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Diasporic Chinese Ventures: The Life and Work of Wang Gungwu

by Gregor Benton & Hong Liu

This collection of essays by and about Wang Gungwu brings together some of Wang's most recent and representative writing about the ethnic Chinese outside China giving the reader a deeper understanding of his...

Japan's Subnational Governments in International Affairs

by Purnendra Jain

This book moves away from the common belief that Japan's international relations are firmly the preserve of the national government in Japan's highly centralised political system. Examining examples of subnational...

Transcendence: Critical Realism and God

by Margaret S. Archer, Andrew Collier & Douglas V. Porpora

The book explores religious experience as a justifiable reason for religious belief, demonstrating that the three pillars of Critical Realism - ontological intransitivity, epistemic relativity and judgemental...

Psychoanalytic Theory for Social Work Practice: Thinking Under Fire

by Marion Bower

Written by practicing social workers and social work educators, this text analyzes modern psychoanalytic and psychosocial approaches to social work and relates them to current practices and values. Focusing...

Japanese Interfirm Networks

by Ralph Paprzycki

Interfirm Networks in the Japanese Electronics Industry analyses changes in production networks in the Japanese electronics industry. Japan's post-war success in the assembly industries is frequently attributed...

Gender and Landscape: Renegotiating the Moral Landscape

by Josephine Carubia, Lorraine Dowler & Bonj Szczygiel

Gender and Landscape is a feminist inquiry into a long-ignored area of study: the landscape. Although there has been an exhaustive investigation into issues of gender as they intersect with space and place,...

The Chinese State in Ming Society

by Timothy Brook

The Ming dynasty (1368-1644), a period of commercial expansion and cultural innovation, fashioned the relationship between state and society in Chinese history. This unique collection of reworked and heavily...

Resistance and Control in Pakistan

by Akbar S. Ahmed

How can people in the West make sense of contemporary unrest in the Muslim world? Is Islamic fundamentalism to be understood purely in religious terms?

In Resistance and Control in Pakistan, one of the world's...

Political Loyalty and the Nation-State

by Andrew Linklater & Michael Waller

Political Loyalty and the Nation-State examines the gradual weakening of the state's ability to order the political allegiances of its subjects. At the focal centre of the book lies the question of the extent...

Changing Political Economy of Vietnam: The Case of Ho Chi Minh City

by Martin Gainsborough

This book explores the way in which the state has become commercialised under reform as party and government officials have gone into business and considers the impact that this has had on politics within Ho...

Streaming: Movies, Media, and Instant Access

by Wheeler Winston Dixon

A study of how digital technology has altered contemporary filmmaking, including audience habits. -- The Chronicle of Higher EducationThe Chronicle of Higher Education

The A to Z of the Green Movement

by Miranda Schreurs & Elim Papadakis

The A to Z of the Green Movement provides a detailed and comprehensive overview of green parties and movements, green issues, and green concepts. This is done through a chronology, an introductory essay, a bibliography,...

The Ash and The Beech

by Richard Mabey

From ash die-back to the Great Storm of 1987 to Dutch elm disease, our much-loved woodlands seem to be under constant threat from a procession of natural challenges. Just when we need trees most, to help combat...

Science & Governance - Taking European Knowledge Society Seriously

by Various

This report is the product of an expert working group acting under mandate from the European Commission Directorate General for Research (DG RTD), on the topic of European science and governance. We interpreted...

My Country, Right or Wrong

by William P. Symolon

America, at home and abroad, has done more than any nation in history to advance the cause of liberty and prosperity in the world. Imagine what the world might be like if America had not been the dominant force...

Charles Higham; Richard Hodges

by Charles Higham

The Origins of the Civilization of Angkor reflects the results of a research programme conducted by Charles Higham over the last twenty years, highlighting much entirely new, and occasionally surprising, information...

Great Lakes Indians: A Pictorial Guide

by William J. Kubiak

This illustrated guide introduces the cultures of 25 tribes of Algonquian, Iroquoian, and Siouan stock. Includes 139 sketches and paintings, plus a map showing the locations of each tribe.

Quebec-Ontario Relations

by Jean-François Savard, Alexandre Brassard & Louis Côté

Based on historical and comparative approaching methods, the objective of this book is to contribute to knowledge advancement in Quebec and Ontario relations, and also for searcher communities to regain interest...

Blue Box

by Carmen Aguirre

A former Chilean revolutionary's one-woman dark comedy about unconditional love and the tension between revolutionary love and love for oneself.

Shadows on the Sea: The Maritime Mysteries of Britain

by Neil Arnold

The great oceans of the world have long been considered alien environments said to harbor strange creatures and unfathomable mysteries. This new book, from The History Press's successful Shadows series, examines...