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The Nature of the Japanese State: Rationality and Rituality

by Brian J. Mcveigh

Brian J. McVeigh uses a unique anthropological approach to step outside flawed stereotypes of Japanese society and really engage in the current debate over the role of bureaucracy in Japanese politics.

To many...

Social Perspectives in Lesbian and Gay Studies: A Reader

by Peter M. Nardi & Beth E. Schneider

This comprehensive reader brings a social science perspective to an area hitherto dominated by the humanities. Through it, students will be able to follow the story of how sociology has come to engage with gay...

Collective Action in the European Union: Interests and the New Politics of Associability

by Mark Aspinwall & Justin Greenwood

Collective Action in the European Union addresses fundamental questions surrounding the European political economy. The impressive array of contributors ask how and why collective action is formed at the European...

Boundaries in an Overconnected World: Setting Limits to Preserve Your Focus, Privacy, Relationships, and Sanity

by Anne Katherine

Prescriptive advice for how to handle all sorts of challenges from being online and connected, whether it's maintaining your family's privacy, online dating, chat rooms, work boundaries, email etiquette, etc....

History of British Film (Volume 4): The History of the British Film 1918 - 1929

by Rachael Low

This set is one of the cornerstones of film scholarship, and one of the most important works on twentieth century British culture. Published between 1948 and 1985, the volumes document all aspects of film making...

Managing Political Change in Singapore: The Elected Presidency

by Lam Peng Er & Kevin Tan

The Singapore parliament's creation of an elected presidency in 1991 was the biggest constitutional and political change in Singapore's modern era. This multi-disciplinary study gathers papers from leading scholars...

History of Art: A Students' Handbook

by Marcia Pointon

History of Art covers training and vocational aspects of Art History, providing a wealth of information on the different kinds of courses available on the relationship between, for example, museum and gallery...

Life in a Japanese Women's College: Learning to Be Ladylike

by Brian J. Mcveigh

One third of the Japanese female workforce are 'office ladies' and their training takes place in the many women's junior colleges. Office ladies are low-wage, low-status secretaries who have little or no job...

In the Culture Society: Art, Fashion and Popular Music

by Angela McRobbie

How do different artistic and cultural practices develop in the contemporary consumer culture? Providing a new direction in cultural studies as well as a vigorous defence of the field, Angela McRobbie's new...

Media Production Agreements: A User's Guide for Film and Programme Makers

by Philip Alberstat

Media Production Agreements is an invaluable reference tool for film, television and video producers and has been written specifically for all those involved in the media industry. Providing legal information...

The European Film Production Guide: Finance - Tax - Legislation France - Germany - Italy - Spain - UK

by Arthur Andersen

The European Film Production Guide sets out in one comprehensive volume the major economic, financial and business considerations which independent producers need to bear in mind when making films in or with...

The Dynamics of Japanese Organizations

by Franz-Jurgen Richter

This book assessess the organizational flexibility and pragmatism of Japanese management styles and contrasts this with Western management approaches which focus more closely on patterns of stability. Issues...

Genocide After Emotion: The Post-Emotional Balkan War

by Stjepan Mestrovic

The failure to adequately respond on the part of the major Western superpowers to the atrocities in the Balkans constitutes a major moral and political scandal. In Genocide after Emotion Mestrovic and the contributors...

The Casablanca Man: The Cinema of Michael Curtiz

by Dr James C Robertson & James Robertson

Michael Curtiz (1888-1962) was without doubt one of the most important directors in film history, yet he has never been granted his deserved recognition and no full-scale work on him has previously been published....

The New Rich in Asia: Mobile Phones, McDonald's and Middle Class Revolution

by David SG Goodman & Richard Robison

This is the first volume in the The New Rich in Asia series which examines the economic, social and political construction of the 'new rich' in the countries and territories of East and South East Asia, as...

Beyond the New Right: Markets, Government and the Common Environment

by John Gray

John Gray is now established as one of the UK's leading political thinkers. For over a decade he has been asssociated with the ideas and think-tanks of the New Right. In this book he presents both a criticism...

Harmless Lovers: Gender, Theory and Personal Relationships

by Mike Gane

This book examines the interconnections of gender theory and lived gender relationships of some of the key social theorists of the classical period (1789 - 1920): Wollstonecraft, Godwin, Enfantin, Comte, Marx,...

The Needs of Children

by M. K. Pringle

'A compelling book' - Observer ' exceptionally clear and comprehensive synthesis of current research findings made readily comprehensible to both parents and teachers' - Dr M Levy in the Foreword to the...

Watching Dallas: Soap Opera and the Melodramatic Imagination

by Ien Ang

Dallas, one of the great internationally-screened soap operas, offers us first and foremost entertainment. But what is it about Dallas that makes that entertainment so successful, and how exactly is its entertainment...

The Civil Service in Liberal Democracies: An Introductory Survey

by John Kingdom

The civil service provides the administrative infrastructure of western government. Its functions are central to any question of efficiency, the distribution of power in the state, the role of the state in society...