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Voting and Migration Patterns in the Us

by George Hawley

In recent years, political scientists and journalists have taken a great interest in the question of whether the American electorate is "sorting" into communities based on partisan affiliation. That is, there...

The Ethics of Kinship: Ethnographic Inquiries

by James Faubion

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Questioning Gypsy Identity: Ethnic Narratives in Britain and America

by Brian A. Belton

Questioning Gypsy Identity: Ethnic Narratives in Britain and America critically examines stories of Gypsy lives against the framework of social theories that illustrate how identity arises out of the cultural...

Politics in the Human Interest: Applying Sociology in the Real World

by Du William Bois & Dean R. Wright

This book presents the striking proposition that by paying attention to what's been learned about human behavior, we can develop a political agenda that is in the human interest. Such values provide the basis...

Iran's Nuclear Diplomacy: Power Politics and Conflict Resolution

by Bernd Kaussler

This book examines the dynamics of relations and the substance of the negotiations between the international community and Iran over the latter's nuclear programme.

Iran's nuclear programme and the alleged...

New Dimensions of Chinese Foreign Policy

by Sujian Guo & Shiping Hua

The concept 'peaceful development' has become the new thinking in Chinese foreign policy under the fourth-generation leadership. But what are the new dimensions of Chinese foreign policy and how do they impact...

Handbook of Canadian Foreign Policy

by Patrick James, Nelson Michaud & Marc O'Reilly

Handbook of Canadian Foreign Policy is the most comprehensive book of its kind, offering an updated examination of Canada's international role some 15 years after the dismantling of the Berlin Wall ushered in...

Audience Transformations: Late Modernity's Shifting Audience Positions: Shifting Audience Positions in Late Modernity

by Nico Carpentier, Kim Christian Schrøder & Lawrie Hallett

The concept of the audience is changing. In the twenty-first century there are novel configurations of user practices and technological capabilities that are altering the way we understand and trust media organizations...

Symbolic Interaction: An Introduction to Social Psychology

by Larry T. Reynolds & Nancy J. Herman

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Feminist Interventions in International Communication: Minding the Gap

by Katharine Sarikakis & Leslie Regan Shade

This cutting-edge work critiques today's global mediascape through feminist perspectives, highlighting concerns of policy, power, labor, and technology. Starting with the state of international communications,...

Local Citizenship in Recent Countries of Immigration: Japan in Comparative Perspective

by Takeyuki Tsuda

Since the late 1980s, Japan has been experiencing significant levels of immigration primarily from Asian and Latin American countries due to severe domestic labor shortages. Local Citizenship in Recent Countries...

San Spirituality: Roots, Expression, and Social Consequences

by David J. Lewis-Williams & D. G. Pearce

At the intersection between western culture and Africa, we find the San people of the Kalahari desert. Once called Bushmen, the San have survived many characterizations-from pre-human animals by the early European...

Historical Archaeology in Africa: Representation, Social Memory, and Oral Traditions

by Peter R. Schmidt

Historical Archaeology in Africa is an inquiry into the questions that count, proposing different ways of thinking about historical archaeology. Peter Schmidt challenges readers to expand their horizons beyond...

Gifts of Time and Money: The Role of Charity in America's Communities

by Arthur C. Brooks

Policymakers, civic leaders, and scholars have increasingly focused their attention over the last decade and a half on the importance of voluntary participation in civil society. What mobilizes giving and volunteering?...

From Deterrence to Engagement: The U.S. Defense Commitment to South Korea

by Terence Roehrig

From Deterrence to Engagement provides a comprehensive examination of the U.S.-South Korea defense relationship from 1945 to the present. Using deterrence theory as its framework, this work explores the evolving...

Marxism Against Postmodernism in Educational Theory

by Dave Hill, Peter McLaren & Mike Cole

Written by renowned British and American educational theorists, Marxism Against Postmodernism in Educational Theory-a substantially revised edition of the original 1999 work- examines the infusion of postmodernism...

Urban Smellscapes: Understanding and Designing City Smell Environments

by Victoria Henshaw

Urban Smellscapes is a historical and practical guide to designing smell environments in the city.

Audience Research Methodologies: Between Innovation and Consolidation

by Geoffroy Patriarche, Helena Bilandzic & Jakob Linaa Jensen

The transformations of people's relations to media content, technologies and institutions raise new methodological challenges and opportunities for audience research. This edited volume aims at contributing...

The Unemployed Man and His Family: The Effect of Unemployment Upon the Status of the Man in Fifty-Nine Families

by Mirra Komarovsky & Michael S. Kimmel

Noted sociologist and feminist Mirra Komarovsky interviewed 59 families between 1935-36 to study man's role as economic provider. The result is an unprecedented study of masculinity and depression and the effect...

Dialogues on Migration Policy

by Marco Giugni & Florence Passy

Dialogues on Migration Policy brings together leading American and European scholars of immigration politics to address migration policy. Editors Marco Giugni and Florence Passy's aim to present a number of...