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Everyday Lives in the Global City: The Delinking of Locale and Milieu

by Jörg Dürrschmidt

Rejecting simplifying notions of globalisation as a macro-economic force, this book provides a grounded picture of the various ways in which people's biographies are tied up with the global cultural economy....

Political Theory in Transition

by Noel O'Sullivan

During the past two decades there has been increasing dissatisfaction with established political categories, on the grounds that they no longer fit many of the facts of contemporary life, or adequately express...


by John Adams

This work aims to bring the multifarious field of risk studies sharply into focus in a readable way for a wide readership throughout the social sciences and beyond.

Power and Community

by Dennis Altman

This book provides a global overview of the role of the community sector, examining in detail the origins and activities of community organizations in Europe, the Americas, Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia,...

Political and Economic Dictionary of Africa

by David Seddon

This invaluable Dictionary provides an essential guide to the politics and economics of the African continent. Each individual entry provides clear and concise information, and entries are fully cross-referenced...


by Linda Nicholson

First Published in 1990. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Power and Political Culture in Suharto's Indonesia: The Indonesian Democratic Party (Pdi) and the Decline of the New Order (1986-98)

by Stefan Eklof

In the mid-1990s, the formerly pliant Indonesian Democratic Party (PDI) was transformed into an active opposition party by Megawati Sukarnoputri (now President of Indonesia). The subsequent backlash from the...

Romania: The Unfinished Revolution

by Stephen D. Roper

Tracing the country's political history and examining Romania's postcommunist politics, economic transition and foreign policy, this book contemplates the prospects for this country as it enters the twenty first...

Democracy: A Comparative Approach

by Svante Ersson & Jan-Erik Lane

Exploring different varieties of democracies around the world, it starts with definitions of democracy, and then divides the concept into three dimensions, which provide a framework for the study of democracy...

Behind the Castle Gate: From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance

by Matthew Johnson

Combining ground-breaking scholarship with fascinating narratives, Matthew Johnson's book takes a look at Medieval English castles. It creates a new and exciting focus on how castles were shaped by their inhabitants...

Christianity and Marxism: A Philosophical Contribution to Their Reconciliation

by Andrew Collier

Andrew Collier analyses recent cooperation between Christianity and Marxism after earlier years of antagonism. He first discusses the nature of Christianity and Marxism and their place amongst contemporary world...

The Matter of Images: Essays on Representations

Liberating Culture: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Museums, Curation and Heritage Preservation

by Christina Kreps

Using examples of indigenous models from Indonesia, the Pacific, Africa and Native North America, Kreps illustrates how the growing recognition of indigenous curation and concepts of cultural heritage preservation...

Service Worlds: People, Organisations, Technologies

by John Bryson, Peter Daniels & Barney Warf

As the twenty-first century begins, significant changes are occurring in the way that services and goods are produced and consumed. This book aids understanding of the evolving economic geography of advanced...

Democracy, Citizenship and the Global City

by Engin F. Isin

This book focuses on the controversial and neglected theme of citizenship. It examines the changing role of citizens, their rights, obligations and responsibilities and the issue of accountability in a global...

Conspiracy Culture: From Kennedy to the X Files

by Dr Peter Knight & Peter Knight

Conspiracy Culture investigates conspiracy theories in contemporary American culture, asking why conspiracy narratives are so popular and so ubiquitous, and relates conspiracy culture to postmodernity and millennial...

Leisure/Tourism Geographies: Practices and Geographical Knowledge

by David Crouch

Exploring diverse aspects of leisure and tourism, this book presents an exciting mix of attitudes and ideas ranging from the methodologies behind leisure practices to detailed case studies which include Disneyland...

Governing Security: Explorations of Policing and Justice

by Clifford D. Shearing & Les Johnston

Government has been radically transformed over the past few decades. These transformations have been mirrored in, and often prefigured by, changes in the governance of security - mentalities, institutions, technologies...

Contemporary Hollywood Cinema

by Steve Neale & Murray Smith

A comprehensive overview of the film industry in Hollywood today, Contemporary Hollywood Cinema brings together leading international cinema scholars to explore the technology, institutions, film makers and...

Eco-Facts and Eco-Fiction: Understanding the Environmental Debate

by William H. Baarschers

Drawing on a wealth of everyday examples of inter- national environmental concern, widely held misconceptions and falsehoods are exposed. The author explains basic concepts and provides a more informed environmental...