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Innovation in China: The Chengdu Triangle

by John and Doris Naisbitt

Chengdu – a model for China’s Innovation path

How could Chengdu, in less than a decade, transform from an underdeveloped inland city to become the leader in urban rural integration, home to ultra modern high...

How to Save the World on $5 a Day: A Parable of Personal Philanthropy

by Fred Lawrence Feldman

How to Save the World on $5 a Day provides a fascinating, multi-cultural look at the history and traditions of charitable giving, and offers innovative instruction on the theory and practice of a new form of...

Spheres Of Justice: A Defense Of Pluralism And Equality

Voices from the Inside: Case Studies from a Tennessee Women's Prison

by Chinyere Ogbonna & Ross Nordin

This book takes readers into the cells of a maximum security prison to reveal the personal accounts of over sixty women that are incarcerated for drug crimes. The stories will shock and entertain, and will certainly...

Warfare in Ancient Greece: Arms and Armour form the Heroes of Homer to Alexander the Great

by Tim Everson

The ancient Greeks were a highly educated, literary and artistic race. They were also extremely warlike, living and fighting not only in Greece but in Cyprus, South Italy, Sicily and the vast areas conquered...

Jet Pioneers: Gloster and the Birth of the Jet Age

by Tim Kershaw

In April 1941 Britain's first jet left the ground at a grass airfield 4 miles from Gloucester Cathedral. It was the start of a revolution in air travel, military and civilian. During the 1940s Britain's first-ever...

The Archaeology of Disease

by Charlotte A Roberts & Keith Manchester

The Archaeology of Disease shows how the latest scientific and archaeological techniques can be used to identify the common illnesses and injuries that humans suffered from in antiquity. In order to give a vivid...

Gods of Ancient Egypt

by Barbara Watterson

Illustrated in colour, this is an introduction for the general reader to Egyptian mythology and its mysteries. It includes a concise introduction to genearl aspects of Egyptian religion, followed by specific...

Ritual Sacrifice: Blood and Redemption

by Brenda Ralph Lewis

The principle of sacrifice is as old as human life itself. Human, animal or inanimate offerings were an essential part of an effort to handle natural disasters, secure good luck or good health, ensure success...

War: Past, Present and Future

by Jeremy Black

This global analysis of the social effects of war offers a far-reaching assessment of military history, challenging the focus on technology and military revolution. War is placed in context, from the evolution...

Canal 250: The Story of Britain's Canals

by Anthony Burton

When a young English nobleman was thwarted in love he abandoned the court, retired to his estate near Manchester and built a canal to serve his coalmines. The Bridgewater Canal was the sensation of the age and...

Ancient Legends Retold: Vortigern - Early King of the Britons

by Simon Heywood

The tragedy of King Arthur is one segment of a vast cycle, the 'Matter of Britain', stretching across generations of early British kings. Vortigern is central to this cycle. King two generations before Arthur,...

Ancient Legends Retold: The Legend of Pryderi

by Fiona Collins

Pryderi led a rich life, but suffered an early death. In the days of 'Once upon a time' that was the way of it, for he inhabited a warrior world - a world of battlefields, cattle raids, magic and might, life...

Ancient Legends Retold: The Seat Perilous, The Quests of Arthur's Knights: The Seat Periolous, The Quests of Arthur's Knights

by Bernard Kelly & June Peter

Around the round table there was always one seat which remained empty. This was the place left for the one who would one day attain the grail and redeem and restore the land. It was the first Hot Seat - if you...

Ancient Legends Retold: Tales of Robin Hood, The Five Early Ballads: Tales of Robin Hood, The Five Early Ballads

by Michael Dacre

Here are the five earliest ballads of 'Robyn Hode', retold in vivid modern prose. They still constitute the best version of the famous English outlaw - fast and violent, earthy and satirical, dangerous, sinister,...

The Little Book of Death

by Neil R Storey

This little book is a repository of intriguing, fascinating, obscure, strange and entertaining facts and trivia about the one certainty in all our lives - death. Within this volume are some horrible, unfortunate...

Pembrokeshire Folk Tales

by Christine Willison

These lively and entertaining folk tales from one of Britain's most ancient counties are vividly retold by local storyteller Christine Willison. Their origins lost in the oral tradition, these thirty stories...

The Ripper Code

by Thomas Toughill

The Ripper Code is a fascinating combination of literary and conventional detective work, which is as original as it is enthralling. After showing that the official Ripper files contain little of forensic interest,...

British Canals: The Inland Waterways of Britain and Ireland

by Joseph Boughey

Describes how canals emerged from the industrial revolution of the eighteenth century, how they thrived and subsequently declined in the face of competition from the railways.

The Vicodin Thieves: Biopsying L.A.'s Grifters, Gloryhounds, and Goliaths

by Chip Jacobs

Investigative reporter Chip Jacobs goes deep into some of his most compelling journalism pieces of the last three decades with his signature spotlight on strange corruption, seedy individuals, megalomaniacs,...