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Environmental Policy Integration in Practice: Shaping Institutions for Learning

by Måns Nilsson & Katarina Eckerberg

Environmental values and concerns are meant to be reflected through environmental policy, which is then integrated into mainstream economic and social policy that serves to govern society and the economy in...

English Pris&Borstal   Ils 205


First published in 2013. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Teratologies: A Cultural Study of Cancer

by Jackie Stacey

Stories of cancer are full of monster and marvels; the monstrousness of the disease and the treatments, the marvels of the cures and the saved lives. Still one of the most dreaded diseases to haunt our imaginations,...

China Rising: Nationalism and Interdependence

by David SG Goodman & Gerald Segal

China's dramatic economic growth since the 1970s has seemed inexorable. The resulting rise in international profile has provoked a lively argument regarding the fundamental economic and strategic challenges...

Deciphering Culture: Ordinary Curiosities and Subjective Narratives

by Jane Crisp, Kay Ferres & Gillian Swanson

Representation, subjectivity and sexuality continue to be central to scholarly inquiry in the humanities and social sciences. Deciphering Culture explores their relationship, each author taking a distinct approach...

The Barbarian Temperament: Towards a Postmodern Critical Theory

by Stejpan Mestrovic

This scintillating book by one of the most interesting young sociologists currently working in the USA is a provocative and timely contribution to the debate on civilization, modernity and postmodernity. The...

Media Culture & Morality

by Keith Tester

First published in 1994. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Medieval Political Theory: A Reader: The Quest for the Body Politic 1100-1400

by Kate Langdon Forhan & Cary Joseph Nederman

A textbook anthology of important works of political thought revealing the development of ideas from the 12th to the 15th centuries. Includes new translations of both well-known and ignored writers, and an introductory...

Gendered Fields: Women, Men and Ethnography

by Diane Bell, Pat Caplan & Wazir Jahan Karim

Virtually all anthropologists undertaking fieldwork experience emotional difficulties in relating their own personal culture to the field culture. The issue of gender arises because ethnographers do fieldwork...

Word-Processing Technology in Japan: Kanji and the Keyboard

by Nanette Gottlieb

This book deals with a topical issue relating to the use of script in Japan, one which has the potential to reshape future script policy through the mediation of both orthographic practices and social relations....

The Political and Economic Transition in East Asia: Strong Market, Weakening State

by Xiaoming Huang

The book examines the political and economic developments in East Asia since the end of the Cold War in an attempt to identify a broad pattern of transition, particularly in terms of the reshaping of the state's...

Innovative Buddhist Women: Swimming Against the Stream

by Karma Lekshe Tsomo

Combines the voices of scholars and practitioners in analysing Buddhist women's history. 26 articles document the lives of women who have set in motion changes within Buddhist societies, with analyses of issues...

Thailand and the Southeast Asian Networks of The Vietnamese Revolution, 1885-1954

by Christopher E. Goscha

Christopher Goscha resituates the Vietnamese revolution and war against the French into its Asian context. Breaking with nationalist and colonial historiographies which have largely locked Vietnam into 'Indochinese'...

Philosophy and Rabbinic Culture: Jewish Interpretation and Controversy in Medieval Languedoc

by Gregg Stern

Philosophy and Rabbinic Culture is a study of the great, and curiously underappreciated, engagement of a Medieval European Jewish community with the philosophic tradition. This lucid description of the Languedocian...

Women And The State: International Perspectives

by Shirin M. Rai Manchester Metropolitan Un

Offering a wide-ranging selection of case studies, this book evaluates women's political, social and economic involvement in Third World countries. It explores both specific experiences of women as well as common...

Local Government Reorganisation: The Review and its Aftermath

by Steve Leach

The Local Government Review raised issues of political process and decision-making theories. The interest lies in the insights provided by academic analysis, and the highlighting of the lessons to be learned....

Post-Cold War Security Issues in the Asia-Pacific Region

by Colin McInnes & Mark Rolls

The Asia-Pacific region presents a challenge to international security in the post-Cold War era. Doubts as to the US' military commitment, concern with Japan's security aspirations, build-up of military capabilities...

Violence in Southern Africa

by William Gutteridge & J.E. Spence

Violence in southern Africa has occurred in a variety of modes including ethnic confrontation, liberation struggles and cross-border aggression and crime. This volume examines the degree to which violence however...

Rethinking Social Democracy in Western Europe

by Richard Gillespie & William E. Paterson

First published in 1993. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

British Fighting Methods in the Great War

by Paddy Griffith

This collection points out the very real and substantial evolution of tactics that went on in response to new warfare and how this had a real effect on the positive performance of the British Army from 1916...