay Hawkins & Mike Michael

From food punnets to credit cards, plastic facilitates every part of our daily lives. It has become central to processes of contemporary socio-material living. Universalised and abstracted, it is often treated...

The Deporter: One Agent's Struggle Against the U.S. Government's Refusal to Expel Criminal Aliens

by Ames Holbrook

"We have an immigration crisis in our country, all right, and it is a good deal more demonstrably wrong than the millions of illegal immigrants in the shadows. It is costlier to the fabric of American life than...

Stabilization Operations, Security and Development: States of Fragility

by Robert Muggah

This edited volume provides a critical overview of the new stabilization agenda in international relations.

The primary focus of so-called stability operations since 9/11 has been Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq....

The United States and Great Power Responsibility in International Society: Drones, Rendition and Invasion

by Wali Aslam

This book evaluates American foreign policy actions from the perspective of great power responsibility, with three case studies: Operation Iraqi Freedom, American drone strikes in Pakistan and the post- 9/11...

Religion in the Context of Globalization: Essays on Concept, Form, and Political Implication

by Peter Beyer

Peter Beyer has been a central figure in the debate about religion and globalization for many years, this volume is a collection of essays on the relation between religion and globalization with special emphasis...

Practising Social Inclusion

by Ann Taket, Beth R. Crisp & Melissa Graham

Practising Social Inclusion presents what we know about what works, and why, in promoting social inclusion and practising in a socially inclusive way.

Contributing to the growing debates on social inclusion,...

Handbook of Chinese Criminology

by Liqun Cao, Ivan Y. Sun & Bill Hebenton

As the world's second largest economy, China has made great progress in developing criminology. The Routledge Handbook of Chinese Criminology aims to be a key reference point to summarize the large body of literature...

The Making of Channel 4

by Peter Catterall

Channel 4 had been a matter of controversy for years even before it came on the air in November 1982. There were lengthy debates about what its role would be and the part to be played by the ITV companies and...

Television and Social Behavior: Beyond Violence and Children / A Report of the Committee on Television and Social Behavior, Social Science Research Co

by Stephen B. Withey & Ronald P. Abeles

This book, published originally in 1980, addressed the needs for a profile of televised violence which considered the advantages and disadvantages of various measures and for a furthering of research directions...

Classics of International Relations: Essays in Criticism and Appreciation

by Henrik Bliddal, Casper Sylvest & Peter Wilson

Classics of International Relations provides concise introductions to and appraisals of classic works on international relations since 1900 aimed at advanced undergraduates, postgraduates, and lecturers.

E-Government in China: Technology, Power and Local Government Reform

by Jesper Schlæger

This book looks at how information and communication technology and e-government influences power relations in public administration in China. It highlights the role of technology in combating corruption, and...

War, Identity and the Liberal State: Everyday Experiences of the Geopolitical in the Armed Forces

by Victoria Basham

This book critically examines the significance of gender, race and sexuality to wars waged by liberal states. Drawing on original field-research with British soldiers, it offers insights into how their everyday...

Texas Politics 4th Edition: Governing the Lone Star State

by Cal Jillson

The fourth edition of this popular text is now expanded to better fit the needs of a standalone Texas Politics course. Jillson continues to approach the politics of the Lone Star State from historical, developmental,...

Iranian Foreign Policy Since 2001

by Thomas Juneau & Sam Razavi

Examining Iranian foreign policy, with a focus on the years since 2001, this book analyses the defining feature of Iran's international and regional posture, its strategic loneliness, and the implications of...

Climate Change and the Private Sector: Scaling Up Private Sector Response to Climate Change

by Craig A. Hart

Climate Change and the Private Sector explores the challenges of transforming our energy infrastructure to become carbon neutral and adapting to climate change in the twenty-first century. It examines the critical...