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World Politics since 1945

by Peter Calvocoressi

“The most lucid, comprehensive, intelligent and reliable account of post-war modern history on the market.”                                    Teaching Politics


An Introduction to International Relations Theory: Perspectives and Themes

by , Jill Steans, , Lloyd Pettiford & Thomas Diez

This long-awaited new edition has been fully updated and revised by the original authors as well as two new members of the author team. Based on many years of active research and teaching it takes the discipline's...

Matters of Sport: Essays in Honour of Eric Dunning

by Dominic Malcolm & Ivan Waddington

Matters of Sport is a tribute to Eric Dunning, the leading sports sociologist in the English-speaking world. This book addresses Dunning's contributions to the sociological and historical study of sport, covering...

The Oriental Tale in England in the Eighteenth Century

Understanding FDI-Assisted Economic Development

by Sanjaya Lall & Rajneesh Narula

It is nowadays well accepted that both economic growth and development are highly dependent on improving not just the availability of capital, but also access to technological capabilities, infrastructure and...

Sport Tourism

by Heather J. Gibson

The study of sport tourism is on the cusp of moving from a descriptive phase of research into an analytical phase. Consequently, many academics and graduate students are searching for theories upon which to...

Religion and Politics in Turkey

by Barry Rubin & Ali Çarkoglu

Over the last decade the once marginal extreme right of the Turkish ideological spectrum has grown in size as well as in influence and has effectively reshaped party competition in Turkey. Policy mandates and...

Protecting the Bosnian Peace

by David Chandler

Ten years on from the signing of the Dayton Peace Agreement in November 1995, the legacy of the Bosnian war still shapes every aspect of the political, social and economic environment of the tiny state.


Politics and the Culture of Control: Politics and the Culture of Control

by Matt Matravers

In the last thirty years, the USA and the UK have witnessed a profound change in the way in which we think about and respond to crime and social control. Crime has become part of everyday life as, for many citizens,...

Mobilising Politics and Society?: The Eu Convention's Impact on Southern Europe

by Sonia Lucarelli & Claudio Radaelli

Mobilising Politics and Society offers a timely analysis of the European Union Convention's impact on the domestic political systems, and civil society in Southern Europe. It provides country chapters on Portugal,...

Middle East and North African Immigrants in Europe: Current Impact; Local and National Responses

by Dr. Ahmed Al-Shahi & Richard Lawless

Fourteen specialists from across the European Union discuss current issues regarding Middle Eastern and North African immigrants in Europe, focusing on topics such as immigration legislation, assimilation, integration,...

Foreign Office and British Diplomacy in the Twenti

by Gaynor Johnson

This book examines the evolution of the Foreign Office in the 20th century and the way in which it has responded to Britain's changing role in international affairs. The last century was one of unprecedented...

Fascism as a Totalitarian Movement

by Roger Griffin

9/11 and its aftermath demonstrate the urgent need for political scientists and historians to unravel the tangled relationship of secular ideologies and organized religions to political fanaticism.

This major...

Politics in Southeast Asia: Democracy or Less

by William Case

This volume provides an introduction to the politics of the five key southeast Asian states - Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines - and is intended as a textbook for undergraduate and...

Employment in Asia: Reflections and New Directions

by Peter Holland, Julian Teicher & Richard Gough

This book focuses on new developments in employment in Asia. The context for this discussion is provided by the processes of globalisation, and the associated debate on labour standards. Individual chapters...

Democratic Decentralisation Through a Natural Reso: Cases from Africa, Asia and Latin America

by Jesse C. Ribot & Anne M. Larson

This volume queries the state and effect of the global decentralization movement through the study of natural resource decentralizations in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The case studies presented here use...

Between Terrorism and Civil War: The Al-Aqsa Intifada

by Clive Jones & Ami Pedahzur

This volume seeks to explore whether the current violence, its origins and dynamics can best be understood as a manifestation of civil war. In so doing, it considers how the use of violence by all parties has...

Understanding Islamic Architecture

by Attilo Petruccioli & Khalil K. Pirani

The ongoing debate among practitioners and in academia about the meaning and understanding of Islamic architecture will be energized by this book. It contains essays by architects and academics from various...

Propaganda and Information in Eastern India 1939-45: A Necessary Weapon of War

by Sanjoy Bhattacharya

This is a study of the social, political, economic and public health aspects of the Second World War in South Asia, with particular attention being accorded to colonial Eastern India, which was treated as a...

Islamic Interpretations of Christianity

by Lloyd Ridgeon

Many books about Islam and Christianity are comparative however this book examines Christianity from an Islamic perspective. Each chapter focuses upon theological, philosophical and mystical issues, which...