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Counterterror Offensives for the Ghost War World: The Rudiments of Counterterrorism Policy

by Richard J. Chasdi

In Counterterror Offensives for the Ghost War World: The Rudiments of Counterterrorism Policy, Richard J. Chasdi has written a groundbreaking quantitative analysis that provides insight into which types of counterterror...

Italian Critics of Capitalism

by Lorella Cedroni

The writings collected in this volume present leading statements of theories of democracy and capitalism in twentieth century Italy starting from Vilfredo Pareto. The book is the first (and the unique) collection...

Learning to be Chinese American: Community, Education, and Ethnic Identity

by Liang Du

Based on original ethnographic material collected in an upper-middle class Chinese American community, this book aims at exploring the complicated identity production process within the community in relation...

The Lost-Found Nation of Islam in America

by Clifton E. Marsh

This book sheds light on The Nation of Islam and Minister Louis Farrakhan, from the ideological splits in the Nation of Islam during the 1970s, to the growth and expanding influence in the 1990s.

Drugs, Crime and Violence: From Trafficking to Treatment

by Howard Rahtz

In this book, Howard Rahtz outlines a series of drug policy steps buttressed by a historical review of drug policy measures, a review of international efforts against trafficking, and a clear understanding of...

Jewish Orthodoxy and Its Discontents: Religious Dissidence in Contemporary Israel

by Marta F. Topel

In this book, Marta T. Topel utilizes anthropological research to analyze both macro and micro social processes among secular and Orthodox Jews in Israel. Topel approaches religious dissidence within the Jewish...

One More 'Lost Peace'?: Rethinking the Cold War After Twenty Years

by Raffaele D'Agata & Lawrence Gray

This book explores questions raised during a seminar discussion amongst a group of outstanding scholars. The result may be seen as a readable concentration of basic and meaningful insights that often defy a...

Printing Class: 'Isa al-'Isa, Filastin, and the Textual Construction of National Identity, 1911-1931

by R. Michael Bracy

This book explores the manners and challenges in which alternating constructions of national identity were articulated in the writings of 'Isa al-'Isa and his newspaper Filastin. The time period under consideration...

Making Math Learning Fun for Inner City School Students

by Glendolyn Duhon-Jeanlouis, Alice Duhon-Ross McCallum & Ashraf Esmail

This book is an effective tool for educators and a textbook for professors of higher education. The concepts discussed in the book provide a body of knowledge that will enable leaders to understand the critical...

The End of French Rule in Cameroon

by Martin Atangana

This study explores the decolonization movement in Cameroon. It analyzes the reforms introduced by France in Cameroon after World War II, the circumstances surrounding the unsuccessful attempt of the UPC to...

Citadel Values II: Essays for Contemplation

by Robert E., Jr. Freer

This book is an educational tool to capture the lessons and fortify students in the greater world beyond The Citadel. The essays of comfort and wisdom reflect the author's thinking and writing during tumultuous...

Dispositions as Habits of Mind: Making Professional Conduct More Intelligent

by Erskine S. Dottin

This book provides opportunities for candidates in teacher education programs, which focus on nurturing and assessing dispositions, to see the habits of mind for making professional conduct more intelligent,...

Hermes on Two Wheels: The Sociology of Bicycle Messengers

by Kevin Wehr

This book shows the dynamic world of the bicycle messenger through a sociological lens, based on a five-year participant observation study. The research shows how messengers work within a political-economic...

The Anatomy of a Deception: A Reconstruction and Analysis of the Decision to Invade Iraq

by Robert P. Abele

This book reconstructs the public dialogue that led to the United States collectively making the decision to invade and occupy the sovereign nation of Iraq. The book examines this public debate concerning the...

Mistake in Identity: A Cultural Studies Murder Mystery

by Arthur Asa Berger

What makes the 'self'? How is it created, defined, and transformed? Arthur Asa Berger's fascinating, educational whodunit novel unravels the mysteries of cultural studies theory, and more specifically, the complexities...

Digging through History: Archaeology and Religion from Atlantis to the Holocaust

by Richard A. Freund

Digging through History follows rabbi and archaeologist Richard Freund's journey through some of the most fascinating archaeological sites of human history—including the mysterious Atlantis, Qumran and the...

Shades of Loneliness: Pathologies of a Technological Society

by Richard Stivers

In this incisive and controversial book, Richard Stivers rejects genetic explanations of psychological problems, arguing instead that the very organization of technological societies is behind the pervasive...

A Regional Geography of the United States and Canada: Toward a Sustainable Future

by Chris Mayda

In this comprehensive new text, Chris Mayda offers an exciting alternative to conventional North American geographies. Throughout her thorough discussion of the physical and human geography of the United States...

China Joins Global Governance: Cooperation and Contentions

by MINGJIANG LI, Lai-Ha Chan & Gerald Chan

China Joins Global Governance: Cooperation and Contentions, edited by Mingjiang Li, provides a comprehensive and insightful examination of China’s role in global governance. This insightful collection makes...

Money, Corruption, and Political Competition in Established and Emerging Democracies

by Jonathan Mendilow

Money, Corruption, and Competition in Established and Emerging Democracies, edited by Jonathan Mendilow, investigates the effectiveness of public subsidization of political competition as an anti-corruption...