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Environmental Hazards: Assessing Risk and Reducing Disaster

by Keith Smith

This is a well-written and generously illustrated overview of all the natural and technological events that threaten humans and what they value. It draws on the latest research across the physical and human...

Policing for London

by Marian FitzGerald, Mike Hough & Ian Joseph

Taking into account the findings of the Policing for London project, this book identifies the key issues facing policing in London. It provides a vital blueprint for addressing the question of police reform...

Street Crime

by Simon Hallsworth

Street crime remains high on the public and political agenda, and is frequently the subject of media attention and concern. This book aims to provide a detailed and accessible account of the phenomenon, placing...

Mastering Social Work Supervision

by Jane Wonnacott

This book is an accessible guide to the essential skills of social work supervision. It covers the development of the supervisorâ??supervisee relationship, the assessment and management of risk, understanding...

Policing Beyond MacPherson

by Mike Rowe

This book explores the many ways in which The Lawrence Report (1999) has impacted on the police service, and on society more widely. It also assesses the extent to which, in retrospect, the Macpherson Inquiry...

Out of Sight

by Robert McAuley

Youth crime is simultaneously a social problem and an intrinsic part of consumer culture: while images of gangs and gangsters are used to sell global commodities, young people not in work and education are labelled...

My Brother's Keeper

by Jonathan Burnside, Joanna R. Adler & Nancy Loucks

Ten years ago there were no faith-based units in prisons outside South America. Today, they are spreading all over the world, including the United States, Europe and the Commonwealth. My Brother's Keeper is...

Narratives of Neglect

by Jacqui Karn

This book tells the story of the process leading up to the demolition of a small council estate in the north of England and its subsequent regeneration. Based on extensive ethnographic research, it addresses...

Offending Identities

by Kirsty Hudson

This book aims to explore sex offenders' perspectives of the way they are treated and managed. Whilst a great deal has been written about sex offenders and their treatment within the criminal justice system,...

Managing Persistent Serious Offenders in the Community

by Robin Moore, Emily Gray & Colin Roberts

In recent years, the establishment of community programmes for offenders has become an important new component of penal policy. Expectations of these programmes have been high, but the evidence relating to their...

A Fair Hearing?

by Stephen Shute, Roger Hood & Florence Seemungal

This book reports on research which investigates the perceptions of ethnic minorities concerning their treatment in the criminal courts. It examines the extent to which ethnic minority defendants and witnesses...

Dealing with Disaffection

by Tim Newburn, Michael Shiner & Tara Young

Disaffected youth has been a subject of increasing attention in recent years, and one of the most talked about forms of intervention in this difficult area has been 'mentoring'. This book, based on a large-scale...

Criminal Enterprise

by Christopher Harding

This is a study of agency in the field of criminal liability, considering the respective roles of individuals and organisations and the allocation of criminal responsibility to these different kinds of actor....

Minority Nationalist Parties and European Integration: A Comparative Study

by Anwen Elias

Different survey-based and case study research has shown that, since the 1980s, minority nationalist parties have become increasingly supportive of European integration. However, this account of minority nationalist...

The Price of Sex

by Belinda Brooks-Gordon

As a society we are buying more sex than ever before. Adult sex shops now take their place amongst retailers in the high street and lap dancing clubs compete for an increased share of the leisure economy; hotel...

Policing Northern Ireland

by Aogan Mulcahy

This book provides an account and analysis of policing in Northern Ireland, following the RUC (Royal Ulster Constabulary) from the start of 'the troubles' in the 1960s up to 1999. It focuses on three key aspects...

Pathways Crime Prevention

by Alan France & Ross Homel

This book considers the development of prevention policies and approaches that involve intervention 'early' in the lives of children, young people and their families. It addresses a number of key challenges,...

Out of Order

by Mary Corcoran

Drawing up on a wide range of first hand accounts and interviews, this book provides a comprehensive account of the imprisonment of women for politically motivated offences in Northern Ireland between 1972 and...

Organised Crime

by Alan Wright

This book is essential reading for both students and practitioners in the police and other law enforcement agencies who have a concern with organised crime worldwide. It provides an accessible introduction to...

The New Punitiveness

by John Pratt, David Brown & Mark Brown

Throughout much of the western world more and more people are being sent to prison, one of a number of changes inspired by a 'new punitiveness' in penal and political affairs. This book seeks to understand these...