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A Political Companion to Walker Percy

by Peter Augustine Lawler & Brian A. Smith

In 1962, Walker Percy (1916--1990) made a dramatic entrance onto the American literary scene when he won the National Book Award for fiction with his first novel, The Moviegoer. A physician, philosopher, and...

Between Gay and Straight: Understanding Friendship Across Sexual Orientation

by Lisa M. Tillmann-Healy

It started as a class project-a young, married, small-town white woman interviewing a gay acquaintance and his circle of friends. From this developed a three-year exploration of the complexities of carrying...

Gender and the Archaeology of Death

by Bettina Arnold & Nancy L. Wicker

Edited volume on what archaeological mortuary analysis can tell researchers about gender relations in the ancient world.

Ethnographically Speaking: Autoethnography, Literature, and Aesthetics

by Carolyn Ellis & Arthur P. Bochner

This volume presents the latest explorations of the literary turn in ethnographic work by many of the leading people in the area. Centering on autoethnography, personal narrative, ethnographic performance, and...

Theory in Economic Anthropology

by Jean Ensminger

This new volume from the Society for Economic Anthropology examines the unique contributions of anthropologists to general economic theory. The authors challenge our understanding of human economies in the expanding...

One Night: Realities of Rape

by Cathy Winkler

One night, anthropologist Cathy Winkler awoke from a deep sleep to discover a rapist standing by her bed. For the rest of that night, she lived a woman's worst nightmare as she was repeatedly raped and beaten...

Sneaky Kid and Its Aftermath: Ethics and Intimacy in Fieldwork

by Harry F. Wolcott

Here, Wolcott presents the full story of his intimate and tumultuous relationship with the young man who was the subject of his long-term study on how the educational system can fail students-The Brad Trilogy-and...

The Indus Civilization: A Contemporary Perspective

by Gregory L. Possehl

A brief introduction to the history, archaeology, art, language, and culture of the Indus Valley civilization, written by the leading North American Indus archaeologist.


by Kristin Sobolik

An introduction to the study of biological, osteological, and botanical remains on archaeological sites.

Dug to Death: A Tale of Archaeological Method and Mayhem

by Adrian Praetzellis

Dr. Hannah Green-heroine of Praetzellis's textbook-as-novel Death by Theory-has really gotten herself into trouble this time. The spunky archaeologist has been asked to manage the contract archaeology project...

The Reconstructed Past: Reconstructions in the Public Interpretation of Archaeology and History

by John H., Jr. Jameson

Collection of original articles that examines issues in reconstructing archaeological sites fo the public, both physically and virtually.

The Chaco Meridian: Centers of Political Power in the Ancient Southwest

by Stephen H. Lekson

Lekson's ground-breaking synthesis of 500 years of Southwestern prehistory-with its explanation of phenomena as diverse as the Great North Road, macaw feathers, Pueblo mythology, and the rise of kachina ceremonies-will...

Federal Planning and Historic Places: The Section 106 Process

by Thomas F. King

Section 106. A critical section of an obscure law, the National Preservation Act. It has saved thousands of historic sites, archeological sites, buildings, and neighborhoods across the country from destruction...

In Search of Naunny's Grave: Age, Class, Gender and Ethnicity in an American Family

by Nick Trujillo

Collecting narratives of his grandmother's life, communication researcher NickTrujillo learns how family members use stories to define the family's sense of itself and create collective views on intergenerational...

Taking Care: Lessons from Mothers with Disabilities

by Mary Grimley Mason & Linda Long-Bellil

Taking Care, based on twenty-six interviews and other autobiographical narratives, challenges the negative stereotypes about mothers with disabilities. These women’s stories tell of their successes despite...

Enhancing India-ASEAN Connectivity

by Ted Osius & Raja C. Mohan

Twenty years ago, India launched its “Look East” policy. For most of those 20 years, Myanmar’s isolation, mistrust between India and its neighbors, and poor infrastructure connectivity hindered the development...

True Places: A Lowcountry Preacher, His Church, and His People

by Stanley F. Lanzano

True Places is an emotionally charged photographic documentary of the lives of evangelical pastor Floyd Knowlin and his close-knit African American congregations who live, work, and worship in a rural stretch...

The New World Power: American Foreign Policy, 1898-1917

by Robert E. Hannigan

"Straightforward enough to serve as a useful textbook and thorough enough to engage expert readers. . . . Intelligent, readable, and thoughtful."—Foreign Affairs

Youthscapes: The Popular, the National, the Global

by Elisabeth Soep, Sunaina Maira & George Lipsitz

A study of youth culture worldwide and its influence on popular cultural practices, national ideologies, and global markets.

The Phenomenon of Torture: Readings and Commentary

by William F. Schulz & Juan E. Méndez

Torture is the most widespread human rights crime in the modern world, practiced in more than one hundred countries, including the United States. How could something so brutal, almost unthinkable, be so prevalent?...