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The Islam/West Debate: Documents from a Global Debate on Terrorism, U.S. Policy, and the Middle East

by David Blankenhorn, Abdou Filali-Ansary & Hassan I. Mneimneh

In 2002, sixty prominent American intellectuals released an open letter defending the use of military force against al-Qa'ida, sparking an impassioned international debate unlike any other, in which jihadists,...

Shop 'til You Drop: Consumer Behavior and American Culture

by Arthur Asa Berger

Are Americans obsessed with shopping? Shop 'til You Drop is a lively look at our consumer culture and its role in our everyday lives and society. Arthur Asa Berger considers the sacred roots of consumer culture,...

Net-Works: Workplace Change in the Global Economy: A Critical and Practical Guide

by Marvin Finkelstein

This book offers a systematic approach not only to understanding workplace change, but alternative models and practical steps that can be taken to create change. It demonstrates how the sociological perspective...

Modern American Diplomacy

by George C. Herring & John M. Carroll

SR Books is proud to make available the revised and enlarged edition of the classic text Modern American Diplomacy, first published in 1986. The editors have thoroughly updated this important work to reflect...

Managing America's Small Communities: People, Politics, and Performance

by David H. Folz & Edward P. French

In their book, Managing America's Small Communities, David Folz and P. Edward French examine the relevant trends, executive behavior, service quality, and service performance measurement in small communities....

Globalization and America: Race, Human Rights, and Inequality

by Angela J. Hattery, David G. Embrick & Earl Smith

Hattery, Embrick, and Smith present a collection of essays that explore the ways in which issues of human rights and social inequality are shared globally. The editors focus on the United States' role in contributing...

Ethnographic Archaeologies: Reflections on Stakeholders and Archaeological Practices

by Christopher N. Matthews, Quetzil E. Castañeda & Queztil E. Castañeda

Ethnographic Archaeologies examines the role of ethnography in public archaeology, offering fresh insights into theories that advocate the engagement of archaeologists and archaeological investigations with...

Ethnic Studies Research: Approaches and Perspectives

by Timothy P. Fong

An invaluable resource for students and service practitioners alike, Ethnic Studies Research reflects on important trends in ethnic studies offering a breadth of understanding on critical topics pertaining to...

Whites Confront Racism: Antiracists and their Paths to Action

by Eileen O'Brien

This book asserts the distinctive place that whites can take in the fight for racial justice, bringing together interviews with white antiracist activists from across North America. Avoiding the typical white...

White Man Falling: Race, Gender, and White Supremacy

by Abby L. Ferber

Ferber's provocative critique examines white supremacists' firm belief that white men are becoming victims and the repercussions of their attempts to assert white male power.

Violence against Women

by Raquel Kennedy Bergen, Claire M. Renzetti & Dawn Beichner

This is an edited volume of 12 articles previously published in Social Problems that may be considered among the most influential in the development of the sociological study of violence against women.

Transmitting Inequality: Wealth and the American Family

by Yuval Elmelech

In this authoritative study, Elmelech investigates the role that generational heritage plays in social stratification. Transmitting Inequality provides the essential theoretical framework for examining the institutional...

Travels in Paradox: Remapping Tourism

by Tim Oakes, Claudio Minca & Kathleen Adams

This innovative volume focuses on tourism through the twin lenses of cultural theory and cultural geography. Presenting a set of innovative case studies on tourist places around the world, the contributors explore...

The Promise of Alliance: NATO and the Political Imagination

by Ian Q.R. Thomas

The nature and function of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) are uncertain now that the alliance has accomplished its primary objective of defending Western Europe from the perceived Soviet threat....

Technology and Values

by Laura Westra, Kristin Shrader-Frechette & Danny Cohen

Technology and Values provides a highly useful collection of essays organized around issues related to science, technology, public health, economics, the environment, and ethical theory. The editors present...

Richard Rorty: Politics and Vision

by Christopher J. Voparil

This book offers a fresh perspective on Richard Rorty by situating his work in the arena of political theory. Reinterpreting Rorty's much-maligned antirepresentationalism as a Romantic affirmation of the power...

Rothschild and Early Jewish Colonization in Palestine

by Ran Aaronsohn

It is commonly accepted that the initial Jewish resettlement of the Holy Land in the late nineteenth century laid the foundations of the State of Israel. But what were the key elements of that process, and who...

Tradition in the Twenty-First Century: Locating the Role of the Past in the Present

by Trevor J. Blank & Robert Glenn Howard

In Tradition in the Twenty-First Century, eight diverse contributors explore the role of tradition in contemporary folkloristics. For more than a century, folklorists have been interested in locating sources...

The Command: Deep Inside the President's Secret Army

by Marc Ambinder & D. B. Grady

The U.S. Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) has proven to be the most lethal weapon in the president's arsenal. Shrouded in secrecy, the Command has done more to degrade the capacity of terrorists to attack...

A Nation of Wusses: How America's Leaders Lost the Guts to Make Us Great

by Ed Rendell

Governor Ed Rendell explains why America's leaders rarely call for sacrifice for the greater good-to avoid making any sacrifices themselves!

Rendell has seen job security become the primary consideration of any...