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Migrant Marginality: A Transnational Perspective: A Transnational Perspective

by Philip Kretsedemas, Jorge Capetillo-Ponce & Glenn Jacobs

This edited book uses migrant marginality to problematize several different aspects of global migration. It examines how many different societies have defined their national identities, cultural values and terms...

The Treadmill of Crime: Political Economy and Green Criminology

by Paul B Stretesky, Michael A Long & Michael J Lynch

Drawing on the work of Allan Schnaiberg, this book returns political economy to green criminology and examines how the expansion of capitalism shapes environmental law, crime and justice. The book is organized...

Cognition and Crime: Offender Decision Making and Script Analyses

by Benoit Leclerc & Richard Wortley

The rational choice perspective developed by Cornish and Clarke in 1986 provides criminologists with a valuable and practical framework for purposes of crime control and prevention. More than twenty-five years...

Irish Insanity 1800-2000: 1800 2000

by Damien Brennan

The national public asylum system in Ireland was established during the early nineteenth century and continued to operate up to the close of the twentieth century. These asylums / mental hospitals were a significant...

Sustainability: If It's Everything, Is It Nothing?

by Heather M. Farley & Zachary A. Smith

A new definition of "sustainability" is needed so that it no longer means everything to everyone but instead evokes the necessity for humans to operate within the natural limits of the environment - the foundational...

The Women S Movement in Protest, Institutions and the Internet: Australia in Transnational Perspective

by Sarah Maddison & Marian Sawer

The death of feminism is regularly proclaimed in the West. Yet at the same time feminism has never had such an extensive presence, whether in international norms and institutions, or online in blogs and social...

Mobile Narratives: Travel, Migration, and Transculturation: Travel, Migration, and Transculturation

by Eleftheria Arapoglou, Mónika Fodor & Jopi Nyman

Emphasizing the role of travel and migration in the performance and transformation of identity, this volume addresses representations of travel, mobility, and migration in 19th-21st-century travel writing, literature,...

Critical Realist Activity Theory: An Engagement with Critical Realism and Cultural-Historical Activity Theory

by Iskra Nunez

Critical Realist Activity Theory provides an exciting new contribution to the New Studies in Critical Realism and Education series by showing how the nature of learning is tantamount to the critical realist...

Crimes of Mobility: Criminal Law and the Regulation of Immigration

by Ana Aliverti

This book examines the role of criminal law in the enforcement of immigration controls over the last two decades in Britain. The criminalization of immigration status has historically served functions of exclusion...

Naval Modernisation in South-East Asia: Nature, Causes and Consequences

by Geoffrey Till & Jane Chan

This edited volume analyses the naval arms race in South-East Asia, and reviews the content, purposes and consequences of the naval policies and development of the main countries of the region.

The rise of naval...

The Routledge Handbook of International Crime and Justice Studies

by Bruce Arrigo & Heather Bersot

The Routledge Handbook of International Crime and Justice Studies presents the enduring debates and emerging challenges in crime and justice studies from an international and multi-disciplinary perspective....

Governance, Development, and Social Work

by Chathapuram S. Ramanathan & Subhabrata Dutta

This book explores how many issues related to development and governance -including migration, disaster management, environmental justice, peace and security, sustainability, public-private partnerships, and...

Interpreting Global Security

by Mark Bevir, Oliver Daddow & Ian Hall

This edited collection explores the fruitfulness of applying an interpretive approach to the study of global security. The interpretive approach concentrates on unpacking the meanings and beliefs of various...

Gender and Public Relations: Critical Perspectives on Voice, Image and Identity: Critical Perspectives on Voice, Image and Identity

by Christine Daymon & Kristin Demetrious

Although there is a small body of feminist scholarship that problematizes gender in public relations, gender is a relatively undefined area of thinking in the field and there have been few serious studies of...

Rural Livelihoods and the Ecotourism / Extraction Nexus: Political Economies and Rural Realities of (Un)Comfortable Bedfellows

by Bram Büscher & Veronica Davidov

Ecotourism and natural resource extraction may be seen as contradictory pursuits, yet in reality they often take place side by side, sometimes even supported by the same institutions. Existing academic and policy...

My Father's Wars: Migration, Memory, and the Violence of a Century

by Alisse Waterston

My Father's Wars is an anthropologist's vivid account of her father's journey across continents, countries, cultures, generations, and wars. It is a daughter's moving portrait of a charming, funny, wounded and...

Public Relations: The Basics

by Ron Smith

Public Relations: The Basics is a highly readable introduction to one of the most exciting and fast-paced media industries. Both the practice and profession of public relations are explored and the focus is...

Northern Security and Global Politics: Nordic-Baltic Strategic Influence in a Post-Unipolar World

by Ann-Sofie Dahl & Pauli Järvenpää

This book takes a comprehensive approach to security in the Nordic-Baltic region, studying how this region is affected by developments in the international system.

The advent of the new millennium coincided...

Claiming the International

by Arlene B. Tickner & David L. Blaney

This book explores the possibilities of alternative worldings beyond those authorized by the disciplinary norms and customs of International Relations. In response to the boundary-drawing practices of IR that...

Domestic Violence in Asia: Globalization, Gender and Islam in the Maldives

by Emma Fulu

This book explores changing patterns of domestic violence in Asia. Based on extensive original research in the Maldives, it argues that forces of globalisation, consumerism, Islamism and democratisation are...