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New Makers of Modern Culture

by Wintle Justin

New Makers of Modern Culture will be widely acquired by both higher education and public libraries. Bibliographies are attached to entries and there is thorough cross- referencing.

Business Networks in Clusters and Industrial Districts: The Governance of the Global Value Chain

by Fiorenza Belussi & Alessia Sammarra

During the 1980s the Marshallian concept of industrial district (ID) became widely popular due to the resurgence of interest in the reasons that make the agglomeration of specialised industries a territorial...

Japanese-Soviet Neutrality Pact

by Boris Slavinsky

The neutrality pact between Japan and the Soviet Union, signed in April 1941, lapsed only nine months before its expiry date of April 1946 when the Soviet Union attacked Japan. Japan's neutrality had enabled...

Israel and the Family of Nations: The Jewish Nation-State and Human Rights

by Alexander Yakobson & Amnon Rubinstein

Can Israel be both Jewish and truly democratic? How can a nation-state, which incorporates a large national minority with a distinct identity of its own be a state of all its citizens?

Written by two eminent...

Europeanizing Social Democracy?: The Rise of the Party of European Socialists

by Simon Lightfoot

Presenting a detailed explanation of party politics in the European Union, this new book uses the Party of European Socialists (PES) as a key case study, and tests the relevance of existing theoretical work...

Kosovo: The Politics of Identity and Space

by Dr Denisa Kostovicova

Kosovo: The Politics of Identity and Space explores the Albanian-Serbian confrontation after Slobodan Milosevic's rise to power and the policy of repression in Kosovo through the lens of the Kosovo education...

Idea of Global Civil Society

by Randall Germain & Michael Kenny

This book evaluates the claim that in order to explore the changing social foundations of global power relations today, we need to include in our analysis an understanding of global civil society, particularly...

Peacekeeping and the International System

by Norrie MacQueen

A comprehensive, clearly presented and accessible text covering the totality of the peacekeeping experience since the early twentieth century.

This is essential reading for all undergraduates on politics, international...

Liberalism and War: The Victors and the Vanquished

by Andrew Williams

Military power is now the main vehicle for regime change. The US army has been used on more than 30 different occasions in the post-Cold War world compared with just 10 during the whole of the Cold War era....

International Relations in Europe: Traditions, Perspectives and Destinations

by Knud Erik Jørgensen & Tonny Brems Knudsen

A new and illuminating critical examination of international relations in Europe.

This new volume presents all of the state of the art thinking, focusing particularly on international relations theory and...

New Labour: A Critique

by Mark Bevir

New Labour is the most innovative and powerful political movement in Britain today. However, New Labour: A Critique argues that its apparent pragmatism disguises an ideological commitment to particular forms...

Power versus Liberty: Madison, Hamilton, Wilson, and Jefferson

by James H. Read

Does every increase in the power of government entail a loss of liberty for the people? James H. Read examines how four key Founders--James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, James Wilson, and Thomas Jefferson--wrestled...

Varieties of Sovereignty and Citizenship

by Sigal R. Ben-Porath & Rogers M. Smith

A broad range of scholars from different disciplines reflect on the likely transformation of the world away from the absolute sovereignty of independent nation-states to the proliferation of varieties of plural...

Challenging the Prison-Industrial Complex: Activism, Arts, and Educational Alternatives

by Stephen John Hartnett

Boldly and eloquently contributing to the argument against the prison system in the United States, these provocative essays offer an ideological and practical framework for empowering prisoners instead of incarcerating...

Universal Human Rights and Extraterritorial Obligations

by Mark Gibney & Sigrun Skogly

In the face of globalization, the fundamental principles governing international law are changing dramatically. This book examines both the international and domestic foundations of human rights law and addresses...

Dancing With Dynamite: Celebrating Against The Odds

by Tim J Huff

The winner of the 2011 Grace Irwin Award for Best Christian Book of the Year. In the follow-up to his best-seller Bent Hope: A Street Journal, Tim Huff invites readers to join him on a soulful journey into a...

Bent Hope: A Street Journal

by Tim J Huff

The winner of 3 book awards as best book in it's category, Bent Hope was born out of Tim Huff's first twenty years of unique and extensive work among homeless and street-involved youth and adults, in one of...

TOGETHER THEY HOLD UP THE SKY: The story of China's Xi Jinping and Peng Liyuan

by Martin Macmillan

Very few Chinese names have become, as Shakespeare's Henry V put it: "Familiar in his mouth as household words" to many westerners. Mao, Confucius, Yao Ming, Jackie Chan - there aren't many. But that is about...

Challengers to Duopoly: Why Third Parties Matter in American Two-Party Politics

by J. David Gillespie

A comprehensive history and thoughtful evaluation of American third parties

Scripting Middle East Leaders: The Impact of Leadership Perceptions on U.S. and UK Foreign Policy

by Sir Lawrence Freedman & Jeffrey Michaels

Both the US and the UK seemed caught off-guard by the uprisings in Libya and Egypt and policymakers had to deal with leaders that switched from being allies to "pariahs."

This collection of essays, written by...